When I build up the courage to actually turn around, I'm not surprised at all. It's Rob. Great.

"Hey can we talk?" He asks.

I turn to looks back at the girls, but they just shrug. Thanks for the help, I think to myself. I meet his eyes and put on a contented smile. "Sure" I say nonchalantly, even though I'm dieing inside, what could he possibly want?

We leave the cafeteria and I look back to see Kent looking at me suspiciously, Kent and I aren't officially together yet, so I am free to do what I want. No worries though, because nothing will happen, there is no longer anything between Rob and I.

Apparently talking in the hallway isn't private enough. He finally takes me outside to one of the lunch tables that never get used because it's winter and that means it's freezing cold, we could have talked inside, this is not necessary at all.

After a long awkward silence, he clears his throat and says, "So, how are you healing up?"

"F-Fine I guess." I stutter from the cold that's making me shiver, all I have on is a long-sleeve shirt.

"Oh, do you want this?"He asks, taking his arm out of the sleeve of his hoodie.

"No!" I say fast, no possible way will I ever wear anything of his again. Why can't he just realize that none of his little tricks will work? I mean really, it's obvious he never talks to me like this, like he actually cares. He's been the most careless person his whole life, so why would it change now? Anyways, I'm cold, Rob and I are over, and I don't have time for this.

"What did you want to talk about?" I ask annoyed.

"Us," He says with a tight smile on his face, ignoring my annoyed voice.

"There is no "us", we're over Rob, why can't you get that in your head?!" I say raising my voice. This reminds me of the day I went through over and over again. I hate remembering it, but it's still there, in my dreams, in my head, lingering.

I look at him once more then, get up and walk away. I don't care for what he has to say, we're over, that's all that's to it. I'm moving on now, I have no sympathy for Rob, and to be truthful, he disgusts me.

I sit back down at the table and Ally is the first to ask me what happened, at first I feel like I'm going to cry, but then I spit it out, "Rob and I are over, we just settled that."

Ally scoots next to me and says "It's alright girl, it happens to everyone." She thinks I'm all upset because I loved Rob and it just ended like that, I can tell Lindsey and Elody are thinking that too. I'm not though, I'm upset that all this time I was kind of being played, Rob never cared or gave a shit about me and it's the truth. Fortunately, I realized who he really was, and who I was before I fell in love with someone who doesn't feel the same for me, but lies that he does.

I go the rest of the day not even thinking of him. When I get home I try to catch up on homework, but I can never focus, Kent's picking me up today for a date, he never told me where we're going to go though. I take all day trying to figure out what to wear, eventually I put on my dark pink ruffled shirt with matching flats and skinny jeans. I put my makeup to a minimum and I keep my hair down curled, I don't know why I'm getting so nice for Kent, I never did for Rob, and Kent says all the time that behind the makeup, I'm beautiful, that's one of the reasons why I didn't wear much of it.

I tell my mom I'm going out tonight untill about ten or eleven, she doesn't seem to mind, but she does tell me to be careful. At about eight Kent picks me up, I feel a little nervous around him now since I have true feelings for him. He has on a nice plaid shirt and jeans, I feel a little over dressed, but I'll have to deal with it.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"You'll see." He says smiling, then he puts his hand on mine and we lock fingers. I love the way his hands feel rough and smooth at the same time, I love everything about him. I never worry about wrecking when he's driving, like I do with Lindsey, he only takes his eyes of the road to look at me, which I love.

We drive for at least fifteen minutes before he pulls to a stop. At first I don't know where we were, then right in front of me is a playground, we went here everyday it was nice out as kids. A big smile grows on my face, I totally forgotten all about it. We walk over and sit on the swings and stare up at the glistening stars in the sky.

"It's beautiful." I say smiling.

"Remember we used to come here everyday we could?" He asks.

I nod, and then I lean over and kiss Kent, not just a peck, we really kiss, just like the day I almost ended my life. I never felt so in love and attached to someone in my life, all this time it took for me to realize and then, in just a matter of days Kent and I were just like we were as kids. Nothing could ever get better than this. I think to myself.

Not sure how many chapters I'm going to have in this story, but in Ch.4 Samantha will start having problems, and almost forget that she has the choice of living in her hands.