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Riddle Manor

The body of a long slimy serpent slivered through the dusty halls of the mansion, its eyes widen and its forked tongue was out tasting the air, of its surroundings.

"Yes my faithful pet, this will do quite nicely, now that I have some sort of body, I can start to make a comeback in this god forsaken world.

The mind of the snake hissed in response. "Master you know I would do anything for you, I am yours to command, sharing this body is of little concern to me, long as you are alive I am happy.

Voldemort laughed. "Yes it was fortunate that I was able to come across you, however I do not intend to share their body for long. I have a plan to get my own Body, but first I need a few things. In the form we are now, it would impossible to collect the required Items, we need help.

Nagini Hissed. "But who can help you master, all those who bowed down to you have run like cowards. They would rather save their own skins in stead of serving and helping you.

Voldemort, nodded his familiar was correct, not one of his servants had dare tried to help him after he had been defeated by that Potter brat, they had all fled and tried to save their own arses. Voldemort promised their would be retribution once he was at full strength. He would show his follower once more just why they feared him in the first war.

"I believe I know one who will be willing to help, now that I have my old manor back, it will be easy to hide here right under the Ministry and Dumbledore's nose."Yes, the old fool has plenty to answer for. "Brace yourself my pet, I am going to transport us to Malfoy Manor."

Nagini hissed. "I do hate it when you do this master, last time I was almost spliced in half, we magical creatures are not meant to be able to apparate."

Voldemort frowned, Nagini was right, last time he had tried, his familiar had almost be split in two, however there was no other way. Voldemort focused his mind and suddenly a loud pop was heard as the snake left the old Manor.

Malfoy Manor

Lucius was sat down at his desk, looking down at a letter from the Minister, the greedy bastard wanted twice the contribution this year. According to the letter it was the small service he had done in hiding all the evidence from the questioning sessions, and with no memories or Evidence they were released. Lucius and the other heads had got together to discuss how they could get rid of the red head bitch, she was to good, they needed someone they could bribe, someone who would turn the other way. Lucius suddenly held his chest as he felt his ward crumble. He grabbed his wand and let his study, someone or something had apparated through his wards and was now in the house. Lucius was wondering what person or what thing would so powerful, his wand was trained on each door as he passed through his manor, suddenly he heard a sound. Lucius took a deep breath and slammed the door open. Lucius was about to use the killing curse when he froze in fear, as a huge serpent reared its head. He suddenly dropped his wand as he heard the voice of his master.

"Drop your wand Lucius, it is I your Lord and Master, I have been forced to share the body of my familiar, I am certain you remembered Nagini." In response Nagini hissed and extended her mouth showing sharp fangs.

"Now, now girl, be nice, we need him after all, I thought you were over that little incident where this baboon stepped on your tail, obviously it is true about women and their grudges. Lucius I am in need of your service, I need a new body, and need one now!"

Lucius fell to his knees and bowed. "My Lord, I knew you were not truly dead, I have been waiting anxiously for your return." Lucius suddenly screamed as his fell to the floor clutching his head.

"Lucius you were always a good liar, however I don't have time for your excuses. Trust me if I had a body now, and a wand you would be crying out for mercy and forgiveness. I need the diary I entrusted you with."

Lucius suddenly paled. In a shaky voice he lowered his head. "My Lord I now longer have the diary, It has been destroyed….." Lucius screamed as he felt something invade his mind and ripped through his shied, all his memories were beginning to surface.

Voldemort was furious, this idiot had used his Horcrux, and now it had been destroyed. Not only that but the old fool was in possession of it. Voldemort knew from experience that the old fool would investigate and he would discover just what the diary was. His horcruxes were no longer save, he had to move them.

Nagini had sensed her master anger, and was now biting down on Lucius shoulder, her body began to coil around him and squeeze.

Lucius was trying breath, "Please my Lord, forgive me, I was only trying to discredit Dumbledore" The coils squeezed tighter.

"How many times have I told you Lucius, Dumbledore his mine, I will be the one to bring him down, not you. Not anyone, only me! You're lucky that I need you right now, or I would let you be Nagini meal for the day. Release him my pet!"

Nagini hissed and her coiled loosened dropping the now recovering body of Lucius onto the floor of the manor.

"Because of your stupidity I have to use another Soul anchor. You will be coming with me." Nagini wrapped are coils loosely around the now fearful Blonde pounce, she then popped away and reappeared near an old shack. She uncoiled and Lucius again fell to the floor.

"Lucius, in that shack, his something I want you to retrieve? Under the floorboard, in the front room, you will find a small box. Inside the box is an item that I want you to bring to me. I have lowered the wards so get a move on."

Lucius inclined his head, and removed his wand, cautiously he crept towards the old wooden shack, he had no idea what he was going to find. The wooden planks below his feet suddenly gave way trapping his foot between the two piece of splintered plank. Lucius cried out as the wood had stabbed into his leg, and now it was bleeding. Lucius pulled his leg free and hobbled towards the door. He pushed it open and heard the ominous creek. He looked to the floor and could see a small trap door. Lucius fell to his knees and pull the little door up, as he did he heard voices.

"Put it on, it will be all yours, No need to give this power back, it will make you invincible, put it on."

Lucius fell into a trance, and removed the black box, and opened the lid, there inside was a ring, Lucius heard the voice get louder, to put it on, telling him he would be invincible. Lucius picked up the ring from the box, and put it on his fingers. He then suddenly screamed as he felt the ring suck his life force, he looked to his hand and noticed it was beginning to go black.

Outside Voldemort laughed inside the body of Nagini. "Now the fool will suffer, the curse on that ring will slowly drain his life-force, and magic. Quickly my pet, let us go aid our now helpless minion."

Riddle Manor

Nagini watched silently as her master directed Lucius in how to draw the symbols on the floor, Lucius was in pain as the curse was still affecting him, even though the ring was now on the side table. In the chair opposite was a boy who looked around fifteen he was stunned bound and gagged. The boy soul was about to be expelled from his body and replaced with that of the Dark Lord.

"No you stupid idiot the symbol have to drawn in the opposite direction, yes that way, stupid fool. Now add the pattern you saw in this book to the centre of the symbols, yes in blood you moron.

Lucius finished the symbols and then stood back and looked down, at his work, the floor was covered in blood and strange symbols were drawn in it.

"Now Lay the boy in the middle" Lucius undid the bindings and then picked up the boy he had recently kidnapped. Lucius didn't care who he was or what his name was, he was just told to acquire a boy of around fifteen and that the boy must be physically fit. Lucius laid the boy in the middle of the circle and then returned to the side of the great serpent, which was watching him closely.

"Good Lucius, now Open that book on the table to page seventeen, next place the ring onto the boys chest, now this very important Lucius, I want you to do exactly as it says in that book. I will no be able to help you once I leave this body and enter the boys."

Lucius inclined his head, and then watched as the shade left the body of the snake and melded into the boy now in the middle of the circle. Lucius began to chant, and watched as the blood symbols began to glow. He looked to the centre of the circle where the boy was now thrashing around and screaming as his soul fought with that of the Dark Lords. Lucius was suddenly blasted back by the back lash of magic and slammed into the wall. He slumped down, his vision was distorted, however he could make out a ghostly shape leaving the body and then being sucked into the ring. As the ring sucked in the boy souls, another soul left the ring and merged inside the body. Lucius slowly stood up watched as the boy suddenly gasped for air.

"My Lord is that you?" Lucius watched as the boy stood up and looked down at his body, and then turned to the mirror, to look at himself. He stared back at a boy who had short black hair and was quite easy on the eyes, however it was his pupils that looked out of place, they were blood red.

"Lucius give me your wand, I will have to apply a glamour." Voldemort took the wand, and felt whole again, it wasn't his wand, but it would do, until he had his own wand back. Voldemort applied the glamour and his blood red eyes suddenly turned emerald green. Voldemort then turned and looked at Lucius.

"You've have done well, now for the next stage of my plan. You Lucius will blood adopt me, and I will become your Heir. I can't afford your wealth to fall into the wrong hands."

Lucius stood speechless. "My Lord, only heir I have is Draco, It will be rather difficult for me to explain the sudden appearance of another son. Narcissa will have a fit, if she finds out."

"Crucio!" Lucius fell to his knees and began to thrash around on the floor as his body was put under the unforgivable. After thirty seconds Voldemort lifted the curse. "You will obey me Lucius, I am sure your little wife won't find it hard to believe that you had fling on one of your raid across Europe. All we will need to his forge a few documents and give me a bit of a bio, and presto, I am your heir and no one will question otherwise."

Lucius slowly stood, but my Lord, you are just a boy, by law you will have to attend a magical school of education."

Voldemort grinned. "Exactly, what better way to get near Potter and Dumbledore then to enrol at Hogwarts." Voldermort eyes glowed, Hogwarts was in for a very big surprise.