That's the answer, but what the Zark is the question?!

A short and unskilled poem about the 42 dilemma in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The main reason of motivation was: "Cos I felt like it".

Enjoy, hoopy froods!

Two small people

once came to a decision

What's the meaning of Life?

It's needing some revision.

So in their wake

They skillfully concieved

A wondrous computer

Or that's what's believed.

Its name was Deep Thought

Purpose-built for its task

So one of the small people

brought themselves to ask:

"O Deep Thought!

I could shout! I could sing!

What is the answer

To Life, the Universe, Everything?!"

Actually, those words

weren't part of the election.

They simply asked:

The answer to THE question.


The Computer replied.

"Just give me some time."

And it sat back and sighed.

Many a year it thought

But still people waited

Only for an answer

That everybody hated.

"I've thought about it now,

I've been on my hike.

But be warned it's something

you probably won't like."

The people were impatient

They whooped and they cheered

This moment was the one

that Deep Thought greatly feared.

"Oh, alright then,

what else can I do?

The Answer to Life

is the number forty-two."

This dampened their spirits

so the people refrained.

But there was one more answer

that was needed to be gained.

"Fine then"

The other small person said.

"What is the question?

Feed my big head."

"Err, I'll have to think about that one."

Deep Thought soon confessed.

And so the people gave up,

and left it to rest.

However, there were others

that wanted this out.

Four different people

And an android worth 'nout.

Their names were Arthur Dent

an Earthman with dread

And Zaphod Beeblebrox

a man with two heads.

Trisha McMillan

Or 'Trillian' I think.

And Ford Prefect

Who likes girls and loves drink.

Then of course

Marvin's to be said

He's a paranoid android

With a desire to be dead.

There were also two mice

who saw something here

and asked to buy Arthur's brain.

He was told not to fear.

Seeing as he was there

during the Earth's final phase,

the question might be written

in his precious brain-waves.

He denied, of course

But the mice did regret.

So they got out quick

And off Magrathea they set.

Life brought them to Milliways

By a time-travel slip

But soon they found death

On a black stuntship.

And then it was announced

Marvin could gain

What the answer was

By reading Arthur's brain.

Zark, now it was too late

The teleport was used

Marvin sacrificed himself.

He didn't mind being abused.

So to this date

we still cannot tell

the question to this answer.

Oh what the hell!