A/N: What am I doing with my life? I don't even know anymore. There must actually be something wrong with me to have written this... But you know what? We'll go with it.

There's a tiny tiny bit of a story woven into this, but seeing as it was only intended as a ridiculous one shot, I tried not to let myself get too out of hand with plot. Basically Kendall moves from Minnesota to L.A, and he meets Logan and James. And really, the rest is self explanatory. In fact that was pretty self explanatory too but whatevs. Oh and their school boys, so think of their Parade photoshoot yeah?

This is sort of written for Shary (on tumblr foundthekey). We both came together over our love of super submissive Kendall so I sort of promised her something... And it sounds so weird to say "Hey I love you and I wrote you this 7,000 words of obscene smut..." but yeah... She'll love it.

Right so, enjoy it.

and warning: this is literally the dirtiest thing I've ever written, and I pushed some boundaries I didn't even know I had. So please, if you don't want to scare yourself for life, then don't read.

But if you do read...

You're in for the ride of your life.

(but shh I haven't proof read it and have been writing it on and off for awhile so I'm sorry if it seems weird or broken or idk shut up Sophie and let them read)

Kendall Knight hated change.

Ok well maybe hate was a bit of an exaggeration, but does anyone really like moving away from everything they know and love?

It's not that Kendall would have a hard time making friends or fitting in, he just... He liked how things were and he didn't see why his mother needed to fuck them up.

"But Mom!" Kendall had groaned, over and over. "I'm captain! All my best friends I've known since pre k! What about Jo!?"

But Kendall's Mom didn't care for hockey or friends or Kendall's girlfriend Jo, she just said, as she had said a thousand times before "Kendall, we have to leave this town"

And even though Kendall would never admit it, he knew she was right. They couldn't be near his father anymore.

So now, as Kendall stands underneath the large archway that marks the entrance to Palm Woods High, he lets a soft sigh escape his lungs. He follows the hoards of students through the main doors and he feels uncomfortable, out of place. This school is... different. This whole town is different. Why his Mom picked LA he'll never know, but from street hockey in the snow to palm trees, glitz and glamour, Kendall knows he is definitely not in Kansas anymore. He just needs to click his heels three times and make a wish...

Damn. He's still stuck.

"So I was thinking" James drawls, playing the hem of his best friends' school blazer, "you could come over this afternoon and..."

"James" Logan sighs, pushing his friends' hands away and throwing the last of his books in his locker before slamming it shut.

"Logan" James says with a smirk and mockery, scanning his eyes quickly around the nearly deserted hallway before moving into Logan's personal space and lowering his voice, "I need you"

"James, stop" Logan whispers, feeling the nerves begin to coil in his stomach.

James like to push him, and he knows Logan hates it, knows that the thought of being caught makes his palms sweat and his chest tighten.

"Are you sure?" James breathes, leaning down until his lips are ghosting over Logan's ear. "Because I think you want me too. I think you want my hands in your hair, my teeth on your neck... And I think you want me inside of you, so thick and tight I will be making you scream my name until your voice is hoarse and –"

James' words are cut short by the sound of books clattering to the floor, but they're not his and their not Logan's, and that has his head whipping around behind him faster than he can take a breath.

Angry hazel eyes fall upon a blonde boy standing behind them, his soft pink lips parted in shock and emerald eyes wide. Logan coughs awkwardly and looks down at his feet, his cheeks as red as his school tie and the strain in his pants from James' words soon to become a problem.

"What the fuck do you want?" James spits at the boy angrily who looks ready for the ground to swallow him whole.

"N-nothing" the boy stutters, backing away, "s-sorry I just, I, this is my first day and I was just trying to find my class and, s-sorry"

"Well then why are you still staring?" James glares, his fists starting to ball at his sides.

"I'm not! I didn't hear anything I promise!"

James snaps then, grabbing the frightened boy by the front of his brand new school blazer and shoving him into the lockers with a force so strong it makes the blonde gasp in pain.

"Who fucking said there was anything to hear?!" James spits, their noses almost touching.

"I'm sorry!" He almost cries, "I don't care! I don't care what I heard or didn't hear or whatever! I don't care if you guys are ga -"

His words are cut off by a fist coming in contact with his jaw, making him groan in pain and tears to spring from the corner of his eyes.

"James!" Logan says worriedly, placing a hand on James's shoulder to try and distract him.

"You don't say a fucking word to anyone! Got it?" James growls, not releasing his tight grip on the boys jacket.

Logan looks back and forth between the two boys with wide brown eyes, not allowing himself to be lost in the new kids sandy blonde hair, or angular nose, or bright green eyes, and especially not those pink lips that look soft enough to kiss.

"James" Logan says again, wrapping his arms around the tall boys waist and resting his chin on his shoulder. "Calm down"

Logan's soft words make James close his eyes and his hands loosen their grip on the terrified boy as he breathes out, "Logan."

"Come on let's go home" Logan whispers again before pressing his lips to James's neck.

James' eyes open in a flash, and like a cobra he cracks, grabbing Logan by the waist and shoving him into the locker next to the blonde. Logan grins, wrapping his legs around James' waist and gripping at his strong shoulders. James looks ready to kill, and Logan does not doubt that in the next second he could either be punched or kissed, but luckily he is granted with the latter. James smashes their lips together angrily, hips pinning Logan to the wall and hands digging harshly into hips hard enough to bruise.

"Take me home and fuck me" Logan grunts, thrusting his hips forward and causing their erections to slide together.

Without so much as a moan, James sets Logan back to the floor and taking him by the hand. But before he leaves he turns back to the speechless blonde, baring his teeth in a terrifying grin as he whispers,

"Tell anyone about this, and you're fucking dead new kid"

As Kendall lies awake in bed that night, sleep is the last thing on his mind.

Over and over in his head like a broken record he see's those two boys. He lifts a hand to the side of his face where the tall one, James if he remembered the name correctly, had punched him, and shivers when he feels the already bruised skin.

Kendall had wanted so desperately to find out who they were, to learn all their secrets. But who could he ask? He was nobody.

Kendall wasn't going to lie; he was scared shitless, and confused as to why James would lash out to such an extreme. Sure, Kendall might not be gay himself, but he had no problem what other people wanted and desired. Each to his own as it were. But he got the impression that what went on between these two wasn't exactly public knowledge and they intended to keep it that way.

But shit, Kendall can't get those angry hazel eyes out of his mind. Those strong hands gripping at his front, the way James shoved the shorter brunette, Logan, into the wall and kissed him so hard Kendall thought they might collapse.

It's all he can see, all he can think about, and as Kendall lets his fingers trail down chest and his stomach, he gasps when his hand comes in contact with the now prominent bulge in his boxer shorts.

"What the fuck is wrong with me" he whispers into the darkness, but not stopping himself when he reaches beneath the band of material, and tugs at his erection.

"Take me home and fuck me" Logan's soft lips had whispered in a needy groan, and Kendall moans when he flicks his thumb over the head of his cock, collecting the already leaking pre cum before sliding his hand back down and pumping fast.

"James" Kendall breathes, picturing the two of them.

Picturing James slamming into Logan, making the shorter boys head be thrown back into the pillows, and Kendall can't even begin to imagine what sort of sounds Logan would make... Shit. Moaning, panting, gasping, choking, fuck; Kendall wanted to hear every sound. And Kendall's making some sounds of his own, moaning into the dark, grunting out "JamesLoganJamesLogan."

And as he quickens the pace of his wrist the images in his mind become more vivid, he almost chokes in ecstasy with the fantasy he conjures up next.

He's there, with them, and he's screaming, he's moaning, and he's being destroyed.

"Fuck fuck, James" Kendall gasps, picturing himself on all fours, getting fucked and fucked hard.

With the hand that's not wrapped around his cock, Kendall's grabs a hold of his hair and pulls harshly.

"Logan" he groans, picturing those hands that had grabbed James' shoulders, in his hair.

"Fuck me, harder" he pants, almost feeling a thickness in his throat, imagining it's a cock and it's ramming its way into his mouth with strong force.

With one, two, three more strokes, Kendall is coming, and he's shouting and he pulls his hair, and wishes...

"Fuck fuck fuck"

Kendall can't say the word fast enough and he can't breathe, and he feels sick. He hasn't caught his breath, not at all, but he's running to the bathroom, washing his hands and his stomach and praying his Mom or Katie didn't hear. He does not need to have that conversation right now. But as he looks up into the mirror, eyes bloodshot, cheeks flushed and hair matted with sweat, he raises tentative fingers to his now prominent bruise and shudders.

When he came, he pictured James punching him again.

Kendall's on edge for what feels like months.

This new school is... different. Everyone is fucking perfect and stuck up and their parents drive them to school in BMWs, their shirts and ties are crisp, the girls pleated skirts pressed and short.

Everything is fake and shiny and Kendall hates it. But not as much as he hates himself.

Watching James and Logan has become almost an obsession, and Kendall sometimes wonders what constitutes as a fully fledged stalker.

He makes a few friends; a Latino boy named Carlos Garcia, and sort of joined his group. Kendall doesn't really know how they became friends, he didn't really find Carlos, Carlos found him. But that's how Carlos is, friendly and sweet and would take in anyone.

Kendall tries to ask questions about James and Logan, but a lot of it he figures out himself. They're both popular, insanely so, and they don't so much look at Kendall for months.

Kendall whispered to Carlos once, over shared fries and Pepsi, "Do you think James and Logan are like together?"

Carlos laughed so hard he choked on his soda, telling Kendall to keep on dreaming. Kendall had blanched, coughed and looked at his toes, stuttering out an "I'm not gay! I was just wondering!"

"Sure sure" Carlos had winked, nudging his elbow and moving on from that particular conversation.

But it takes 5 months, 2 weeks, 4 days and countless longing eyes and choked gasps in the darkness of night, before something finally happens.

"The fucker is staring again." Logan grunts into James' ear at the cafeteria table, keeping his voice low so their friends won't hear.

"I know" James smirks, not lifting his eyes from his sandwich.

James and Logan thought the blonde guy must be stupid if he didn't think they noticed. Of course they did. The guy practically fucked them with his green eyes all day every day.

And they loved it.

James lifts his gaze, hazel colliding with emerald and flashing a grin of pearly white teeth. The boy looks down quickly, cheeks flushing with guilt and brow starting to sweat. But James wants his attention again, and he's going to get it.

He places a hand on Logan's thigh, and he knows the blonde can see by the way he squirms. Logan tenses, slightly, but eases into it once he knows what James is doing.

Kendall's staring at James and Logan, which is nothing new nor exciting, but when James looks up to stare dead at him, he almost has a panic attack. He averts his gaze, he tries, and he fails.

But forget the panic attack; Kendall's going to have a heart attack.

James clutches at Logan's thigh, and they're both smirking at him. And as James moves his hand higher and higher, Kendall can't breathe. Surely he can't be the only one seeing this, but then he realises he's probably the only one who stares enough to notice.

When James begins to palm Logan's now growing bulge through his pants, Kendall loses it. He stands up quickly, his lunch tray clattering and causing his friends to stare.

"Dude you ok?" Carlos asks, startled by Kendall's slight outburst.

"Um yeah I um need to go the bathroom, see you in biology"

Kendall doesn't wait for his reply, almost running out of the cafeteria and loosening the tie around his neck that is beginning to feel more and more like a noose.

And if he were paying more attention, he would have noticed James and Logan following him.

Kendall doesn't want to jack off in the school bathrooms. He barely has any dignity left as it is, he doesn't need to lose anymore.

But he doesn't know if he has another opinion now.

Or so he thought.

"God you're a bad boy" a voice grunts in his ear, but he can't register it. Not when he's being shoved into a classroom with hands all over him and heavy breaths over his skin.

"What the fuck?!" He says angrily, spinning on his heal to see who's fucking with him.

And if it weren't for the hands grabbing the front of his jacket and keeping him upright, he would have passed out.

Kendall's eyes widen in fear, staring at James and Logan in front of him, taking in Logan locking the door and shutting the blinds on the windows.

"Um, h-hi?" Kendall stutters, not evening attempting to try and escape James' strong hold.

James looks to Logan and they laugh. The sound cruel and dark, and makes Kendall's stomach twist.

"You know it's funny" James drawls, shoving Kendall back into the desks with a clatter.

Kendall throws his hands out behind him; landing on the table and making the legs drag across the floor.

"It funny how you're so obsessed with us"

"I-Im not I-"

"Oh please" Logan scoffs, "don't try and bullshit. We know you watch us all day every day, probably jacking off under the school table"

"I d-don't I -"

"Fuck you're so desperate" James smirks, "I bet you think about us, late at night, fucking yourself and pretending it's us, don't you?"

Kendall's not even going to argue, even if he could find his voice.

"Do you think about what James and I do together?" Logan questions, moving forward towards James and the table at the front of the room.

"Should we show him Logie?"

Not even Logan gets a chance to think this time as James is grabbing him and throwing him on the desk.

"Fuck, James" Logan gasps before James smashes their lips together, climbing on top of Logan and the desk and straddling his waist.

All Kendall can do is stare, and gape and feel like he must be dreaming. But he's not sure he's ready to wake up.

When James starts to grind his hips into Logan, Kendall can't help but moan. His hand flies to his mouth, hoping the sound went unheard but...

"Hey Logan" James whispers against the boys lips, but loud enough for Kendall to hear, "do you think he wants us to fuck him?"

Kendall chokes on his spit, losing the ability to breathe.

He's dreaming he's dreaming he's dreaming.

"Fuck, I love the sound he makes when he chokes... Wanna make him choke Logie?"

Logan grins, pushing James off him and jumps up from the desk. He approaches Kendall like a lion stalking its pray, and Kendall is completely paralysed with fear.

"Aw he's so scared" Logan smirks, grabbing Kendall's hair and shoving his head backwards.

Kendall gasps, half in fear and... Half if pleasure.

"Well loosen up a bit babe, can't fuck your mouth when you're sitting up here"

Kendall lets Logan shove him down onto his knees, the word "let" being used loosely here.

"Open up darling" Logan coos, unzipping his pants and shoving them down to his ankles. When Kendall doesn't oblige, Logan grunts angrily, running his palm across Kendall's cheek almost tenderly, but not for long, as the small hand is quick to slap him so hard he's head jerks to the side and tears spring to the corner of his eyes.

"What the -"

Kendall's complaints are cut short by another slap to the face, Logan grabbing his chin and running his thumb over Kendall's bottom lip; forcing them to part.

Kendall's not going to show them any form of satisfaction, he's not going to reveal that being hit makes his cock fucking throb, or Logan's dick being shoved in his face makes his mouth water.

"Open. Up" a voice growls in his ear from behind, and he jumps at the voice and the hands now either side of his head.

He gasps at the pain shooting through his scalp, causing his lips to part and Logan to seize his opportunity.

Kendall chokes instantly, his mouth not prepared for this and his throat screaming as Logan thrusts forward with force.

"Oh - fuck - that's right baby" Logan groans. "Guide him James"

James bites down on Kendall earlobe, tightening the grip he has on the blondes head. Logan stills the movement of his hips, and Kendall uses this opportunity to try and catch his breath.

But this relief is short lived.

James uses his grip to bring Kendall's head forward, pushing him further onto Logan than Logan himself could thrust.

Kendall can't breathe, he can't see; the tears burning in the corner of his eyes and his throat screaming in protest.

"Push him harder - further" Logan moans, and if Kendall could, he would be crying in protest over the shear physics of such a request.


But James disagrees.

He pushes Kendall forward, deeper deeper until his nose his pressed into the base of Logan's cock and he starts to choke. And choke loud.

"You're going to make him - fuck - you're going to make him puke James" Logan laughs breathlessly.

"Hey it will be like that time with -"

"James. We don't speak of that" Logan groans, starting to thrust forward in motion with James' still fast working hands on Kendall's head.

Kendall can't take it anymore; he grips Logan's hips roughly for leverage and uses all his strength to push himself off.

"Please, stop" Kendall gasps, trying to catch his breath and failing miserably.

Kendall already feels like a mess. He knows there's saliva fucking dripping down his chin and to the floor, and he feels like the sluts he's watched in porno, taking guilty pleasure in watching them be used and abused.

James and Logan seem to share this same pleasure.

James pulls harshly on Kendall's hair, making the blonde whine.

"And who said it was ok to stop? Did you hear us giving permission?"

"N-no - but - please I - FUCK!"

Kendall is met with another strike across the face from Logan, and it has him lunging forwards and James holding him tighter to stop him from collapsing.

"You" Logan grunts, sticking his fingers in Kendall's mouth and almost ripping his jaw open, "will be done when I say you're done. Got it?"

Kendall chokes on Logan's fingers, looking up at the brunette with watering green eyes and hopes that maybe it he looks desperate enough they'll let him go.

Kendall's not fooling himself even slightly.

Without another word, Logan removes his hand and replaces it with his now leaking cock, not wasting any time in ramming down Kendall's throat and laughing breathlessly at the blonde's chokes and protests.

"Ngh - fuck - yes" Logan groans, thrusting forward faster and faster until Kendall is gagging and spluttering and his lungs are void of air.

"Yes, shit, James I'm gonna - let him breathe for a second"

James obliges, using his grip on Kendall's hair to pull him off and grinning at the blonde's gasps and whines.

Kendall tries to breathe, letting the air fill his lungs and relishing in every second of relief he can.

Logan wraps a hand around his cock, pumping quick and fast and throwing his head back. Moans and "fuck's" escape his lips, and it's not long before he's coming, hot and hard all over Kendall's face.

Kendall closes his eyes and parts his lips, letting Logan cover him completely. He feels the salty substance dripping from every inch of him. He feels it in his eyebrows, running down his nose, escaping in the gap of his lips, and dribbling down his chin and onto his chest and the floor.

Kendall groans when James' teeth sink down into his neck, grunting out, "I want to fuck you so bad"

Kendall whines and doesn't attempt to protest when James turns his head and smashes their lips together. Kendall lets his eyes close and a moan escape his throat, but there is nothing romantic about this kiss. It's all anger and fire and teeth and tongues and like everything, James is completely dominating Kendall's mouth. When Kendall starts to fall into James' embrace, the brunette pulls off quickly pushing on the blonde's chest to create distance between them.

"I think it's time for something new" Logan grunts, recapturing Kendall's attention, grabbing him by his tie and dragging him to his feet.

Logan shoves Kendall backwards until he falls into the desk at the front of the room, and the room falls silent. James and Logan stare at him hungrily, and Kendall's beyond the point of feeling embarrassed anymore.

"So here's the thing" James says slowly, leaning over to start unbuttoning Logan's shirt. "We want to fuck you, hard"

Kendall shivers.

"And we know you want us to fuck you, hard" Logan adds, letting James pull off his shirt and toss it to the floor.

"And we're excited for you to be a tight little virgin for us, which means we don't want to kill you"

Kendall's completely lost, and to be honest his attention isn't completely focused by the way James and Logan rid their clothes painfully slow.

"See, we're nice guys" James grins, pulling Logan in front of him and wrapping his arms around the shorter boys middle and resting his chin on his shoulder. "And we don't want to hurt you... Too bad"

"What James is trying to say" Logan drawls, "is that you need to be prepared for us"

"So come over here and do it then" Kendall breathes, causing James and Logan to raise their eyebrows and laugh.

"Well, look who's getting bossy" Logan laughs before shifting his expression back to serious. "No, blondie, we're not going to give you the satisfaction. Instead, you're going to put on a little show for us"

Kendall raises a cum dripping eyebrow, and James smirks.

"We know you probably fantasise about us, our names getting screamed into your pillow as you finger fuck yourself"

Kendall takes in a sharp breath, words failing to find him, even though any words he would say would be lies.

"Just what we thought" Logan grins. "So blondie, going to fuck yourself for us now?"

Kendall doesn't know what to do. I mean sure, he knows physically what he does every night and how it works, but there's no way in hell he is doing it in front of them for their sick entertainment.

James growls, "remember when I punched you on your first day? Don't make me do it again"

Kendall swallows the lump in his throat and out of fear more than anything else, begins to take off his clothes.

"Leave on the tie" Logan says in a low voice, and Kendall complies. Shredding the material from his skin and letting it fall to the floor.

Kendall feels impossibly exposed in front of their hungry stares.

"Fuck, look at him" James breathes into Logan's ear, "maybe you should let him fuck you Logie"

Logan scoffs. "Yeah right. I only bottom for you"

"Aww don't I feel special" James laughs, tilting Logan's chin back to kiss him almost lovingly.

Logan wraps an arm around James' neck, pulling him in closer and closer until the kiss is deep, heated and needy.

Their distraction is cut short when they hear a moan from the front of the classroom, and for the first time since they entered the room; they're speechless.

Kendall got up on the desk and spread his legs wide, moaning when his hand found the base of his cock and started to pull slowly. He's hard, almost impossibly so, and he feels like he could just come right this second.

Whilst the back of his mind is screaming at him to be embarrassed and ashamed, he takes these moments for granted, knowing that if only for a minute; he is in control.

Kendall collects some of the cum still on his face on his long fingers, and resists the urge to smirk when he experimentally puts his finger in his mouth to suck on it hard, making both James and Logan moan. Kendall glides his hand down his body and spreads his legs wider, knees bent and feet flat on the table.

"That's right" James moans, "fuck yourself like you do when you're alone"

Kendall hisses slightly when he runs a finger around his entrance, taking a deep breath and shuddering when he presses said finger inside slowly.

"Shit" Kendall gasps, trying to get comfortable. He's only done this once or twice before, only when he was desperate and he needed anything to simulate the feeling of Logan and James slamming deep inside of him, although he grants cum as being a better lubricant than his own saliva.

Kendall adds another finger, starting to work his wrist at a quick pace and lean backwards slightly on the desk.

James and Logan try not to lose it. They watch the blonde, his long fingers disappearing inside his body and moan at the look on his face. Lips parted, hair messy, cheeks flushed pink and these delicious breaths and gasps escaping his lips. There is cum still sliding down his face, mixing in with the blondes own sweat and tears that remain from Logan's brutal throat fucking.

"One more one more babe" James breathes, moving his hand down Logan's front and wrapping it around the shorter male's now painfully hard erection.

Both Kendall and James groan. Kendall from slipping a third finger inside his body, and James from the way Logan grinds his ass back into James dick.

"Shit, oh, shit" Kendall gasps when he brushes over his prostate, lifting an arm to his face to bite down on his wrist and stop himself from screaming.

"James" Logan almost whines, "Please let me fuck him now"

"Fuck, I don't know if I can handle watching you go first"

Logan groans. "Well fuck James, it's not like we can fuck him at the same -"

James and Logan fall silent, both hitting the same realisation and starting to grin wickedly.

Kendall's almost so far gone he doesn't notice when James approaches him, eyes finally snapping open when a strong hand grabs him by his tie and jerks him up and off the table.

Kendall whimpers at his fingers being ripped from him, and stumbles helplessly when James pulls him across the room by his tie.

The scene is not unfamiliar from that of pulling around ones dog. The only difference being, dogs are treated nicer.

"Bring him to me" Logan murmurs almost seductively, reaching out to take the tie in his hands and pull Kendall on top of him.

"Straddle him" James commands, and Kendall does what he's told. Like the good little submissive bitch he is soon becoming.

Kendall fastens his legs on either side of Logan's hips, looking down at the brunette boy whose eyes are blown wide with lust and desire. It makes Kendall moan.

"He's so ready for this" James almost moans himself, getting on the table behind Kendall.

"Ok babe" James whispers into Kendall ear, "what you're going to do, is fuck yourself down onto Logan. Think you make manage that?"

Kendall nods feebly, placing his hands on Logan's chest to lift himself up. James takes a hold of his hips, giving Kendall one, two, three seconds to prepare himself before he brings the boy down on Logan with a slam.

Kendall screams out in agony, falling back on James' chest as the tall boy wraps his arms around Kendall's front to hold him steady.

Kendall's crying and he's screaming and he's shouting and he's moaning and this is too much. Too much. He didn't know it would be like this, didn't know it would feel like someone ripping him apart from the inside until he felt like he was drowning.

"Oh god, so fucking tight, James you have to, fuck" Logan pants, digging his nails into Kendall's hips hard enough to bruise.

Kendall's barely used to it when James orders him to go harder, forces him to go harder, making Kendall sob and scream. And soon he can't take it, can't take watching the blonde be destroyed whilst he has no part in it.

"Ready for more baby?" James says almost lovingly, but Kendall doesn't miss the wickedness and the malice dripping from his tongue.

And truthfully, Kendall doest think he can take more. But there are no options here.

"FUCK!" Kendall cries out when he feels two fingers join Logan's member inside of him, working in sync and perfect time and making Kendall scream.

"Ngh, listen to him" James grunts, working his fingers quickly inside of Kendall. "Screaming like a whore"

And Kendall knows they're right. Knows he is nothing but a whore to them. Something to be used and had fun with before it's left out in the trash.

Kendall sighs a slight cry of relief when James removes his fingers, feeling more comfortable with just Logan filling him.

'Comfortable' being used lightly.

"Ok babe, this might hurt... a bit" James laughs breathlessly, and Kendall would stop and think about what he's saying but instead, he screams.

"JAMES!" He yells, falling down into Logan and stilling the motion of his hips as James has now entered him too, joining Logan so their dicks slide together and fill Kendall to the point of torture.

Kendall sobs into Logan's chest, and the shorter boy raises a hand to run his fingers softly through the blonde locks. Kendall lifts his gaze, tears falling from his eyes as he looks at Logan, who is giving him the smallest of smiles.

"Hey, it's ok" Logan whispers, pulling Kendall in towards him to seal their lips together.

If Kendall wasn't thinking about the excruciating pain he is experiencing, he would lose himself in this kiss. Lose himself in the way Logan kisses him softly and sweetly, the way his fingers card Kendall's hair gently and the way he holds him tightly.

If Kendall didn't know any better, he would say Logan was actually being... nice.

"Ok ok that's enough Logan, don't fall in love with him or anything" James says with a shaky breath and a laugh, feeling like he is suffocating from the tight tight heat that envelops his cock.

Logan removes his lips from Kendall's, glancing up at James quickly to make sure the brunette isn't watching before he lifts his lips up slightly to kiss Kendall's nose and whisper, "it's going to be ok. I've got you"

Kendall nods, dropping his head back down into Logan's chest and clutching at the shorter boys sides to keep himself steady. He feels like he is on fire, like paper being burned, or skin stretched too thin over bones. He feels like he's drowning and suffocating and dying and yet as James starts to move, Logan pushing upwards to meet his pace, Kendall feels his stomach tighten and his dick ache.

Logan brings a hand between their hot, sweaty bodies to wrap around Kendall's cock, letting his hand relieve Kendall of some of his pain and distract him if only for a minute.

"Yes" Kendall gasps softly, teeth nipping at Logan's pale skin and his eyes shutting tightly.

Both James and Logan take this as consent to go faster, push harder, and make Kendall scream.

"Oh fuck blondie" James grunts, snapping his hips forward as much as the tight heat will allow, "So fucking tight, so good, fuck. Do you like this? Like us fucking owning you?"

Kendall nods helplessly against Logan's chest, continuing to pepper kisses across the boys skin and revelling in how soft it is to try and distract himself.

James tightens his grasp on Kendall's hips, something deep and he's not sure what boiling deep inside of him at the way the blonde kisses his best friend, and Logan's hands buried deeply in Kendall's hair to pull him in closer closer closer.

James wraps his hand around Kendall's neck, grabbing at the tie that still hangs from his neck and twists it around the back slowly.

And without warning he pulls, hard.

Kendall flies off Logan's chest and back into James, eyes wide and all air being completely cut from his lungs.

"J-James!" He tries to choke, the sound coming out as weak and broken.

His hands fly to his neck, trying to pull at the material as he gasps but James is gripping hard, with no intentions of letting go.

"James..." Logan breathes, trying to glare at the taller brunette, but losing himself in the way this new position has Kendall rocking his hips down in that perfect way. "We don't – shit – we don't want to actually kill him"

Kendall is starting to question whether or not that's actually true.

James laughs, "He loves it, don't you?"

Kendall's couldn't even nod if he wanted to, breath and words failing him, and the quickening pace of both James and Logan's hips making his chest heave for another reason entirely.

James loosens his grip, barely, but enough so that Kendall has access to some air, and Logan's hand works quickly on his member.

With each thrust they rip him open more and more and more, and when both of their cocks start to jab at his prostrate, Kendall loses it.

Kendall moans and he pants and he screams and he gasps and every swear word known to man falls from his lips. His fingernails dig into Logan's chest, and he finds himself beginning to rock his hips in time with them, all three boys working in sync and rhythm. Together they are the perfect level of give and take, push and pull, and Kendall feels like he is going to cry.

Kendall would gasp 'harder' if he could, but he feels the request would be impossible, as James is slamming into him almost impossible fast from behind and Logan is rocking upwards in perfect time. It's too much, way too much, and as James pulls harder at the tie around his neck and Logan squeezes tighter on his cock, Kendall is shouting and he's coming, hard.

"LoganJamesFuckShitOhmygodYes FuckJamesLogan!"

The words roll and fall from his tongue, and he is panting Logan's chest white in thick hot stripes.

"Holy fuck!" James pants, his head falling in between Kendall's shoulder blades and his teeth digging into the blonde's skin.

Kendall tightens around them from his orgasm, making it impossible for them all to breathe, and James and Logan are coming apart at the seams, completely and entirely. James could be first, or even Logan, but its mere seconds dividing their grunts and their yells, filling Kendall until he is full.

James releases his grip on Kendall entirely, making the boy fall back down into Logan. Logan catches him in his arms and laughs breathlessly, holding the blonde close and not caring for the cum that sticks between their bodies.

"Oh god, Logan, oh god" Kendall whispers into the brunette's ear, not even aware really of what he is saying, just taking comfort in the hand carding through his hair and the other running smooth circles into his back.

Kendall winces when James pulls out and Logan follows, suddenly feeling empty and completely void.

"Shit" James almost whistles, leaning back to look at the cum that is leaking from Kendall's entrance, He collects some with his fingers, not hesitating to dip his fingers inside of Kendall and making the blonde groan.

"Please, no more" Kendall breathes, and James delivers him a hard strike to his ass, making him yelp into Logan's chest.

"Calm the fuck down" James says angrily, rolling his eyes, "I just wanted to do this"

James reaches a hand around to Kendall's front, making the blonde's lips part and sticking his fingers inside his mouth.

Kendall instantly gags, James' long fingers slick with the cum from his own ass making him feel dirtier than he already felt. And he thought that was impossible.

"Mm that's hot" Logan laughs tiredly, running his hands down Kendall's back and squeezing his ass gently.

Kendall diligently licks and sucks James' fingers clean, sighing in relief when James removes them and his mouth his free.

Kendall feels exhausted, used, and spent and he wants nothing more than to shower for 500 years before crawling into his bed and never leaving. But for now, he is content with laying his head on Logan's chest, listening to the ever slowing thumpthumpthump of his heart and trying to match it with his stick heavy breaths.

"Don't go to sleep on me" Logan smiles into Kendall's hair, placing soft kisses along Kendall's cheek and jaw.

"Mmm I won't" Kendal mumbles, pulling himself in closer to the boy and kissing his neck gently.

James jumps up from the table, turning away and trying to stop himself from punching the wall. He can't stand to look at the blonde for another second, and if he does he's going to be punching more than just walls.

He knows Logan does this, knows that no matter how bad things are, how depraved, it always ends in soft presses of lips to skin and tangled limbs. He knows that the shorter male can't stop himself from being caring and loving and James really shouldn't hate him for it. And well, he doesn't when it's with him.

"Sorry for slapping you" James hears Logan mumble, Kendall replying with a soft "mms'okay"

James finds his clothes from the floor, pulling them on quickly and quietly before turning back around. His heart almost dies in his chest when he see's Logan and Kendall kissing gently and lazily, fingers locked in hair and dimples mirroring one another.

"Logan, are you coming?" James grunts, distracting the two boys on the table.

"Mm what?" Logan replies, disconnecting his and Kendall's lips but not straying his chocolate eyes from the blonde's beautiful emerald.

"Fucking hell, nothing. See you later"

Logan doesn't even notice the door slamming.

And as they lay there, bodies tired and spent and relishing in these last few moments before they get up and everything goes back to normal, Kendall smiles softly against Logan's chest, knowing that even though tomorrow he will be sore and sport so many different bruises and marks; it was definitely worth it.

And he prays it doesn't take another 5 months, 2 weeks, 4 days for it to happen again.

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