Theme : Fancy

Pairing : Vanitas/Xion

A/N : Yes, I'm starting another one. Hey, I've been grounded for two months. Cut me some slack. :P

Why VaniShi, you ask? I shall answer: For the fucking crack. xD

"I hate this," Vanitas mumbled. "Why does everything have to be so fancy. I'm not the fancy kind of guy, you know."

Xion shot him a look, a look Vanitas was, for some reason, unable to read. "Would you hush? You want to meet my father, and if you want to date me, you're going to have to look nice! If you don't…well, I can't guarantee we'll be together for more than a day."

Vanitas smirked. "You know, we could go behind his back-"

"No. You can deal with it for two hours."

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- Silver Dawn