When Ianto awoke the next morning the muscles of his face ached as if he had spent all night smiling in his sleep. For a while he lay just luxuriating in the sensation of having Jack wrapped around him and the feeling of being loved and cared for that he had never experienced before, not even in the early days of his relationship with Lisa. Jack had his fingers tangled possessively in the thick thatch of Ianto's pubic hair and his morning erection was pressed against Ianto's hip, his soft snuffling breath raising goose bumps on Ianto's chest. Carefully Ianto pulled the sleeping man closer to him and began to gently card his fingers though the soft brown hair. A pair of sleepy blue eyes looked up at him and a soft kiss was planted on his chest,

'Hello' smiled Jack

'Hello, yourself' said Ianto

'You stayed' Jack's smile got even bigger

Ianto chuckled, 'I was trapped underneath you. You're no lightweight, you know!'

Jack pouted, 'Are you calling me fat?'

Ianto pulled him up and kissed him, 'you are gorgeous' he told him seriously, 'and…I love you.'

Jack pulled back slightly and looked hopefully into Ianto's face, 'you love me?'

Ianto smiled happily, 'how could I not?' he responded, 'you were right that day in Borodino's – we are brilliant together and you are so perfect.'

Jack was gently tracing patterns on Ianto's cock with his finger tips, 'can I show you how perfect?' he whispered, 'you made last night all about making me feel wonderful, can I make you feel like that now? Please? Let me Ianto, say yes'

Just the teasing feeling of Jack's fingertips dancing and sliding over his erection was making it almost impossible for Ianto think, never mind formulate a sentence so he contented himself with simply spreading his legs and thrusting his hips upwards towards the tantalising touch. Jack pulled a pillow from the head of the bed and positioned it under Ianto's hips. He gazed down at Ianto's blue eyes, pupils blown with lust and passion and noted the slight apprehension on the young man's face. Jack stroked Ianto's cheekbones and placed a reassuring kiss on his lips. "I'll be gentle' he promised, "I won't hurt you' Ianto gave him a small smile and a nod which Jack interpreted as both understanding and permission. 'Do you trust me?' he murmured capturing Ianto's pert nipple between his teeth. Ianto gave an affirmative whimper. 'Relax' said Jack softly as he ran his fingers over the delicate and sensitive skin of Ianto's perineum, 'let me take care of you' Jack slowly stroked the puckered entrance that Ianto felt was throbbing in time with the throbbing of his erection, somewhere along the way Jack had found some lube and a heavily slicked finger was seeking entrance.

'Breathe for me sweetheart'

Ianto had never felt anything remotely like it. One finger had become two, had become three and the sensations that those questing digits were causing were stealing breath and thought. Ianto did not think his cock had ever been so hard, not even when he had first spied on Jack, nor when they had pleasured each other on the orchard, pre-come was almost streaming from the head of his cock and he was moaning wantonly. 'Jack, please, in me, please.' He could feel the broad blunt head of Jack's penis straining at his anal entrance

'Are you ready, sweetheart' panted Jack

'Please' sobbed Ianto

Carefully, slowly Jack eased himself into Ianto, 'god' he grunted, 'so hot, so tight'

Ianto desperately tried to push himself further onto Jack's cock, all he wanted was to feel Jack fully sheathed inside him. He had no words to describe the pleasure that he was getting from Jack's actions, no emotional barometer to measure the feelings that this wonderful, beautiful man was encouraging in him.

Jack was completely inside his young lover now and he paused to allow Ianto to get used to being so completely filled. Blues eyes met blue eyes and Jack leant forward to steal a kiss. As soon as their lips to touched, Ianto sucked Jack's tongue into his mouth encouraging him to use it to fuck his mouth the way he wanted him to fuck his arse

'Move' he groaned, 'Jack please'

Slowly, at an almost glacial pace, Jack withdrew until only the head of his penis was inside Ianto and then surged into him, targeting Ianto's prostate. Jack looked at Ianto to see that the young man was stifling his cries by biting down on his wrist. 'No' gasped Jack reaching up and dragging Ianto's hand away, pinning it to the bed, 'want to hear you, want to hear how I'm making you feel, want to hear you come.' He began to power strongly into Ianto, his movements becoming erratic as his own release curled hotly at the base of his spine and he gushed copiously inside Ianto for the first time. Almost simultaneously Ianto came hot and strong across his own belly and Jack's chest screaming Jack's name into the peaceful morning.

Sated and sweaty the two men lay in each other arms. Jack moved as if to withdraw himself from Ianto but was stopped by Ianto's hand on his hip. 'Stay' murmured Ianto, 'please. I don't want to lose you from inside me yet.' Jack settled back down onto Ianto's chest, lazily licking come from his nipples making him shudder.

'God I love you so much' murmured Jack.

Ianto was stroking the soft skin of Jack's shoulders, 'I love you too' he whispered, It's scary how much'

They kissed tenderly, Ianto moaning a little as Jack's cock slid out of him. Jack snuggled closer, god he didn't think he would ever get close enough to this incredible young man. After a while Jack shifted to rest his chin on Ianto's chest and look up into his face, 'Can I ask' he said, hesitantly, 'why do you try to be so quiet when you come?'

Ianto blushed,' Lisa' he said simply. Jack raised a quizzical eyebrow and Ianto sighed, 'our relationship was...not great.' He said, 'well you saw what she was like, selfish and self absorbed. Sex was always just about her so we'd fuck until she came and then she'd leave me to finish myself off but she didn't like her post coital snooze disturbing.'

'I gotta say this,' said Jack, 'and please don't hate me for it, but she is an out and out bitch and you are better off without her. Plus she is crazy; you sound so hot when you come you just made me come harder'

If possible Ianto blushed even more, 'sex with Lisa wasn't about sharing emotion or about communicating love not like...' he stumbled to a halt

Jack slid two fingers under Ianto's chin and forced him to look into his eyes, 'not like..?' he prompted. His heart sang when Ianto looked him straight in the eye and smiled.

'Not like it is with us'

And there it was – within those simple words, the first link of a golden chain of love and contentment that bound the two men together for a lifetime. A chain that would only get stronger and more robust over the years but that would always be grounded in the wonder and love of that moment when they had first claimed each other. Jack and Ianto would always use that first moment of mutual realisation, as a benchmark for their future happiness and that moment would always shine the brightest. It sparkled a year later when they completed their civil partnership and again five years after that when their daughter was born from a surrogate; it was tested six years on when a post doctoral student developed a massive crush on Ianto and Jack's jealousy was revealed as a force of nature and again 4 years later when they nearly lost Jack to pneumonia; It shone as bright and as splendid as that first time on the day that their daughter presented them with their grandson and throughout it all, Jack and Ianto loved each other with a never diminishing passion. They just couldn't help it.