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A war will wage as it wages,

When wages are no longer equally gave.

And send these people waging wars,

Into early graves.

Tremble from the skies that fall,

With eyes that pray despise,

But as the war wages wars.

The littlest sparrow learns to fly.

They were the lines of a poem I had seen scrawled on the walls of Berk, hidden away in a chamber rarely used by the people of my town. Those were not Viking words. Not the normal scribbles and scrawls left by my ancestors before me. If I even counted to be a part of the same bloodline at all. I was the least bit Viking left on the island. Even so- the words were relatable enough to call even me to their meanings. While others sang of the rough and tough life of Berk…

…I was thinking of the littlest sparrow.

I suppose I wasn't only a failure at a Viking physically. Even mentally I was a few hammers short.

It was a story about perseverance. They were words that depicted a character that did not have the broad or brawn of a normal Viking that would be able to soar just as high, claim just as much admiration as any other man on the island! A story of a little sparrow- just like me. It sounded even dumber out loud than it did in my head. I knew by the look Toothless had given me when I had first recited the words to him. As sad as it was that I was taking advice from a giant reptile, Toothless was my best friend and as my best friend, he reserved the right to smack me upside the head when I made a fool of myself. Be it with the back of a hand, or a 14 foot tail.

Even so, they were words I kept deep inside my mind. It was dumb, but of every song and poem chanted throughout Berk- it was the only one that someone like me could relate to. They were the words of perhaps the single ancestor in all of Berk that would have accepted me as something more than just a Hiccup.

Alas, that was my life. I was a Hiccup and no matter how tall I stood or how far I puffed out my chest, I would remain the runt until the very day I died. And considering how most of the girls my age wielded swords heavier than me, I was starting to accept I would remain alone until the day I died as well.

Toothless' leathery black wings opened underneath me and we rose higher into the clouds, the dampness of the sky prickling my face and cooling the sweat on my brow. The dragon gave a cheerful roar, tilting its massive head backwards to watch a couple birds circle us before coasting back down towards the land below. We followed the little birds, close enough to the island that if he stretched far enough, Toothless would brush the ground with his talons. The world flew by in a rush of colors and sounds, washing away like a painting left in the rain and I couldn't help but let out a laugh.

With the grin only a Night Fury could claim, Toothless glanced back at me with big green eyes, wide and playful with chirps of pleasure deep in his throat.

I grinned back and patted him on the back, smooth scales like polished steal under my fingertips. "Let's get out of here, boy."

He didn't need to be told twice. With a couple starting flaps and the tilt of his body, we were shooting through the air with the swiftness of an arrow.

I would never be a true Viking. I knew it by the words my father spoke when he thought I was not listening. I knew I was not a Viking by the looks the villagers gave me when I volunteered to put myself in the lines of battle. I knew I was not a Viking by the dreams that haunted my sleep. Dreams in which I was born into a world I did not belong, only to wake to find the nightmares true. In every part of my life- I was no Viking. I was not a son of my father. But I was a dragon trainer and for this reason alone, I was not dead weight for the island of Berk. I was somebody. Even if that somebody was not a Viking. I was somebody.

I tilted my leg in my stirrup and the tail flap I had installed on Toothless narrowed, aiming us for a smooth landing on a rock formation far below. It was a movement I knew I made only from memory, but a movement I could not feel I had even made. If I felt anything at all in my left leg, it was in the hours after my sleep, daydreaming of rolling out of bed and putting on my boots in the morning like I had every day of my life. All put to rest when I woke to attach a metal prosthetic to my kneecap. The prosthetic was strong. It fit well and I was gracious it had been the only thing I had lost. But now it seemed more a part of me than my own two hands. But it was only an extension of my body. It was not me. I would never be really whole. There was very little I missed out on without my leg. After all- how many men and women on Berk were missing limbs just as I did? But in the back of my head there was always a voice of fear. This time I had lost my leg. What next?

We landed lightly on the top of the rock I had aimed for and I slid off of his back. The ocean stretched for miles in all directions from here, Berk lay still in the shadows far off and only the blemishes of mountainous rocks scarred the water's silk. Beside me, even Toothless was silent as I let my body fall back to lie in the patch of grass, arms stretched out like wings at my sides. Staring at the blue sky from atop our stone pedestal rising from the ocean, nothing could touch me. Could touch us.

I was not surviving for only myself anymore. There was a time I had believed that if I had disappeared, no one would even notice me gone. No one would look down long enough to even realize little Hiccup was no longer running around trying to avoid their feet. But now, it was different. I was not surviving for myself. I was surviving for Toothless. Gobber had once told me that if you keep a dragon from flying- it was as good as dead. I knew someone would take care of Toothless if anything ever did happen. I knew Astrid or maybe even my own father would take the Night Fury under their wing. Under their wing. Excuse the dragon pun. But in all seriousness, I was more scared for Toothless than I was even for myself.

We were a team. Without me, he was grounded. Without him, I was just… me.

I was wrong. I wouldn't be alone forever. As long as I had Toothless- I would never be alone.

My leg was a bit sore and I grunted, undoing the straps that held it to what was left of my left leg. I didn't miss out on much without the leg. But it did ache after a long day. I set the prosthetic aside and rubbed at the stump, frowning at the damaged appendage. I was handicapped. Wasn't that the very last thing that Stoic the great needed. If that wasn't the icing on the cake I didn't know what was. Now not only was I small and disappointing, the last of his kind, the only remaining gift from a long passed wife, but I was broken.

I pressed my palms into my eyes hard until I saw spots in the blackness. I was only being dramatic. I was somebody. He was proud of me. My father really did love me. I took another look at the disfigured limb and couldn't help the frown. It was a shame it had taken such a calamity to make him see me.

Toothless' snout on my shoulder shook me from my thoughts and I opened my eyes, looking sideways at the large black dragon. He purred curiously. He always knew when to snap me out of it. He always knew when my imagination was digging itself a nice deep grave. I sighed, patting his nose lightly.

"Sorry, buddy. I'm just so caught up in how much I just… love my life. Yep." I shrugged sarcastically and Toothless pushed his snout against my face again, earning a laugh out of me. I looked back out onto the water, still and uninterrupted aside from the light wash of waved on the rock cliffs. The closest flat land wasn't for miles but I could see her off in the clouds where a light fog had rolled in. Above me though, the sky was blue and I was thankful. It was a nice day to do absolutely nothing.

"I don't think I've ever seen it so quiet on Berk." I said, looking sideways at my dragon. He did not register I had even spoke. His eyes had gone narrow, squinting out into the water, black ears twitched around in each direction to hear the silence.

"Toothless?" I mumbled. It wasn't like him to ignore me. Even if he didn't understand every word I said, it was not like him to ignore me. That was everyone else's job. I knew that face. Something was wrong. "Toothless, what is it?"

He roared angrily, teeth sheathing back into his head as he let out a pulse of blue and purple flames, firing at a tower of rocks nearby. The tower exploded into dust and debris and a voice I did not recognize nor understand cried out gruffly from another formation to our right.

It was then that the arrows started to fall.

OH NO! HICCUP IS UNDER ATTACK! but... in the middle of the ocean? Who are these people?

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