It's been a months since Seren had woken up with canines growing into fangs and his pupils turns into slits; and he was off word with other teens that was part of the young training program, Morgan wasn't that far off he was busy talking to some Tok'ra who are helping them with the training "Your boy is a very skilled fighter." A brunette said looking back at Morgan

"He is." He smiled as he looked back at Seren listen to Sam Carter telling them what they need to do.

"Okay so this is simple, you are in groups of 4 or 5 and each team have a to save someone who is a fellow team member, and work together…I mean you Dean." She said looking at one boy

"Oi what?" He said

"Okay you got until sun down to save a fellow team mate and to come back." She said "GO!" She yelled and the teens ran off in their groups, Morgan shook his head and smiled as his Aunt walked over to him "Cameras up?" she asked

"Yep well apart from number 23, I will go and have a look." He said

"Are you sure?" She asked

"Yep." He said "I'm sure, I need time to think." He said with a smile as he started to walk towards the camera.

Seren and his team moved thought a field when stopped and raised his hand, the young girl in front of him looked at him "What?" she asked

"I smell something odd." He said looking around

"I don't." Another said

"It's in his head." Come on the girl said as the others moved away, while Seren looked around the field and then moved with them, he smell still bothered him and when he came out of filed he saw his friends are being rounded up by half snake men, he moved out

"GET THE HELL OF THEM!" He yelled as he jumped one and bites down on his neck,

"GET OFF ME YOU LITTLE MONSTER!" The being screamed as he threw Seren off him and into a tree, knocking the dark hair teen out.

Morgan was just finishing off checking the camera when he heard a rustle, standing up he held his gun at the area he heard the noise, then there a slithering sound "Hello? Any Nagas?" He asked three Nagas slither out and stood in front of him pointing weapons at him "Oh boy." He said

"How do you know of us?" one guard asked as he warped a tail around him and pulled him close to him

"I…I was Cy's consort." He winced as the coils tighten, the folk tongue flicked out all over him

"No you can't be our Lord's consort was pregnant."

"It's been 13 years." Morgan said looking at him as if he was thick…and he was… "My son is on this plant!" he said

"Well could be right." One said

"OF COURSE I'M RIGHT, LOOK AT MY SHOULDER THERE IS HIS MARK THERE!" the dark hair man pleaded, ripping the shirt a side they saw the fang scarring on his shoulder and neck

"Take him in." The blond Naga said, as he warped chains around his wrist."

Seren was knocked out, letting the other escape, when he wake, he felt a Naga was prodding him in the side; he moaned and sat up and then growled at the Naga child that was prodding him, the little boy jumped and ran off "The human is awake." Came a voice, Seren looked up at the voice, there sat on a throne was a large brunette Naga with long hair looking back at him, he was draped in gold…not part of training… "An odd looking human scales around your eyes and fangs and your eyes." The Naga said with interest "And you look…" he stopped at just looked at him

"Got them from my father." He said looking at him

"And who is this father of yours?" the Naga asked getting off his throne and moving towards him

"I don't know he's dead." Seren said looking right at him the green eyes look at right back, the Naga's eyes moved down and saw the necklace around his neck and snatched at it

"Where did you get this?" he asked angrily

"It's my dad's!" he hissed

"You said your dad is dead!"

"My father is but my dad isn't it belong to my father." He said pulling away from him.

"You stole it!" the Naga yelled, ripping it off his neck

"NO I DIDN'T IT, MY DAD FOUND IT AFTER HE WENT BACK TO MY FATHER'S PLANT TO FIND HIM BUT ALL HE FOUND WAS A PILE OF ASHES AND THIS NECKLACE!" Seren yelled, there was a sound of the doors sliding open and closing.

"My Lord we have a human here that say he was your consort?" said a Naga Guard, he came slithering in dragging Morgan in his hands chained in front of him, the chains have rubbed the skin raw, the golden Naga looked up at the young man and stopped

"Morgan?" he said, Seren turned around

"Dad!" Seren yelled as he ran over him pulling the chains off his wrist Morgan warped his arms around him and looked at the other Naga that was talking to his son


"Dad?" Seren asked looking at him to see tears in his eyes, the teen turned to face the Naga "T…That's him…you said he as dead?"

"I thought he was." He whispered

"My human." Cy said moving closer, he saw the his guards "LEAVE NOW!" They left quickly, leaving the three alone in the large room

"You said you come back for me." Morgan choked and he fainted in his son's arms.