Morgan looked at the sarcophagus it was open and there was something that looked like a coat of scales, he took a step back and looked around the tome there was sand and plant life area, he reached for his radio "Colonel Foley I found a sarcophagus."

"Don't touch it." He is voice rang out the radio

"Don't need to its open and I am pretty sure there was something scaly was in it." There was a purse

"What makes you say that?"

"Well you know how snakes shred their skin… well it's like that." Morgan said and he picked up is p90 and looked around the ruins as he heard something slither

"The people of the village say that they were once ruled by a snake like god called a Naga." Morgan heard someone on the radio…oh crap…

"A Naga? Great one for the book." He said

"We're on our way." Came another voice of Sam his aunt, Morgan kept looking around as he felt like he was being rounded up.

A noise made him up and he looked up at the way in and saw the door closing "Shit!" he said as he ran to the opening as he saw the large slab shut it tight, Morgan banged on the door it held tightly

"What do we have here?" Came the hiss, swallowing his fear he turned to look at the tall looming Naga in front of him

"Say back?" he said, the Naga chuckled and moved closer,

"You're not going to kill me?" it said, it dark brown hair flowed down his back and over his shoulder and dressed somewhat Goa'uld, this got Morgan a little worried, there are hundreds of unknown Goa'uld that have never been found, not all of them have to be human…ish, he thought,

"And why not?" Morgan said snapping back to reality, chuckling the Naga flew at him taking his gun off him and threw to the ground, then Morgan's jacket, vest and holster was taken off, the 20 something struggled as he felt the Nage sink it fangs into his neck, making him gasp, he bit his lip trying to stop himself from screaming from the pain, he bit down into them until his lip bleed. The Naga pulled away and looked at the boy stroked the human's cheek enjoying the smooth skin under his hand

"What is your name human?" he asked

"M…Morgan Jackson." He said

"I am Cy…his eyes flashed white at him… how long have I been a sleep?" The Goa'uld asked, his coils tighten around Morgan's waist and chest

"UUUUh I don't know and a few thousand years maybe more." He said wincing

"Ummmm and what of other Naga?" he asked

"Y…You're the first one I've met." He answered,

"Really am I?" he smiled "How wonderful for you." he said his hand moving under his black shirt

"Get off me." Morgan yelled

"I really don't think so?" Cy said "You called for your friends they will be hear soon, so we don't have a lot of time do we?"

"The Goa'uld are gone, there will be no followers no false worship no taking over worlds!" Morgan yelled at him

"Well them I will just have to wake my brothers and sisters up." He said there was a sound of clanking and then a cold metal object clamped around his neck "And you my dear Morgan are coming with me."


The large stone slab open letting the SG team in, they stopped in front of Nage holding Morgan "Morgan!"

"Oh are these your friends?" Cy hissed into the human's ear

"Let him go your outnumbered?" Said one, chuckling the Naga kissed the side of Morgan's face and rose hid as he held the chain tightly

"Let Morgan go!" The blonde woman said, titling his head he looked at her

"What is he to you?"

"My nephew."

"Really, you don't smell like blood." He said flicking his tongue out

"I'm close to his dad and mum; now let him go you can't go anywhere." This make Cy laugh louder at this

"On the contrary my dear." He said as he slithered back pulled Morgan with him by the chains,

"Ahhh!" Morgan cried out as he felt the collar choke him, making him stumble back "S…Sam!" he cried out

"LET HIM GO!" She yelled pointing her gun at him, pulling the chain harder Morgan snapped into his chest,

"Come and find us." He chuckled as they disappeared in a set of rings and white light; the temple shook and rattles, large chunks of stone fell making the SG teams pull back out of the temple, other SG team came running to the temple as they watched the ship rise out of the collapsing temple.


"Sam please tells me my son is not on that ship?" Daniel asked as he looked around at the other SG team and not seeing Morgan anywhere, the blonde looked up, he could see her fighting the tears back "Sam?" he asked again

"I'm so sorry Daniel we tried, we really did try to…" her words died off as she was Vala walk up to them,

"Daniel?" She already had tears in her eyes

"Sam what happen?"

"It was the Naga Cy he had him, had something around his neck… we couldn't get to him." She told them, Daniel looked at her with wide eyes "We will get him back I promise." She told them.

"We have to get him back." Vala said as she held onto Daniel's arm.

Feet tripped over each other as they tried not to get pulled by the chain around his neck "Stop struggling my human." Cy said as he pulled Morgan into room of the small ship

"My friends and family will find you and skin you alive." Morgan hissed, turning around Cy grabbed him by his neck and smirked at him

"I want them to find me, but not before I've finish." He said as he chained Morgan to the wall "Now as this is going to be a long journey why don't we get to know each other better." Cy smirked as he pinned Morgan to the floor.

The dark hair man fought against Cy as he the Naga took his clothes off, Cy's long black nails sliced down the fabric of the black shirt making sure he scratch along the milky white skin "S…Stop!" Morgan moaned trying to turn away

"No no no my little human don't look away from me, I want to see you face when you cum." Morgan snapped his head to look at the snake eyes of the Naga

"I won't enjoy this, I will never stop fighting you!" he said, smiling the dark brown Naga capture his lip and forced his tongue into his mouth, Morgan tried to turn away and push him off himself, pulling away and hovering above the naked young man and licked his lips with his forked tongue

"I want you to fight however my human you will enjoy yourself." He purred as he attacked his neck again, nipping and licking the skin as he threaten to pierces the skin, he rolled his hips against Morgan's cock making him gasp and whimper.

Morgan couldn't breathe, he couldn't think, he bit his lip to try to stop himself from moaning as the Naga rocked into him "N…No stop!" Morgan cried out as he tried to push him off him, grabbing his hand Cy pinned him down and moved his mouth up to Morgan's lips kissed him again, taking his hand away from Morgan's wrist he moved it down the front off the teen's front, by passing his half hard cock to the dark hair man's entrance and rubbing his finger around the small hole "Ummm!" Morgan moaned, pulling away Cy looked down at him and smiled softly

"Don't want to this to hurt." He said as he pulled his hand away and dunk his fingers into some oil and then back to Morgan's entrance and pushed one of his fingers into him

"Ahhhh." Came the quiet cry as he arched his back slipping the fingers deeper into him and touching his sweet spot, Cy moved his other hand he placed it down on Morgan's lower abdomen, holding him down, Cy enjoyed feeling his muscle move under his hand as his other hand stretched and rubbed the small bundle of nerves making him scream, Cy slipped 3rd finger into him making Morgan hissed

"C…C…Cy." Morgan moaned making the Goa'uld smiled darkly at him as he lowered his head and licked the bead of sweat off the human's neck before he pulled his fingers away "N…No." He whimpered

"What was that my human?" the Naga cooed hooking his fingers under Morgan's chin and making him looked into his snake green eyes as his blue ones become misty and watery "Did you want more?" Morgan couldn't get any words out so he nods, grinning Cy kissed him again and felt the young man kiss back, he moved his mouth down Morgan's chin to his neck and nipped at the area again.

Morgan closed his eyes he couldn't believe he was letting himself give himself up to the monster above him, but everything he was doing felt so good, his body hummed with want with need to be filled by the Goa'uld Naga, Cy moved his slithery hips closer to Morgan as let the young human fell his cock rub against his entrance making his squirm and wriggle, little moans left his mouth and whimpers as the Naga started to push himself into him, "Ummmeee, it hurts!" he cries as he feel's tears rolling down his face

"Shhhh it will be okay my human." He whispered into his ear, they stilled as he held Cy held him close and stroked Morgan's black hair as Morgan warped his arms around him "The pain will go, trust me." He tells him

"P…Please move." Morgan pleaded, laying him back down and ran his hands down the human's thighs and pushed his legs apart sinking in deeper into him "Uuuuuah!" He cried out as Cy started pull out leaving only the tip in Morgan before pushing deeper into him "CY!" He cried out as the Naga moved faster, Cy watched the way Morgan body moved with him his chest heaving the look on his face and every noise he made drove him mad, it had been such a long time for the Goa'uld to be with a human or his own kind,

"So perfect my little human." He said as he started to move faster

"Cy can't too…much." He moaned

"Give into it my human." He said as he sinks his fangs into his neck "ARRRRRRRH!" Morgan screamed as he came in between him and Cy, the muscle clamped around Goa'uld member tightly until he came inside of his human.

They laid there together painting, breathing deeply; Cy pulled his teeth out of Morgan and licked the wounded with his forked tongue, he felt Morgan's heart rate slow down, he looked down at him as saw his eyes were closed "Sleep now." He tells him as he slips out of him, Cy places a blanket over the human and slithers away to the control room and let his little human sleep.

Hours later when Morgan woke up he was sore, stiff and everything hurt, he couldn't believe he caved like that, but what he found even more weird was his stomach growled at him…I'm hungry have I gone mad?… he thought, the door opens and in slithered Cy with a whole new look, his golden brown hair was tied back with long gold flecks in them, "Good morning my love."

"Don't call me that."

"And why not?" he smiled as he unchained Morgan, taking the old collar off

"Because you don't love me you want to dominate me, make me fall in love with you." he said looking at Goa'uld,

"All true, but as clever as you are my little human I could easily fall for you, here you go a better collar than that old rusty one can't have my consort in something so dull, and here are some clothes, don't want people looking at you body." He said, blue eyes looked up at the Naga's snake green eyes

"Consort?" he asked

"Of course." He said "Hurry up and get dressed we're nearly there." He said leaving the room. Morgan looked in the mirror at the dark purple and gold clothes; they kind of reminded him of plan military uniform, the way it came up to his chin covering most of his skin, tho the clothes was a tight fit and showed his figure "Perfect you look wonderful in that." CY smiled as he moved into the room and warped it around him tail and all "So beautiful." He placed his lips on the side of Morgan's neck and kissed the skin he marked, this simple act made Morgan's legs wobble

"Ummmm." Morgan moaned, Cy laughed and tapped the collar around his neck

"See this, my love this will make sure you close by me, so nothing will ever happen to you, once I remove it…"

"It will take a couple of days for that bond to fade and I will be able to be away from you." Morgan answered

"You've heard of them?"

"My mum used bracelet to get my dad to help her find some loot…I mean artefacts." He mentally cursed him for saying that, Cy chuckled and turned the human around

"My cleaver human, come we have landed time to wake my brothers and sisters."

They started walking down into another tome, Morgan held on the walls as he felt weak in the legs and wobbly, he then tripped, he waited for his face to hit the ground but it didn't came opening his eyes he was he was inches from the dusty ground, pulling him up Cy looked at him like he was worried about him…puff…he thought, he still kept his hand on Morgan's stomach and looked at it him with a new odd expression one that Morgan has seen before but he couldn't place it. "Please be careful Morgan, this place is very unsafe even for me." He said softly as he went back to the door.

The door was open, it was dark and gloomy and hard to see but when Cy place him hand onto the a moulded hand shape the hand device, the light in the tome flashed on, Morgan closed his eyes and looked away before looking back to see a row of sarcophagus going for miles "Oh my god!" he said

"Welcome to the family." Cy chuckled, the sound of the sarcophagus opening making Morgan want to slink back, but he staid next to the Goa'uld as more Naga's rose out of their sleep "Brothers Sisters it been to long since we were out in the open, I think it's time." He said, he turned to the human next to him and smiled

"There is so many of them." Morgan said as he watched them slither out of there 'beds'

"Yes there are we breed in numbers, each female can have up to 6 to 7 hatchlings and the males can do both if needs be, if we breed with a human we normally only have about 2 maybe 3." He said watching Morgan's face; the young man frowned and looked up at him

"Why are you telling me th… Oh no!" he said looking down at his stomach "You can't know that all ready and it's it's impossible I'm a man?" he said Cy hooked his fingers under Morgan's chin and got him to look up at him

"I know and you are, and you are half human and from what I can smell you are fertile, only fertile humans can breed with a Naga." Morgan just looked at him he couldn't think, Cy placed his hand on his human lower abdomen, Morgan just placed his hand on top as the Naga nuzzled his neck.