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November 26, 2012

"…Happy birthday dear Raven, happy birthday to you!"

"Blow out the candles!"


"Are we done now?"

"What're you talkin' about girl? It's your 18th birthday, the gang's all here. The party's just getting started!"

The music was deafening, the dance floor packed, and everyone seemed to be having a good time, the aid of alcohol not summoned to have a blast as most were underage and law-abiding. Even Raven was enjoying herself. However, there was more to the party than what met the eye. Tensions were high between the team's youngest married couple. The resident changeling just couldn't get into the partying mood. His beloved was shut up in their room, furious at both the birthday girl and the teen wonder. The former because of all of the attention she was receiving from everyone, especially her husband, and the latter because he didn't allow her to come to the party. To the world she was off on a top secret mission somewhere in the Amazonian jungle. In reality she was just pregnant, entering her second trimester to be precise, but the team didn't want to risk her being attacked if the world, specifically supervillains, knew of her delicate condition. The extended Titans family didn't know of her pregnancy, only that she had a condition, and to not steal Raven's thunder, the shape shifter's wife was ordered to stay in her quarters to not reveal her secret. The following morning at breakfast would be Terra's time to shine. All Titans, Honorary and East, would be present. They were going to stay in the lower levels of the Tower as most had no means to return home in the wee hours of the morning and the rest, namely Kid Flash, his two Mexican protégés, and Herald, wished to spend more time bonding with their fellow Titans.

Beast Boy sat at the bar in the kitchen, people watching. He absentmindedly drummed his fingers on the countertop, his chin resting in his palm. He wished for Terra to get along with Raven, his best friend, but all the rock queen felt for the sorceress was envy. The feeling was mutual, and though the two were civil, there was a chasm between them that neither wanted to jump over. Before the green teen could delve deeper into his pit of self-pity, the aforementioned gray-skinned girl came up to him, confused as to why he wasn't the life of the party. She hopped onto the stool next to him and cradled her chin in her hands, staring at him. "What's wrong?" She asked, hoping his answer wasn't what she was expecting it to be, but she knew it was.

"It's just, Terra's shut up in our room, bored and mad. How'm I s'pposed to enjoy the party?" Beast Boy furrowed his brow.

"Well, you can start by getting up and socializing. I'm having fun and now you're determined to be the wallflower. If this goes on any longer, I'll doubt both our sanities just as much as the next person!"

"C'mon Rae, it's not that simple."

"Yes it is, mister! Now get up and have some fun. You live for these kinds of events! Now, look over there, you see Kid Flash and Cyborg?" Raven pointed to the sofa where the two boys indeed sat, chatting animatedly, "I overheard them planning to prank some of the guys for eating so much of their beloved food. You're into that kind of stuff, aren't you? Go and be a guy, c'mon." And with a dramatic flourish, Raven, who'd had one too many sodas, grabbed his hand, and led his over to the Common Room's signature semi-circular couch. Beast Boy attempted to resist, but the abnormally jubilant bookworm had an iron grip.

"Raven, lemme go!" He twisted his arm to try to escape, but his efforts were futile. Out of the blue, he started to laugh. Loud. The giggles proved to be contagious, and Raven found herself laughing alongside him. They got a few odd yet amused stares from other Titans as they made their way across the room. They were going at a snail's pace, their fit of laughter consuming them. By the time they arrived at their destination, their laughter paralyzed them. Both the chrome dome and the speedster quickly took notice of the two loons guffawing incessantly for no apparent reason.

"What're ya'll laughing about?" Cyborg shouted, trying to be heard over the loud music, courtesy of his surround sound stereo system installed in the whole tower, and the crazy laughter.

"We-haha-pfft-don't-jijiji-heh-know!" Raven shouted between laughs. She had her powers seemingly under control, but all it took was one look out through the floor-to-ceiling windows to see that this was not the case. The Jump City Bay looked as if a hurricane was upon it. The cause? Infamous black energy.

"Raven! The bay!" The red-head pointed to the windows, and Raven turned. All it took was one look for her to stop laughing. The waters were freed of the unearthly turmoil.

"Anyway, Beast Boy, meet Diabolical Prankers. Diabolical Prankers, this is veteran member Beast Boy. You should be familiar with each other." Raven deadpanned, took her leave, and left the boys to their antics.

Raven escaped the party and headed to the roof at around 10, needing to meditate before continuing to participate in the celebration of the anniversary of her birth. There she found Robin, his legs dangling from the ledge. He didn't hear her come, so he jumped a bit when she sat next to him. She brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her bare legs, shivering. It was late autumn, and though Jump was never too cold, being in California, the bay's night breeze was cool. "Can you tell me exactly why you're not down there protecting your innocent girlfriend from perverts such as Speedy?"

"Raven?" Robin was trying hard not to laugh.


"Could you take off the throknar? It's difficult to take you even slightly seriously with meat shaped like a crown on your head."


"That's better."

"Could you answer my question, please?" A faint blush still remained on Raven's cheeks.

"I'm just remembering what happened two years ago starting this day." Robin ran a gloved hand through his gelled hair.

"Robin, that's in the past. Leave it there." Raven turned to look at him.

He sighed, "I just have a feeling in my gut that, I don't know, something's going to happen."

"I understand that, but since there's no hard evidence to go by, you can't really analyze anything. Now get your ass down there and party!"

"I dunno…"

"Last thing I saw was Lightning making his way over to Starfire, no doubt to hit on your girl-friend." Raven sing-songed.

Robin rose and headed to the stairwell, but paused when he noticed Raven not moving. "Aren't you coming?"

"I came here to meditate. Now go. I'll be down in a bit." Raven rose into the air in lotus position, her cape billowing in the breeze. Robin shrugged and left.

People started leaving for their rooms at 1 AM and by 4 AM the Tower was silent, with the exception of some snoring. Cyborg rose from his induced slumber to search the refrigerator for whatever was left to pronounce it a midnight snack and devour it. In the kitchen he found none other than his unofficial girlfriend making herself some hot cocoa.

"Wazzup, Bee? Can't sleep?"

"Nah. It's cold down there, ya know Sparky?" Bumble Bee sat down in the booth. Cyborg grabbed a half-eaten sub and slid in opposite of her.


"How'd you know?" Bumble Bee inquired.

Cyborg chuckled, "Had the same feeling myself when I first slept in my room. It felt cold and impersonal, but now its home. I'd invite you to my room, but I don't have a real bed nor is it any more welcoming than the guest rooms. You can, however, sleep on the sofa if you want."

"Okay, sure. The twins passed out there anyway, so I won't be alone." She nodded. She didn't have the energy to come up with a better idea, anyway.

"I'll go get a pillow and an Aguas Calientes blanket that I bought in Mexico when we went last year. It'll keep you warm and cozy and feeling at home. I'd suggest clearing a space on the couch while I get them." Cyborg rose from his seat and left for the walk-in blanket closet deep in the bowels of the tower. On the way there, he heard shouting, and decided to take a quick detour to pick up the latest gossip. He picked up bits of insults, crude insults, which piqued his interest further. He enhanced his hearing and tuned into the conversation.

"You're fucking sleeping with that whore, aren't you?!"

"I swear-"

"You shouted her name in ecstasy and then came in your sleep!"

"But that doesn't-"

"I don't give a fuck anymore! Go sleep with her if you want! I don't want to see your face! Get OUT!"

Cyborg heard steps approaching him, and he dashed for the blanket closet. The footsteps seemed to follow him, and after fumbling with the string that switched the light on, he started to search for the blanket he originally came to fetch along with a pillow from the stash in the corner. The door opened, and Cyborg turned around, pretending to not expect the action.

The intruder dragged a hand over his face, "I know you heard, Cy. No need to pretend. You're not exactly quiet."

"Damn, B. It sounds like you're in deep this time around. What'd you do?"

"Nothing that should get her this worked up, that's for sure."

"From the sounds of it, you had a nocturnal emission involving someone other than your wife." Cyborg tossed to Beast Boy his often-used memory foam pillow and green safari blanket before grabbing a pillow himself and continuing his search for the foreign blanket.

"A nocturnal what?"

"You dream a sexual dream and your body reacts to the stimulation." Cyborg perked up as he found the piece of cloth he sought and snatched it, ushering the green teen out of the closet, switching the light off, stepping out, and letting the door shut behind him with a low mechanical hum.

"Ummmm, yeah? How did you know that?" Beast Boy walked side-by-side with his robotic friend.

"Lucky guess, I suppose."

"So what're ya doin' up so late?"

"Just gettin' myself a snack. But Bee was in the kitchen, couldn't sleep, she was homesick, so she decided to sleep on the couch. The twins are there. She'll need this." Cyborg gestured at the blanket and pillow.

"Why didn'tcha just ask her to be your bed buddy for tonight?" Beast Boy teased, waggling his eyebrows.

"Don't think it didn't cross my mind, but I don't have something comfortable she can sleep on." Cyborg ignored the question's double meaning and treated it like a legitimate question.

The rest of the walk was silent, and before long they arrived at the Common Room. Bumble Bee was already lying on the semi-circular couch, watching TV in a reduced-sized projection with low volume as to not stir Mas and Menos. She was on her side, her head propped up on her elbow and her wings folded behind her. Her silk black tank rode up a bit, exposing some of her slender torso. Her legs were bent and crossed at the ankles, not really covered at all by her short yellow shorts. Cyborg froze, mesmerized until Beast Boy came and hit him upside the head, causing him to come down from his Cloud 9. "You're back. And your little dog too. Wazzup, string beans? Ya in the doghouse?"

"You guessed it." Beast Boy deadpanned and then unceremoniously dumped the pillow on the other side of the couch, away from other three occupants of the sofa, flopping on his stomach and falling asleep instantly, his blanket covering only half of him.

"He's sure in a great mood."

"Give the guy a break. His wife just chewed him out for havin' a sexy dream about another chick." Cyborg handed Bumble Bee the pillow and large blanket. She quickly placed the pillow under her head and curled herself under the surprisingly comfy Mexican blanket.

"Who's his imaginary mistress?" Bumble Bee muted the TV, knowing the conversation would be more entertaining than the contraption could ever be.

"Don't know. He didn't say. My guess would be Raven."

"Why her, aren't they always fighting?"

"At least they did before. They've been pretty tight for a year, after we got back from Tokyo, and it even seemed they were going to be an item, but then Terra came into the picture and they never became more than best friends. Beast Boy even told me he had the hots for her once, but that time is long gone. Or not, from what happened not an hour ago."

"Probably is her. Tell me Sparky, how did Raven react when Terra came along?"

"She was livid. Still sorta is. I'm glad she never got depressed, though." Cyborg gave her a kiss on the cheek, to which Bumble Bee blushed.

"G'night Bee. Oh, and I recommend you give your back to the windows."

"Why?" Bumble Bee wasn't taking orders from anyone a second time without protest.

"The sunrise looks beautiful through the windows if you're awake, but when you're asleep it feels like the sun's burning your corneas. It happened once, to all of us except Raven, who decided that everyone else falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie wasn't a reason enough to sleep there herself and left for her room. I only have one human eye, but it still annoyed the crap outta me when the pain woke me up at 7 in the morning."

"M'kay, g'night." She moaned and groggily rolled over.

The purple-haired girl's room was as creepy as ever, and many asked themselves how she could ever sleep in it. She was, however, currently doing just that in her king sized bed, the covers strewn on everything except her. She fussed in her sleep and started moaning. Not moans of pain, but of pleasure. The noises got louder. She created a noise so loud she woke herself up. She snapped right up into a sitting position and ran a hand through her violet locks.

"That was just weird. In separate dreams, I've had them before. But together? An why do I get the feeling they both felt it too?"

Teen Titans Trivia #1: Murakami High School (Things Change, Season 6) was named after Glen Murakami, one of the show's producers and character designers.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. This time, for those few who are familiar with my work, I have everything planned and one thing's for sure, a thing I don't have planned is infrequent updates and hiatus. Oy, do I sound like my motha, I mean Robin... Oops, too much of The Nanny for me. ^.^ Anywho, tell me what you guys think. Does it have potential? Is it original, interesting, anything at all? I'll sure bet you guys don't have a clue of what's in store for our favorite heroes. Until next week! (I'll try and update every Sunday, and if I decide to update early, a Sunday update should still be expected.) Oh, and I have NOT forgotten about our favorite alien princess! She just doesn't play a big role in the first few, but very few, chapters. Also, no Terra bashing will occur. She may make mistakes, but she's not evil! Toodles! ~EBWHW43