These profiles are essentially a glimpse of where the gang ends up right around 2025. Aster's 30, Jack's 30, Ana's 30, Sandy's 31, Nick's 31, and Pitch's 31.

Jackson Wilder-Frost

Spouse: Aster Wilder-Frost

Job(s): Social Worker and Children's Book Author

Children: None (yet)

Jack and his husband live in Burgess where Jack works as a social worker for the local area and spends his free time writing children's books and teaching ice-skating at the rec-center. While the two live close to the town that they grew up in, they've both developed a bit of a wanderlust and use the money from Jack's books to travel the globe. Their goal is to visit a new country every year.

Aster Wilder- Frost

Spouse: Jackson Wilder-Frost

Job(s): Freelance Artist and Tai Chi instructor

Children: None (yet)

Aster and his husband live in Burgess where Aster spends his days working on art commissions in their apartment. In the early days he was mostly doing small stuff for local companies, but then he started to illustrate Jack's books and a lot of people liked his style. He now spends nearly all of his time illustrating children's books, but he does make the odd exception for Ana when she needs something special for her business' website.

After college, Aster also started to work as an assistant instructor at his old Tai Chi studio. He got the shock of his life when his Master retired and passed the studio over to Aster's care in 2024.

As a side note, Aster tried out boomerang throwing when he and Jack went to Australia on their honeymoon. It turned out that he was pretty good at it, so he started learning how to use other throwing weaponry. Jack picked up staves because he wanted to learn how to block projectiles.

Ana St. North

Spouse: Nicholas St. North

Job(s): Fashion designer

Children: Tiana Rose (adopted) age 5, Kristopher Michael (adopted) age 6, and Holly Marie age 5

Ana and her husband live about two hours away from Burgess due to Nick's job, but are frequent visitors. Following college, Ana worked as a seamstress for a wedding boutique, but decided she wanted more freedom and left the boutique to start her own home business when she got pregnant with Holly. The business is marginally successful with most of her work being alterations to wedding dresses, business suits, and the like. However, in recent years, her children's Halloween costumes are growing quite popular and starting to take up more of her time, much to her delight as she was worried she'd be bored when her two youngest entered kindergarten.

Nicholas St. North

Spouse: Ana St. North

Job(s): Toy designer

Children: Tiana Rose (adopted) age 5, Kristopher Michael (adopted) age 6, and Holly Marie age 5

Nick works fulltime as one of the head toy designers for a small company in Maine. He loves the freedom his work gives him and has come up with many interesting and popular toys. Following the birth of his daughter, he and Ana had a long talk about what they wanted for future children. They both agreed that they wanted a large family, but that there were far too many kids out there who needed home for them to feel right having more than one child of their own. Thus they adopted two children, a little boy from Russia and a little girl from Australia, much to Aster's amusement. Jack and Aster are the girl's godfather's and Sandy is Kristopher's godfather.

Sanderson Mansnoozie

Spouse: Unmarried

Job(s): Child Psychologist

Children: None

Sandy lives and works in Burgess as a Psychologist, but his specialty is dealing with children, especially those suffering from nightmares and night terrors. He is Jack's go-to recommendation for children in need of counseling.

While Sandy has dated a few women over the years, he only recently started to date someone very seriously, a young woman named Katherine who works at the local greenhouse. Ana and Aster have a bet going as to when Sandy's going to propose. Unfortunately for them, he knows this and is going to propose in the exact center so that neither one of them wins.

Pitchford Black

Spouse: Unmarried

Job(s): Factory Worker

Children: None

Pitch was released from prison about 2 years ago and is currently working to get his life back on track by going to a community college. He lives in the Midwest and has no plans to ever return to Burgess. Hopefully those plans never change.

Bonus! Sandy's Girlfriend's Bio!

Katherine Kozmotis (aka Kitty)

Height: 4'11"

Eyes: Dark Green

Hair: black hair that she wears loose and wavy when she's not working

Skin tone: Tan (think stereotypical latino)

Favorite Color: Tropic colors

Normal Outfit: Kitty loves casual, sun-dresses, so those are her go to when she's not at work. In the winter, she wears skirts, leggings, and warm sweaters.

Favorite Sport: Does gardening count? No? Okay, then I pick swimming!

Birthday: June 21st 1998

Talents: Gardening

Fun Fact: Katherine is a very quiet person, as is her boyfriend. A lot of their time together is spent in comfortable silences, but they like it that way.