A/N: The title of this omake collection comes from a meme in the Nasuverse fandom, this particular variation of the "An X is fine, too" usually applying to Ilya. Further installments to follow basically whenever the whim happens to strike me.

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Amoretta Virgine was a very special homunculus.

Like all creations of artificial life, homunculi were flawed existences. The magic of alchemy did not perfectly command the fundamental energies of life. The biological mechanics of the body, the nature of the intellect, these were still mysterious matters not completely penetrated. The secrets of the soul were but a thing barely glimpsed. For a homunculus, the "spark of life" that animated them was not self-sustaining, but depended upon an ongoing magical reaction within a specially constructed flask. Most homunculi could not even leave their flask, resulting in the rather cute picture of catlike creatures with upside-down bottles over their heads waddling around on feet that poked out of the flask's neck.

Amoretta was quite different. Though the flask sustained her life the same way as for any homunculus, she was able to move around separate from it, and her body was shaped like and largely similar to a human's. This was because her creator, Chartreuse Grande, had not truly built her from scratch, but instead had incorporated a pre-existing spirit to serve as the core of her existence, fulfilling the function that a soul did for a normal person.

He'd gone one step beyond merely hijacking a used soul into his pet project, though. The spirit that he'd chosen wasn't human. Indeed, it wasn't even mortal, but an angel. Amoretta often wondered if this had something to do with the disconnect she'd felt from her own life in her early days. A normal person's soul is created together with their body and enters existence hand-in-hand with it. But Amoretta's soul, even though her mind couldn't access them, held the memories of perhaps eons of a spiritual existence completely alien to her new life.

It had all left her very confused. Angels are sometimes referred to as androgynous, because as spiritual existences they lack the biology of sexual reproduction, having no more use for such a thing than an amoeba. But now she had a mortal, physical body made from Adam's rib—that is to say, female (though no more capable of reproduction than the angel had been), a body weak to the temptations of the flesh that came with a mortal existence. Temptations that, she'd found, a homunculus could suffer as freely from as a human.

All of which was really just a long-winded way of stating that Amoretta had awakened that morning feeling positively horny.

This was not a problem that was without a solution, because Amoretta's specialness among homunculi wasn't just in what she was, but in what she had. As an artificial existence, she needed love, quite literally, to sustain herself, being divorced from God's creations. Dr. Chartreuse had not loved her, so she was ecstatic when she'd met Lillet Blan, who could and did give her that love. Amoretta was nearly as happy to be able to return that love, so that there was a genuine bond between the two of them. To Amoretta, love was love; its particular form was just a secondary matter, so she'd been content to let Lillet define the nature of that relationship. Amoretta would have been no less fulfilled and happy had the two of them been friends-as-close-as-sisters, lifelong platonic companions. Only they weren't, since Lillet preferred a somewhat different definition.

Which was a nearly-as-long-winded way of observing that a nineteen-year-old Royal Magician, blonde and violet-eyed with a roses-and-cream complexion and a figure that had undergone some really interesting changes during the past year was sleeping with her head on the next pillow, the thin linen of her nightgown the only thing separating the curve of her derriere from Amoretta's hip.

Some problems were complex and difficult; others had extremely obvious answers,

Amoretta rolled over on her side, slipping her arm around Lillet's waist. She leaned in close, so that her face was snuggled up against the side of the sleeping girl's head.

"Lillet," she purred throatily, her lips just brushing against her lover's ear, the warmth of her breath tickling at the delicate skin. "Lillet, it's time to wake up." Her fingertips traced patterns over Lillet's belly, gently teasing her through the nightgown. A shiver ran through the girl's body, making Amoretta smile. "Lillet, darling..."

"Ern...mm..." Lillet murmured, her eyelids fluttering. "Am...oret...ta?" she managed to get out, her voice still thick with sleep.

"It's time to wake up, Lillet," Amoretta repeated. "You have something important to do this morning." Her teeth gently teased at Lillet's earlobe, before she moved down to the side of her lover's neck, gently nibbling, letting herself taste the sweetness of Lillet's skin.

"Ah!" Lillet gasped, then giggled at the tickling sensation. "I need to...do what?" Her eyes then fell on the wall clock. "Oh!" she exclaimed, sitting bolt upright so fast that she jerked right out of Amoretta's embrace. "That's right! I have that meeting with Master Freixenet about setting up a research group for establishing a set of grimoires that might be used by magicians working with the City Watch." She whirled around, bent over, and gave Amoretta a quick kiss on the lips. "Thanks so much for getting me up early, little love; I'd have overslept without you!"

She leapt out of bed and was darting towards the bureau to get her clothes when a thought struck her, and she turned back,

"Amoretta, how did you know that I wanted to get up early? I don't remember telling you about the meeting?"

Amoretta just sighed and let her face drop into the pillow.