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Link could hear himself panting as he held Ruto above his head. He had been walking for hours now to put her down and get the right amount of sleep for once. Ever since he had left the forest, his sleeping pattern hadn't been great. Some nights he'd stay up all night fighting off skeleton zombies in Hyrule Field, other nights he would be resting in Impa's house by nine in the evening. It really depended on his location and what he had been up to during the day.

"You know Link, if I'm really that heavy we can have a break," Ruto giggled, nudging him to put her down. He wanted to continue his journey around Jabu Jabu but he really couldn't decline her offer, he needed sleep badly - the dark rings below his eyes was more than enough of a sign that he did. He placed next to two wooden crates and slowly sat onto the floor. They both sighed, wanting to be out the fish and to have that blue gem. Link was too exhausted to say anything else so he rolled onto his side and fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

Ruto watched Link as he fell asleep, his messy blond hair falling gently over his closed eyes. His mouth was opened slightly and she waited until he had started to snore before she planned on doing anything. She wasn't sleepy at all really seeing as she hadn't been doing much walking or anything for that matter. After Link was deep in his dreams, she sucked her fingers hungrily. Hungry for some love. One of her fingers traced around the moist entrance of her vagina while her other hand cupped on one of her blossoming breast. Her wet finger entered her vagina gently and began to draw faint circles inside of it, the speed increasing gradually while the circle increased in pressure and size. Five minutes later her index finger had joined in the party, her pussy clicking loudly now every time it made another lap around the walls of her cervix. But of course, the clicking wasn't the only noise that Ruto was making, quiet moans were escaping her lips too. When she pulled her finger out, cum was soaked all over them. This wasn't enough. She needed more love.

She looked over at the sleeping Link, who was snoring gently, still rolled onto one of his sides like he had been before she had begun her pleasure. A smirk stretched across her face and she crawled over to him and stuck her two wet fingers into his mouth, knowing that he might not want to help her needs if he was awake. Her fingers wiggled inside of his mouth so that his saliva would clean the cum off them. It only took a minute until the job was done so she pulled her fingers out with a pop. But still this wasn't enough. Her hands explored his clothed body, hungry for him and for his love. When she had reached the edge of his tunic, which was covering his pride and power, she hesitated for a moment before pulling it up. It was then that she saw his treasure.

Her mouth dropped as his four inch dick stood up right in front of her face with pubic hairs sprouting out of it. It was the first time she had seen anything like it, yes all of her race were naked but their genitals were nothing compared to this. Eagerly, she grasped hold onto his penis head and slid down it and then back up. Her hands felt amazing, he felt so smooth... so nice to touch. She continued rubbing it as if she needed it, trying to make sure that he wouldn't wake up. After all, they had only met today, it would certainly be weird for a princess like herself to ask something so... so sexual. But if she had been paying attention to his face, she would have noticed that her rubbing had woken him up. He was biting his lip to try pull back the moans that were tried to escape him.

Her handy work felt amazing. Link never would have thought a girl like her would know how to work it down there, she didn't seem the type to. It was one of the best feelings he had ever experienced in his life, there was no way that he wanted her to stop - even if they were both like twelve years old, it felt good for the Hero of Time.

"Oh Link... you're the cutest boy I've ever met," Ruto muttered to herself, "I wish you were awake to feel this" Her head moved down and she nibbled onto his testicles then began to suck on them. A sensational feeling traveled around Link's veins and to his every fingertip, all the pleasurable feelings he was experiencing in one go was too much. He had to. He couldn't do anything about it. He was going to explode. Thin sperm trickled down his whistle and he let out a loud moan before he was able to stop himself. He could feel his face going a bright red but Ruto continued her work, realizing that he had woken up. In fact knowing that he was now awake it made Ruto suck on his balls even harder.

Link stroked her head with the deeper moans that escaped his lips. Ruto's head bobbed up and down as she blew on his whistle, she wanted him more than anything now. She wanted to lose her virginity to him. He wanted it more than she did. So before they both knew it, his dick was sliding in and out of her vagina. At first, it made her wince in pain, considering she was still a virgin but after a few thrusts, it a lot better than it hurt. Like earlier, there were clicking sounds and seductive moans but because they were both away and happy to do this, the moans sounded like a song to both their ears. His body continued doing its motions in and out of her's, the sensation was far beyond anything only a pair of hands alone could do. Things weren't only going on downstairs, upstairs, Link's an Ruto's mouths had met. His soft lips touched her's and he sucked onto her bottom lip, starving for her affection.

They were both camels, eating each other's faces off happily. Ruto's tongue licked all around Link's mouth with a her hands rubbing his back gently. It was was like a spinning washing machine, flooding with saliva. Like Noah's Ark all over again.

"You're ma-mmazing," Ruto managed to get out between the moans and the kisses. She could feel Link smiling in the next kiss before he pushed her onto the floor. His mouth and dick popped from hers and he removed his green tunic. Ruto watched him with her eyes wide open, eager to see what other surprises were underneath. She closed her eyes for a few seconds to imagine what it could look like and by the time she had opened them again, he was naked. His body was better than she had thought, he had a six pack and he had a lot of arm muscles. Extremely hot. In fact, his body was so hot, Ruto's vagina leaked without anything touching it. Her face went bright red. She sat up to get a better look of his body but he pushed her back onto the floor and began to kiss up and down her neck. Yet another sensation. The female Zora began to moan again, her back arched.

He sucked on one of her developing nipples and his hands traveled around her body. At first, she wiggled around a bit, being sensitive on her sides but the more he touched, the better it felt and the more control she gained. After a few minutes, Link sat up and stared into her eyes. He had forgotten about his quest to defeat Ganon and the only thing that was on his mind was Ruto and the pleasure they both desperately needed. Link got out his boomerang and began mixing it inside of Ruto, her moans as loud as ever. He shoved it in and out of her harshly, making her scream a bit but after it got going; the feeling was sensational. Ruto continued to work with the boomerang whilst Link got behind her with a smile stretched on his face. His erect penis jammed into her tight arse hole and like before, he was thrusting in and out of her. They both moaned, happy that their virginity had been stolen by the other one.

"R-Ruto can we stop now?" Link panted, "This is too much for my body." Ruto looked at him tiredly, he had a point... for first timers this was certainly enough for their developing bodies. She nodded her head and went back waited until he had fallen asleep in her arms before closing her eyes to get some rest. After all, they had a big day ahead of them.

They'd both had fun. It was certainly something worth doing again sometime, it was obvious that two types of treasures were inside of this fish.

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