Let's Talk About You and Me

This was a stupid idea. Aubrey would kill her if she found out what Stacie was about to do. Although Aubrey had never exactly forbidden talking to them; it was only hooking up that would get her kicked out of the Bellas. Then again, how would Aubrey even find out? It wasn't like Stacie was going to tell anyone about tonight. Whatever was about to happen would stay between the two of them, she hoped.

When Stacie reached the door she had been looking for, she paused. What if she had imagined the whole thing? The tension between them at the riff-off had seemed so strong; it was hard to believe that she was the only one who felt it. She had felt drawn to him like to a magnet, as corny as the phrase was. Could she have imagined the rest of it, too? Had he really been singing at her, and not to her like she originally thought? Their eyes had been locked together before Aubrey pulled her away, and again when Stacie cut him off. She imagined that she could still feel her hand tingling from the brief second she had pressed it against his chest and the disappointment when he had backed off. She had a strong memory of his warm brown eyes gazing at her, a smirk on his face, before Jesse had interrupted.

While everyone had been paying attention to Jesse, Stacie's eyes had been focused on his again. He was grinning, his eyes bright with triumph behind his glasses as he followed Jesse's lead. Briefly, he looked at Stacie again, flashing a taunting smile in her direction. She couldn't be sure what look had come over her face, but it had caused his smile to turn into a grin. For the second time, it seemed as though he was singing to her. Everyone could see that Jesse was attempting to serenade Beca, but this was different, more subtle.

The disappointment that Stacie felt when the Treblemakers won was cut short when she took the chance to look at him again. He was staring in her direction, too. She felt both shocked and elated when he winked at her. He held her gaze just long enough to see the smile that spread across her face and then turned away to join the Treblemakers in their celebration. Stacie turned back to her own friends with difficulty, but she no longer felt bad about losing. Instead, she felt dazed and excited.

Cynthia Rose noticed Stacie's expression and asked, "What's up?"

"Nothing," Stacie said, correcting her features to look upset. "I just remembered a funny joke I heard earlier," she added lamely.

It seemed like forever before the Bellas split up and went back to their dorm rooms. Stacie returned to hers quickly and collapsed on her bed. As usual, her roommate was out. It was as if Stacie was the only one that lived there for as often as she saw the other girl. Lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling, Stacie had only one thing on her mind: Donald. She wondered where he was, what he was doing, and if he was as stuck on her as she seemed to be on him.

The decision to go find him took Stacie all of fifteen minutes. It was stupid and probably against Aubrey's rules, but she couldn't resist. She needed to find out if she was crazy for thinking Donald might like her. The Trebles seemed to hate the Bellas as much as the Bellas were supposed to hate them. Ignoring this thought, Stacie quickly fixed her hair and left her room.

She knew where Donald's dorm was, as she had seen him entering and leaving it on several occasions. The fact that every door had a board with the residents' names on it was helpful, and Stacie suddenly found herself facing the door she had been looking for.

Taking a deep breath, Stacie knocked lightly on the door. For an excruciatingly long thirty seconds, she waited with a pounding heart. Then the door opened and he was there. Stacie couldn't help noting how attractive he looked in a fitted white t-shirt and blue flannel pajama pants.

Donald only looked surprised for half a second, a look that was quickly replaced by another smirk. He seemed to do that a lot when he was looking at her. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

Stacie hadn't planned on what to say to Donald when she saw him, and had to think quickly. "'Let's talk about you and me'?" she quoted.

Donald grinned, washing away any nerves Stacie had. He stepped aside and gestured for her to come in. In one glance, Stacie could see that Donald lived alone. He didn't have a roommate like all the freshmen were required to. He closed the door behind them and turned to face her. Stacie realized that neither one of them were entirely sure how to proceed. She decided to take yet another risk.

"You like me," she accused.

"I might," he said, making it sound like a challenge. They moved closer automatically, without really thinking. The magnetic attraction was stronger now that she was alone with him.

Donald lifted a hand and caressed her cheek lightly, brushing strands of hair out of her face. Unable to resist, Stacie pressed her lips against his. He grabbed her and held her against him, kissing her back eagerly. Stacie smiled through the kiss, joy flooding through her. Something about this felt different from any other late night visit she'd experienced.

Except for the strong hands on her waist and the lips that trailed up her neck and back to her mouth, he wasn't touching her. It was strange and different from how she was usually treated at this point, but Stacie found that she didn't mind. Her arms snaked around his neck, one hand tangled in his hair. She noticed that he smelled like a combination of spices that she couldn't name, and she liked it.

"Aren't you going to get in trouble for this?" Donald teased, kissing her neck again.

"Aubrey doesn't run my life," Stacie answered, sliding her hands up under his shirt. He lifted his head to press his lips to hers and she lost her train of thought. A few minutes later, she added, "But this stays between us."

"Got it," Donald said quickly, and anything else they might have said was forgotten when Stacie pulled him over to the bed.

A/N: In all honestly, I wasn't really sure if I should end it there, but I didn't want to drag it out and ruin it. Besides, this is just the beginning. I'm not planning on making this a full-length chapter story, but I am planning on adding to it with drabbles and one-shots. Let me know what you think?