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setting/plot: post 3rd year Harry learns that he has a marriage contract to Tracey Davis and takes his rightful place as the head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter, the Ancient and Noble House of Peverell and by conquest the Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin.

Ginny is to be a lesbian and involved with Luna.

Harry's wives are to be: Tracey, Hermione and Astoria.

Slaves: Pansy (she attacked Hermione which is seen as an attack on Harry)
Romilda (Not sure on this one.)

Good but misguided Dumbledore.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I do not make any money from writing this story.

A/N: At present this story has no title, however if anyone thinks of a good title then please let me know. Note unlike canon Harry will be Fourteen instead of thirteen. Astoria will also be thirteen in this story, meaning she is a year younger then her sister Daphne.

Leaky Cauldron

Harry stared out of the small window in his room. He had only recently arrived after running away from his relatives. Harry couldn't believe what he had done. In his anger he had performed some accidental magic, and had blown up his Uncle Vernon sister, after she had insulted his dead parents. He turned to look to his bed. On his arrival to the leaky Cauldron, he had been met by the Minister of magic personally. The Minister had informed him, that he wouldn't get into any trouble, due to the magic being accidental. The Minister then had mentioned about him being reckless, going out by himself when there was a mass murderer on the loose. Of course he hadn't gone into detail, so this had left Harry rather confused, at what this so called murderer had to do with him. He had tried to ask the minister that exact question, but for him to shove a huge pile of books into his arms, before posing for a photo, then vanishing in the Cauldron fireplace.

Harry looked at the various texts he would be studying this year. One book immediately drew is attention, it was a leather bound book, covered in fur, but that wasn't the most unusual thing about it. The book had teeth. Harry picked the book up only to drop it again after it suddenly jumped out of his hand. He jumped onto his bed and grabbed his shoes as the book seemed to want to eat them. He then noticed the book vanish under his bed. Not to risk loosing his fingers or his hands, he stood on his bed. He knew the only way the thing would come out was if there was something to bite. Harry then looked at his hand where he was still holding his shoes. He then held one over the edge of the bed by it's laces. What he was planning to do needed precise timing. He dropped the shoe and watched as the book attempted to bite it. Seeing his chance, he leapt off the bed and landed with both his feet on the top of the book. Noticing it was stunned for the moment, Harry searched for something he could use to bind it shut. All he could find was a tatty piece of string, luckily enough it was just the right length to bind the book shut. Harry then opened his trunk before lopping the book inside.

Harry then looked at the small clock by his bed. It was nearly eleven. Harry found himself yawning and quickly changed into his sleep wear. In all honestly this consisted of a t-shirt three times the size of him, and pair of old boxers. Harry quickly got into bed, and just laid there thinking about what he was going to do tomorrow. He had noticed that his robes were getting too small for him, and decided that he would visit his vault tomorrow to get some gold out, so that he could buy a new set. What Harry didn't realise, was that his visit to the bank tomorrow would be more then just a visit to his vault.

Next Day

Harry opened his eyes to the sound of tapping on his window. He turned his head to see Hedwig was trying to get in. Harry could see that she had a letter in her beak. He pulled the covers off himself and walked towards the window before opening it. He then watched Hedwig fly in before perching on the small table in the room. Harry gently stroked her feathers before taking the letter from her beak. He knew who it was from, the moment he saw the handwriting. He carefully opened the letter, and read it.

Dear Harry

Professor Dumbledore contacted me about your little bit of accidental magic last night. He also told me that you were staying at the Leaky Cauldron, till September the 1st, when we would be heading back to Hogwarts. I managed to convinced my parents to allow me to join you at the leaky Cauldron. I should be there later this evening. Hope you are well and really looking forward to seeing you.

All my Love

Hermione x

Harry sighed before placing the letter back into the envelope, he then went behind the screen to have a wash and get change. Harry groaned, even when the Leaky Cauldron was located in the muggle world, it still refused to have the basic essentials. Once he had finished washing himself in the small tin basin, he pulled out his trunk and wondered what he should wear. In theory he didn't have much choice. He only had a few outfits and all of them were three times the size of him. In the end he settled on an old pair of jeans and an old jumper. He then wrapped his Hogwarts robe around himself, at least no one would be able to see what he was wearing grabbed his wand and opened his room door. He had just got to the stairs when he saw Tom the bar owner carrying a tray of food.

"Huh Morning Master Potter. I was just bringing your breakfast. Are you planning on going somewhere?"

Harry took the food from Tom then walked down the stairs. "I was planning to, but seeing how you went through all the trouble to make this breakfast, then it's only fair that I eat it before I leave."

Harry placed the tray onto one of the tables and sat down to eat his breakfast. Once he had finished, he took his plate up to the bar, thanked Tom, then made his way to the back of the inn where the entrance to Diagon Alley was. Harry removed his wand and tapped each brick once, just as Hagrid had done in his first year. He smiled as the stones began to part allowing him to pass through into the Alley. He walked out onto the cobble streets to see various witch and wizards walking around. Many of them had children with them, and it was clear that they were shopping for school supplies. Harry turned and locked eyes with the tall building that stood in the middle of the Alley. He then pushed the doors open. He walked up to one of the counters and waited in line to be seen. It was then he suddenly realised that he didn't have his key.


Harry failed to noticed that he had already reached the front of the queue. He looked towards the Goblin now staring at him. Harry cringed as the Goblin smiled baring it's teeth. Harry quickly replied.

"Harry Potter sir."

The Goblin looked at the young boy in front of him. He was most surprised to hear the young wizard call him sir. Most witches and Wizards called them things, only a select few wizarding family addressed the Goblins with respect, and one of them had been the Potter family. The Goblin noticed the nervousness of the boy in front of him, as he hopped from one foot to the next.

"How can I help you today Mr Potter.?"

Harry nervously looked up. This was the first time he had spoken to a Goblin by himself. Normally he had people around him, who did the talking for him.

"Well , I would like to withdraw some gold from my vault, the problem is I don't have my key with me, as Professor Dumbledore hold onto it for me."

The Goblin eyes narrowed. "Well Mr Potter, your key should always be with you. It is an offense for someone else to hold onto your key for you. If you go take a seat over there I will call someone to assist you."

Harry nodded, and took a seat on the bench the Goblin had pointed to. He then noticed the Goblin turn to one of his colleagues pointing towards him. Harry kept his gaze toward the floor. After all he didn't want to risk insulting the Goblins. He suddenly looked up when a small Goblin with glasses approached him.

"Mr Potter. If you would follow me."

Harry stood up and followed the Goblin through a set of doors. He carried on following the Goblin down a long corridor, that seemed to go on for miles. Eventually the stopped outside on of the offices. Harry noticed a strange crest on the door. It showed two Lions pawing a shield, with a Phoenix in full flight above it. Harry heard a little cough, and looked to see the Goblin gesturing for him to come inside. Harry stood by the seat opposite the desk and waited for the Goblin to give him permission to sit down. This of course had not gone unnoticed by the Goblin now looking at him.

"Take a seat Mr Potter. Now allow me to Introduce myself. My name is Axehandle, and I have been your families account manager for nearly 100 years. I understand that you have recently turned fourteen is that correct?"

Harry just nodded and allowed the Goblin to continue.

"Tell me Mr Potter, did your magical guardian ever mentioned to you, that once you turned fourteen, and if you are the last living descendent of a family line, then you could be emancipated and take up your rightful place as Lord?"

Harry shook his head no. He noticed the Goblin frown, then scribble something onto some parchment.

"I see, well Now that you are fourteen, you are entitled to become head of your family line. This will mean that you no longer require a magical guardian, and that in the eyes of Gringotts and your Ministry, you will be seen as an adult wizard. You would also be exempt from the under-age magical laws in our world."

Harry eyes widened. He had just wanted to grab some gold from his vault, now he was being told, that if he wanted then he could become head of his family line. Harry looked into the eyes of the Goblin.

"Well it would be nice to be in charge of my own finances, it would also be nice to be able to use magic when I wanted. At least then I could study ahead without fear of being arrested. What do I need to do, in order to take up my place as head of the Potter family?"

The Goblin pulled from his draw a old dagger and an old piece of parchment. "First I must make sure that you are who you say you are. Normally this would be a simple process of matching your blood to your key. However due to your key being in the possession of your magical guardian, then we have to perform a small ritual. If you could take this dagger, draw it across the palm of your hand, and allow some of your blood to hit the parchment."

Harry took the dagger, and stabbed the blade into the palm of his hand before drawing a small slit across his hand. Several drops of his blood hit the parchment. Harry then noticed that his hand healed leaving no trace of a cut ever being there. He looked down at the parchment and noticed that it was beginning to spread out across the page. Finally it began to write various things. Once the blood had stopped writing Harry noticed the goblin look down on it. He noticed the surprise expression on his face, as the Goblin handed him the document.

Harry James Potter

Age 14

Gender: Male

Father: James Charles Potter

Mother: Lily Ann Potter

Vaults entitled too: four.

Harry James Potter Trust Fund: 50,000 galleons

Potter family vault: 125,000,000 galleons

Peverell family vault: 2,000,000 galleons

Slytherin Vault: (By right of conquest) 3,000,000 galleons

Outstanding Contracts: Marriage Contract between House Potter and House Davis.

Harry couldn't believe it, in some sick twisted joke, he was in fact the heir of Slytherin. Harry shook his head, all those times he was given the title in his second year, never had he thought in a million years that he would actually be the heir. Harry handed the Parchment back to the Goblin and watched as the Goblin scanned the Parchment again. Clearly the Goblin couldn't believe it either.

"Well Mr Potter, I must say your test has proved most surprising. It seems you are not only head to the Potter family, but also head of the Peverell and by conquest the Slytherin title as well. You are also contracted to marry Tracy Davis, the eldest Daughter of the Davis family. Of course she will not be the only one you will have to marry. Being head of three house lines means that you will need a wife for each line respectively."

Harry slumped down in his chair. If being the heir of Slytherin wasn't bad enough, he now found out he was contracted to marry a Slytherin. Harry wondered what else could go wrong this year. He looked up to see the Goblin smiling. Clearly someone was enjoying themselves.

"Very well Axehandle, I wish to take up the position of Lord Potter, Lord Peverell, and dare I say it Lord Slytherin."

Axehandle grinned before removing several documents from his desk. He then handed them over to Harry along with a red colour quill. He watched as the boy read through each page, before filling in the various details. Several time he stopped and rubbed the back of his hand.

"The pen is hurting me!"

The Goblin sighed. "Forgive Master Potter, I forgot that you were not raised in our world. The Object you are holding is known as a Blood Quill. It is used to fill in all legal documents as the contract his written in your blood sealing it."

Harry nodded, it took him an hour or so, but eventually he had filled everything in. He then handed the documents back to the Goblin and watched him stamp it, before it vanished. Harry then noticed the Goblin click his fingers. On the desk appeared three ring size boxes. Harry noticed the Goblin gesture for him to open them. Harry picked up the first ring box and opened it. The ring had the same crest as the one on the door he had seen before walking into the office, and guessed that this must be the Potter crest. He removed the ring from the box, before placing it on his finger. He felt an odd tingling go all the way around his body. He then removed the second ring, again it had a crest, but what was most odd was the design of it. There was no crest just a single silver triangle. He placed the ring on his finger next to the Potter ring and again noticed the tingling around his body. He opened the final ring box and gasped at the detail of the ring. The middle of the gold band were two snakes coiled looking at each other. Right in the centre of both was a small emerald. Again Harry placed the ring on his finger. Once all the rings had been placed on his fingers he turned back to the Goblin and noticed him holding out three small piece of plastic. Harry took them from him and just looked at them wide eyed.

"Isn't this what muggles use?"

The Goblin nodded. "Indeed Lord Potter-Peverell-Slytherin. Due to the amount of vaults you control, it is easier for you to have one for each vault. You will find all the shops will accept them now, however they are only given out to our most esteemed clients. Now is there anything else I can do for you?"

Harry thought for a minute then looked up. "is their any chance you can contact the Davis family and tell them that I have been made aware of the contract and if they wish to cancel, due to me and Tracy being in different houses then that is fine with me."

The Goblin nodded. "I can see how you being the heir of Slytherin and being in Gryffindor worries you. Especially knowing that you are contracted to marry a girl from that house. However rest assured Lord Potter-Peverell-Slytherin. Just because someone is in Slytherin, doesn't make them evil, after all the traits are cunning and ambitious, nowhere does it state that you have to be evil. Also the Davis family are neutral and have no ties to the late Dark Lord."

Harry nodded, he then left the bank, loaded with his three new debit cards, he intended to go on a small shopping spree. Now was his chance to get rid of his old clothes and buy himself a completely new wardrobe. He walked into Madame Malkin to see the owner measuring a blonde hair girl, Harry couldn't take his eyes off her. She was very pretty, it was then he noticed an older version of the girl looking at him. He knew who this was, her name was Daphne Greengrass, and he guessed that this girl on the stool must have been her younger sister. Harry was interrupted from his thoughts by another assistant approaching him.

"Can I help you young man?"

Harry shook the cobwebs from his head and smiled at the assistant. She couldn't have been more then eighteen.

"Yes I was wondering if you could have some robes made for me. You see I have just been made head of three families and need a set of robes with all three crest on them. Also my Gryffindor Robes have gotten a little short and I would like to purchase some more of them too."

Harry noticed the eldest blonde had over heard him mention that he was now head of three families. He noticed her eyes widened. He then turned back to the assistant.

"Price is no problem, however the three crest that are need are Potter, Peverell and finally Slytherin."

He noticed the assistants eyes widened at the name Slytherin. He also noticed everyone had stopped what they were doing and was now staring at him. Harry groaned he wished that they would go back to what they were doing. However no one seemed to move a muscles. Harry suddenly turned to find himself blinded by a camera flash. He slowly opened his eyes to see Madame Malkin pushing a women with huge glasses and a camera man out of the shop.

"For the last time Rita, I told you leave my customers alone."

Harry heard the door slam. He then noticed Madame Malkins speak to her assistant, before sending her over to help the two blondes on the other side of the shop. Harry then found himself face to face with the owner.

"Very well My Lord. If you could stand on the stool and we will get you measured. Good grief what on earth is a Lord of your station doing in clothes like that. I think you're in need of not just robes My Lord but a whole new wardrobe. Now lets see."

Harry felt like he had been standing on the stool for a good few hours. By this time he was the only one left in the store. He suddenly found his vision all blurry. He wondered what was causing it, and slowly removed his glasses. He wiped his eyes and opened them, however instead of being blurry like normal, he found out that he could see quite clearly, he also felt himself suddenly growing and filling out a little, much to the surprise of Madame Malkins, who was attempting to measure him.

"Must be the magic of the rings you wear My lord. Ok one more measurement and all done. The Robes should be ready by tomorrow, also here is a few outfits from our muggle range. At least they will look better then what you are wearing now."

Harry took the clothes from Madame Malkin and went into one of the changing rooms to get changed. He looked at himself in the mirror. It was nice to have clothes that actually fitted him. He dumped his old clothes into one of the bags his clothes had come in. Once he walked out of the changing room, he walked up to the counter to pay for his goods.

"How much will this all be please."

Madame Malkin, began to add everything up. Finally she looked up. "Well it would normally be around 10,000 galleons, however due to you being my land lord then you are entitled to a discount. So the total amount is 5,000 galleons."

Harry was confused. "Sorry land lord, What do you mean?"

Madame Malkin looked up. "Well the Potter family own nearly every shop in Diagon Alley. The only shops they don't own are in Knockturn Alley, which are owned by the Black Family. Now how will you be paying?"

Harry handed over the Peverell card and watched as Madame Malkin scanned it through her till. "Thank you my Lord, all done. Your robes will be ready by twelve pm at the latest. Good day."

Harry left the shop and carried on walking down the Alley. He wondered just what other surprises were in store for him.

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