15 days later

Wearily Jack let himself into his dark and silent house after what felt like the longest two weeks of his life. Normally, Jack enjoyed these security conferences, he enjoyed the opportunity to talk with others working in the field and Washington usually offered the opportunity to make new and interesting "friends". This time, however, things had been different, Jack found he had no inclination to go out and seek nocturnal company or catch up with old bed fellows; choosing, instead, to sleep alone every night. He had also found that, despite texts, e-mails and 3 hour long Skype conversations, he had missed Ianto desperately. The recollection of the warm Saturday afternoon he and Ianto had spent pleasuring each other had sustained him through his lonely nights and more than a few boring meetings. His flight from Washington had landed at Heathrow in the middle of the night so rather than drag himself back to Cardiff jet lagged and exhausted he had booked into a hotel. He had slept late, had a long hot shower and a leisurely breakfast then retrieved his car from the airport long stay car park and set off home.

Twilight was falling as Jack pulled into his driveway; he was disappointed to see that both houses were in darkness. He had sort of hoped that the young man would be waiting to welcome him home but, sadly reminded himself that strictly speaking they hadn't even been on a date yet so he had no right to expect anything from him. We are not a couple, he told himself, hell we're not even fuck buddies, we're...I'm not sure what we are really; we never got a chance to discuss it. Lugging his suitcase behind him, grappling with his laptop case and duty free purchases and struggling with his door key he shouldered open his front door and dumped everything in the cloakroom just off the hallway. He sat disconsolately on the stairs and ran his hand though his hair.

I really, really wanted Ianto be here he thought, I thought we were getting so close, I missed him so much and he said he missed me too; I must have misread the whole situation, I'm reading too much into one sunny afternoon fumble. Six months ago he was happily living with Lisa he'd never even kissed a man. Maybe I'm just an experiment for him, nothing more. Jack rubbed his hands over his face, he felt like crying. I'm jet lagged he told himself, I'm tired, that's why I'm feeling like this. Although he was cold and thirsty somehow he could not muster the energy to stand, the thought of walking to the kitchen and making a coffee for himself seemed too much to contemplate. He sat miserably on the stairs as the hallway got darker and darker.

Suddenly Jack felt his mobile vibrate with a text message. He looked; it was from Ianto, probably some insincere apology for not being here to meet me thought Jack, listlessly he opened the message, it was short and to the point,


Jack could feel a huge grin crawl across his face; his lethargy left him and he got to his feet and pulled his clothes off in record time. He sent a text to Ianto,

'Naked and awaiting instructions'

Almost immediately his phone chirruped again,

'Go into the kitchen, on the table is one of my ties – blindfold yourself'

Jack shot into the kitchen like a scalded cat, curled in the middle of the table was a red silk tie. Jack picked it up with shaking fingers. As he wrapped the soft material around his eyes, he felt himself harden. A strong pair of arms wrapped themselves around him from behind; delicate, thin fingers caressed his nipples and travelled down over his stomach to fondle his balls, a thumb was swiped across the leaking head of his cock and a soft kiss was planted on the throbbing pulse point in his neck. Ianto's voice whispered in his ear,

'Do you trust me?'

Jack couldn't make his voice work, he nodded

Ianto bit his ear lobe, 'I said, do you trust me?'

Jack swallowed heavily, 'I trust you'

Ianto's hand slid down Jack's arms and their fingers tangled together, 'Come with me'

Jack allowed Ianto to lead him out of the kitchen and though into the conservatory. He was gently pushed down into the large peacock chair that usually was just inside the door but seemed to Jack to have been moved into the centre of the room.

'Sit here and close your eyes' Ianto's voice said, as his fingers loosened the knot holding the blindfold in place 'I'll tell you when to open them' Obediently Jack closed his eyes, sighing a little as he felt Ianto move away from him. After a few seconds Ianto said 'OK, you can open your eyes'

Jack opened his eyes and gasped. The conservatory was light by dozens of candles, tall church pillar candles, small tea lights and floating candles in beautiful translucent shallow bowls filled with fragrant water. Flowers were everywhere, tall elegant lilies, large white cabbage roses. Sprawled on the day bed was Ianto Jones, his porcelain skin rendered almost opalescent by the soft candlelight, naked and slowly stroking his erection. Jack made as if to stand but Ianto shook his head.

'Stay put' he instructed, 'I watched you so it seems only fair that you get to watch me.' He smiled gently, 'pick a number from one to four

Jack settled back in the chair and slid his hand over his belly towards his erection, eyes fixed on the beautiful sight that Ianto was presenting. He ran his tongue over his dry lips and murmured 'two'

'Two' Ianto nodded. He reached over to the ice bucket where a bottle of champagne was chilling and took out an ice cube. He ran it over his soft red lips, then deliberately dragged the melting ice down over his chin, he tilted his head back as he moved it over his throat. Jack was stroking himself and sweat was pooling on his chest as he struggled to hold off his orgasm.

'Slowly,' cautioned Ianto, we have a way to go. Ianto ran the melting cube over his nipples, laughing delightedly as Jack's breathing deepened and became even more irregular. Jack leant forward in the chair, tugging hard and moaning Ianto's name, Ianto turned onto his side and matched jack's actions. Eventually he swiped what remained of the ice over the head of his cock, hissing at the juxtaposition of the cold ice and the heat of his erection. Holding the ice cube carefully he coated it thickly in the pre-come pearling at the tip and then, with his eyes fixed on Jack, slowly sucked it into his mouth. That was too much for much for Jack and screaming Ianto's name he sprayed his come over the tiled floor.

As Jack came down from his orgasm he looked across at the beautiful young man who had surprised him so much. Ianto was sprawled on his back, eyes tightly closed, pulling hard on his cock, shaking as he came silently into his fist. There and then Jack vowed to coax a more vocal expression of passion out of his love, if it was the last thing he ever did. Still trembling from the strength of his own climax, Jack staggered over to where Ianto was lying and snuggled next to him, caressing his soft white skin and placing tender kisses along his tense jaw line. As Ianto relaxed from his intense release, Jack turned his head and captured his lips in a passionate kiss, 'Oh Ianto,' he whispered lovingly, 'I missed you so much'

Ianto smiled shyly, 'I missed you too, Jack' he sighed softly and his eyes roamed around the room, 'I wanted to show you how much.'

Jack chuckled, 'You certainly did that, the place looks amazing, you were amazing. I've never had such a brilliant welcome home'

Ianto leant over and pulled the champagne out of the ice bucket, handing it to Jack open as he reached down for two crystal champagne flutes, moving quickly as some of the wine spilled over Jack's chest. After they had both taken a deep swallow, Ianto carefully took the glass from Jack's hand and placed it next to his own on the small side table, sliding the bed and grinning up at Jack from beneath his eyelashes Ianto licked the spilled wine from Jack's chest and stomach, pausing to suck it from where it had pooled in Jack's belly button.

'God , Ianto,' groaned Jack, 'what you do to me'

Ianto kissed Jack's chest, 'it's not over yet, one, three or four?'

Jack's smiled widened, 'um...one?'

Ianto chuckled deep in his chest, 'good choice' he said as he sucked one of Jack's nipples between his lips, teasing it with his tongue and chewing on it gently with his teeth before slowly tasting his way down towards Jack's rapidly filling cock.