Lillet Blan yawned as she walked through the door to her room. It had been a long, long day, the kind that didn't tire her out physically or even mentally, but rather emotionally. She might have been the most powerful of the Royal Magicians, but when it came to negotiating political intricacies with the powers that be at court, she often felt like she was adrift without a paddle. She'd have liked to have begged off from the whole thing, but Master Freixenet had specifically requested her presence.

With good reason, too, she thought. All too often, when the conversation turned to what was possible, when they needed to set boundaries for discussions, somehow everyone had ended up looking at Lillet, and yet again she'd had to swallow her stage fright and focus on her expert knowledge, the things she felt fully confident in.

Still, she thought she'd given a pretty good account of herself. She wasn't the girl of three years ago, fresh from the farm and suddenly forced to deal with Court Society and ministers of state. She'd developed confidence in dealing with such people, both from experience and just in finding more belief in herself and her abilities. Even so, she was still very, very glad that it was over and that she could finally return to the privacy of her own room.

Her spirits rose for another reason when she actually got a look into the room. Rather than being dark, despite the late hour the lamps were lit and a cheery blaze in the fireplace splashed golden-bronze light throughout the room. Best of all, Amoretta was awake.

As the door clicked shut behind Lillet, its latch slipping into place, the homunculus rose smoothly from her armchair. With measured steps, she walked towards Lillet. She wore a gauzy white negligée, a thin robe that when backlit by the fire was rendered virtually transparent so that no curve of her spectacular figure escaped Lillet's eyes. Long legs, lush hips, and high, full breasts were all greedily devoured by the witch's gaze. Her ash-blonde hair fell loose across her shoulders, and her expression was intent, she advanced.

It was plain to see, Lillet realized, that Amoretta was intent on seduction. Regardless of the hour, she had obviously been waiting for her lover to return. No matter how tired Lillet might be, Amoretta was quite clearly going to try and convince her that she wasn't yet too tired to finish off the day in a more enjoyable fashion than attending a political conference.

As plans went, it wasn't a bad one. Certainly, their history together had shown that Amoretta was very good at convincing Lillet to set aside whatever plans she might have had in mind in favor of lovemaking, leaving no regrets afterwards about what might have been missed (not that many nineteen-year-olds ever had regrets about taking a beautiful woman with whom they were deeply in love to bed).

Today, though, Amoretta's plans were doomed to failure.

Her mouth had just opened to say something, no doubt sultry and inviting, perhaps with a bit of a tease and perhaps just to fire the senses. She never got the chance. Lillet took two quick steps forward, slipped her arms around Amoretta's waist, and pulled the homunculus hard against her. Her own open mouth came down over Amoretta's, stifling whatever it was her lover had to say. It was a demanding, bruising kiss, forceful and needy.

The word "seduce" implies the use of persuasion (usually sexual) to get the target of that seduction to do what the seducer wants (itself also often sexual). It is by definition impossible to seduce anyone who is already doing what the seducer wants them to do.

Amoretta was flat on her back on the rug in front of the fireplace, Lillet straddling her like a predatory animal, knees on either side of Amoretta's thighs, before the magician broke off the kiss and her plundering lips and tongue pulled back.

"I thought I was going to go mad today," Lillet said. Her voice was thick with emotion, her eyes wild. "I had to run off so fast this morning I barely realized what was happening. But all through that meeting all I could think of was how you'd been touching me to wake me up. Your hands on me." She cupped a breast in one hand, feeling it rise against her palm through the filmy material. "Your teeth, nibbling." She leaned in and bit Amoretta on the neck, tasting the sweetness that was ever-so-slightly different than a human's skin. The homunculus let out a gasp, shuddering at Lillet's touch. "It drove me wild."

She pulled back so she could stare down at Amoretta's face, so Amoretta could see the raw hunger in her expression.

"I wanted nothing more than to run back here and embrace you, take you into my arms, kiss you from head to foot, touch every sweet inch of you. And then that conference! I don't know if the Archmage had a lover, but if he did I think he may have decided to rebel against the throne because the court kept interrupting their time together. It wasn't easy to keep from telling them all what they could do with themselves, when all I wanted was to rush out of there and be with you."

She stroked the side of Amoretta's face, sliding her fingertips along the skin. The caress was gentle, but her hand was shaking.

"And this afternoon! I was so happy to see you, but at the same time, to have to bring Mistress Artois along to talk about practical matters, when all I wanted to do was drop to my knees, push that skimpy little skirt you were wearing up and bury my face between your legs until you screamed..."

Her hand slid down over breast, flank, and hip, then up again to find the searing heat at the juncture of Amoretta's thighs. Amoretta let forth a little mewling cry, unable to stop herself as the touch she'd been waiting for all day sent electric surges through her.

"That last kiss when we said goodbye...I don't know how I managed to control myself. Another second, another thought, and I think I would have tried to take you then and there, and Stella Artois could just turn her back if it bothered her! If it hadn't been for how you would have felt, how humiliating it would have been for you to either be put on display like that or have to push me off you, I'd never have restrained myself."

She leaned down and matched her talk about kissing with the real thing, crushing her lips to Amoretta's, claiming her lover's mouth as her own. Mine! something primal seemed to be growling in every word, every touch, an animal in heat demanding her mate. Desire seemed to have her dancing on the edge of madness.

"These last few hours, holding it in, keeping back the thoughts of you that crept into my mind if I let my attention drift for the slightest bit," she forced out against the homunculus's lips, "it's been..." She apparently couldn't find the words to describe it, because she skipped on to her final point. "So if you...if you don't want this, then say so now, because otherwise I'm not going to let you go until dawn."

"No," Amoretta said plainly and clearly.

Lillet pulled her head back, genuinely shocked. And why shouldn't she be? Amoretta's clothes, her manner, the way she'd been responding to Lillet's advances, they all spoke of someone who would welcome her, who was seeking to make love. But Lillet did stop, didn't even question, just froze, even withdrew slightly.

The movement, and the surprise, were all the opening Amoretta needed. Her legs pulled back, came up, and scissored around Lillet, and in the next instant the stunned magician was flat on her back, looking up at her lover.

"No," Amoretta repeated, a wolfish smile on her face, "because there is no way I'm letting you stop so early as dawn!"