Morgan looked up at the over grown temple and walked up the stairs inside, that he has visited over the last week, his mum and dad were on the plant off talking to the locals about who use to rule here. walking in side he was looking at his book that had his written work about the tomb, he stepped on something crispy, he moved his foot and looked down at the bit of scaled skin and blinked at it, pulling his pack off he bent down and pick it up, "Scales?" he said to himself, he looked up at the tomb part of the temple, he was there yesterday and it was not open, he couldn't find away to open it, picking his pack back up he walked into the tomb and placed it down, and looked around, his eyes turned back to the large golden object laying across the platform "Oh no." he said as he looked at the sarcophagus it was open and there was something that looked like a coat of scales hanging over the sides, he took a step back and looked around the tomb there was sand and plant life area, he reached for his radio "Colonel Foley I found a sarcophagus."

"Don't touch it." He is voice rang out the radio ... no really...

"Don't need to its open and I am pretty sure there was something scaly was in it." There was a purse

"What makes you say that?"

"Well you know how snakes shred their skin… well it's like that." Morgan said and he picked up is P90 and looked around the ruins as he heard something slither

"The people of the village say that they were once ruled by a snake like god called a Naga." Morgan heard someone on the radio…oh crap…

"A Naga? Great one for the book." He said

"We're on our way." Came another voice of Sam his aunt, Morgan kept looking around as he felt like he was being rounded up.

A noise made him up and he looked up at the way in and saw the door closing "Shit!" he said as he ran to the opening as he saw the large slab shut it tight, Morgan banged on the door it held tightly

"What do we have here?" Came the hiss, swallowing his fear he turned to look at the tall looming Naga in front of him

"Say back?" he said, the Naga chuckled and moved closer,

"You're not going to kill me?" it said, it dark brown hair flowed down his back and over his shoulder and dressed somewhat Goa'uld, this got Morgan a little worried, there are hundreds of unknown Goa'uld that have never been found, not all of them have to be human…ish, he thought,

"And why not?" Morgan said snapping back to reality, chuckling the Naga flew at him taking his gun off him and threw to the ground, then Morgan's jacket, vest and holster was taken off, the 20 something struggled as he felt the Nage sink it fangs into his neck, making him gasp, he bit his lip trying to stop himself from screaming from the pain, he bit down into them until his lip bleed. The Naga pulled away and looked at the boy stroked the human's cheek enjoying the smooth skin under his hand

"What is your name human?" he asked

"M…Morgan Jackson." He said

"I am Cy…his eyes flashed white at him… how long have I been a sleep?" The Goa'uld asked, his coils tighten around Morgan's waist and chest

"UUUUh I don't know and a few thousand years maybe more." He said wincing

"Ummmm and what of other Naga?" he asked

"Y…You're the first one I've met." He answered,

"Really am I?" he smiled "How wonderful for you." he said his hand moving under his black shirt

"Get off me." Morgan yelled

"I really don't think so?" Cy said "You called for your friends they will be hear soon, so we don't have a lot of time do we?"

"The Goa'uld are gone, there will be no followers no false worship no taking over worlds!" Morgan yelled at him

"Well them I will just have to wake my brothers and sisters up." He said there was a sound of clanking and then a cold metal object clamped around his neck "And you my dear Morgan are coming with me."


The large stone slab open letting the SG team in, they stopped in front of Nage holding Morgan "Morgan!"

"Oh are these your friends?" Cy hissed into the human's ear

"Let him go your outnumbered?" Said one, chuckling the Naga kissed the side of Morgan's face and rose hid as he held the chain tightly

"Let Morgan go!" The blonde woman said, titling his head he looked at her

"What is he to you?"

"My nephew."

"Really, you don't smell like blood." He said flicking his tongue out

"I'm close to his dad and mum; now let him go you can't go anywhere." This make Cy laugh louder at this

"On the contrary my dear." He said as he slithered back pulled Morgan with him by the chains,

"Ahhh!" Morgan cried out as he felt the collar choke him, making him stumble back "S…Sam!" he cried out

"LET HIM GO!" She yelled pointing her gun at him, pulling the chain harder Morgan snapped into his chest,

"Come and find us." He chuckled as they disappeared in a set of rings and white light; the temple shook and rattles, large chunks of stone fell making the SG teams pull back out of the temple, other SG team came running to the temple as they watched the ship rise out of the collapsing temple.