I awake in a hospital, completely dumbfounded and unsure why exactly I'm here. Then it all comes surging back. The last thing I remember from it all is pushing Juliet out of the way and bright headlights approaching me. I look over to my right and find my parents sleeping, and think why me? I already know the answer though, it's because the others are already gone and it just so happens that I still have a chance. I did the right thing by saving Juliet, hopefully I can keep it up because just then I realized it is not Friday, February 12.

I sit up and notice how dry my throat is, "Mom, Dad." my voice sounding horrid "I need a drink."

They sit up tiredly, stretching and then my mom says smiling, "I'll go get you some water, you just relax."

She walks out of the room, while my dad just sits there not saying a word, and comes back with a doctor and no water. I'm assuming they were told to get the doctor when ever I wake up, but she could at least have got me some water.

"Hello Samantha, I'm Dr. Rodgers, how do you feel?" he was really tall, and there was something familiar about him, but I had no idea where I've ever seen him before.

"I'm okay, but my head hurts and my throat is dry." I try to sit up more, but then pain goes through my whole body and I slump back down moaning.

"Just relax Samantha, we have some breakfast coming soon for you and I'm going to give you a couple pain pills to take the pain away."

Then he exits the room and I ask my mom, "How long have I been out?"

"A couple days now, the doctor said it was a miracle you even survived the wreck." Then she starts to cry and my dad hands her some tissues, also tearing up the slightest bit.

I can't imagine how it would feel to be told that your daughter may die. I can only imagine how it would feel for your grandma to die, or a family pet and it does not feel good at all, it aches even to think of it. I know what I have to do to make it right again, I will no longer be known as Samantha Kingston the girl with the looks, popularity and the perfect boyfriend. I will be the girl who risked her own life to save Juliet's, the girl who is in love with Kent and not Rob.