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After Santana's most successful show yet in Austin, the three women spend half a day driving to the next tour stop in New Orleans. After reaching their hotel around two in the afternoon, Santana decides to take a well-deserved nap on the queen size bed while Brittany watches a soap opera on the television. Santana is curled up into Brittany's side, grasping onto her tank top, and breathing steadily onto the exposed sliver of skin above Brittany's waistband. She shifts in her sleep and throws a leg across Brittany, who turns to watch her in her fitful sleep. Brittany sees her eyes darting behind her eyelids and wonders what she's dreaming of. She turns off the television, not interested in the whatever argument the two female characters are having and lies on her side to face Santana. She leans forward to kiss her forehead, hoping it will soothe her. Brittany follows it with a kiss to her cheek. She sits back and sees Santana's breathing steady once again as she lies still before opening her eyes suddenly.

"You're awake," Brittany remarks.

"Yea," Santana blinks her eyes to adjust to the light. "Oh god, I'm so tired."

"Well you spent the entire ride here working on your film score, so of course you're exhausted," Brittany puts her hand on Santana's head, dragging her fingers through her dark locks.

"What time is it?" Santana asks.

"Almost four," Brittany looks at her phone. "We have to get to the club by five."

"I need energy," Santana mumbles into the pillow.

"I have an idea. Come to the gym downstairs with me," Brittany strokes her arm. "I was going to go anyways. This way you can get a little exercise to get your blood pumping."

"Ugh," Santana groans.

"Come on," Brittany shakes her arm. "Just twenty minutes. Then we can come back up here and hop in the shower together."

"I'm awake!" Santana bolts upright in bed and throws the covers off her legs. "Where are my sneakers?" she looks around the room. "Did I even bring sneakers on this tour?"

"Just put on your converse. It's not like we're going to be running a marathon."

"No, but I'll feel like it afterwards. I haven't worked in forever!"

"Me too, honey. If I don't start getting back into shape now, I'll be huffing and puffing at my new job. I should have been working out this whole trip."

"I like your shape," Santana walks up to Brittany and squeezes her sides. "And you never have any trouble breathing. Well, except when I'm going down on-"

"San!" Brittany giggles. "So is that what you were dreaming about earlier?"

"What? No, I wasn't having a sex dream. Why?"

"You were all twitchy and stuff in your sleep, and now you're all in the mood."

"I'm in the mood because somebody mentioned the prospect of shower sex in approximately twenty three minutes," Santana wriggles her eyebrows.

"Mmm-hmm," Brittany smirks. "So what were you dreaming about then?"

"Well," Santana sighs. "I was on stage. I don't know where, and as I'm playing my last song, the house lights go on. I can see everybody in the audience. But I can't see anybody's face except for two people in the back corner."

"Who were they?"

"My parents."

"I'm sorry, San. I should have known all that would still be on your mind," Brittany pulls Santana into a hug.

"It's fine, Britt," Santana brings her arms up around Brittany's back. "I'm okay."

"Are you sure? We don't have to go to the gym. We can stay and talk."

"No, it's fine, really. I hadn't thought about my parents or Carla since the whole hoopla that went down in Austin. But I guess it was all still in the back of my mind."

"I think we should still talk about it later, though."

"Okay," Santana nods and drops her hands down to grab Brittany's hands. She pulls them up to her mouth for a kiss on her knuckles. "Now, let's go workout. Or you work out and I'll watch."

Brittany smiles and smacks Santana on her butt, causing the girl to squeal.

They walk through the gym door to find a tiny square room with a treadmill, a bike, and some free weights.

"Fancy," Santana deadpans.

"Better than nothing," Brittany shrugs. "Which do you want?"

"Ugh, don't make me choose between awful and awfuller."

"Fine, I'll take the treadmill."

"Is the floor an option?"

"Nope, get your fine ass on that bike," Brittany hops onto the treadmill in front of the bike, turning it up to seven miles per hour.

"Only because I love you so damn much," Santana trudges over to the bike, as she looks at Brittany through the large mirror on the wall in front of them.

"Love you too!" Brittany sings as she pumps her arms.

"At least the view is nice from here," Santana smiles to herself, looking at Brittany's shorts and what's beneath them.

"Heard that!" Brittany replies.

"Sorry, Britt. You know I love your for more than just your booty."

Brittany keeps running and smacks herself on the rear, making Santana laugh as she starts pedaling faster. "So, Rachel texted me earlier. She's supposed to find out about casting today."


"Yea, she sounded really nervous on the phone."

"Rachel gets nervous about everything. One time I saw her biting her nails while watching you parallel park."

"That was only because you dared me to try it one-handed. And it was between a Mercedes and a Bentley."

"Point taken."

"I really hope she gets it," Brittany replies, as she picks up her pace. "I mean, we have had our share of successes since we moved to LA. Rachel deserves a shot too."

"If it were up to me, honey, I would hire her in a heartbeat."

"Aw, San. Would you really?"

"Of course," Santana nods. "She's super talented, and just because I tease her sometimes, she's still one of my best friends."

"San," Brittany coos, "That was so sweet. I'm so telling her you said that."

"Don't you dare!" Santana yells. "I'll come over there after you. And you have nowhere to run!"

"Fine, I won't tell! I promise," Brittany throws her hand up in surrender. "I can see you staring at my ass again."

Ten minutes later, Santana is sweating profusely in the tiny room with limited ventilation. "Can we stop now?" she begs.

"I want to run two miles," Brittany pants.

"My legs are burning. I put it on 'random hill' mode, and I think it randomly chose Mount Everest."

"Switch to some weights then. It's always good to keep your forearms nice and strong. For you know…certain activities."

"You mean my arms aren't strong enough?" Santana stops pedaling.

"No! No, San, that's not what I meant," Brittany replies.

"Because I've been doing these wrist exercises so that I could do that thing I tried the other night-"

"Trust me, Santana. You're more than fine."

"Ok, good," Santana nods.

"But you can try to prove it to me if you'd like," Brittany smirks.

"How much farther do you have to run?" Santana asks, excitedly.

After Santana urges Brittany to finish her last quarter mile as quickly as possible without falling off the end of the treadmill and shooting across the room, they scurry back to their hotel room. Santana locks the door behind them and immediately strips off her t-shirt and sports bra. She throws them onto the bed and pads over to the bathroom, where Brittany has already turned on the shower.

"How warm do you want it?" Brittany asks with her hand testing the war.

"Not that hot. I'm still overheated," Santana replies while taking off her shorts and underwear in one swift motion.

"Try it," Brittany gestures towards the shower.

Santana sticks her hand behind the curtain. "Sweet mother of-!" she whips her hand back out. "That's freezing!"

"Oops," Brittany giggles. "It didn't seem that cold to me."

"Liar! You did that on purpose!" Santana laughs.

Brittany turns the dial farther to the right to heat up the water. "I admit nothing," she responds with a glint in her eye.

"I am so getting you back for that," Santana walks up to Brittany and grabs her by the hands. She puts them up around her shoulders and nestles her face in Brittany's neck. Santana places soft kisses along Brittany's skin.

"Is this my punishment?" Brittany closes her eyes. "If so, I think I need to start playing more practical jokes on you."

"No," Santana shakes her head and nibbles at Brittany's pulse point.

"So what is it then?" Brittany rubs her hands across Santana's upper back and shoulders.

"You have to give me a massage."

"Hmm, that's not so bad. Where?"

Santana lifts her head from Brittany's neck to look at her. "Everywhere," she leans forward and connects their lips. She grabs the shower curtain behind them and pushes it aside. Brittany carefully steps in without taking her lips off Santana's. The warm water rushes over them both as Santana follows Brittany into the shower.

"Do you have any sore areas that need working on?" Brittany asks with a smirk. She runs her hands from Santana's neck, down her front, and to her hips. "Maybe you're sore from riding that bike?" Brittany moves her hands around to squeeze Santana's ass.

"Ahhh," Santana winces. "I guess so."

"I think I can help you feel better," Brittany whispers in her ear as she gently massages the area.

Santana starts sucking on Brittany's neck as the tension leaves her muscles. "That feels so good," she groans.

"How about here?" Brittany moves one hand between the bodies and to rub Santana's lower stomach.

"Yea," Santana pants.

"And what about…," Brittany slides her hand down to Santana's clit. "Here?"

"Mmmm, god, yes," Santana throws her head back. Water splashes between their bodies, and Santana places her own hand over Brittany's to keep it in place. "Right there."

"I think I can massage out that kink for you," Brittany kisses her fiancée deeply while her fingers move up and down and in circles around Santana's sensitive area.

Santana grasps at Brittany's neck, moaning into her mouth as their tongues meet. She takes a breath and kisses down Brittany's jaw to her clavicle. Santana then mirrors Brittany's movements, bringing her hand down to the girl's center.

"Oh," Brittany is caught off guard in her movements.

"I couldn't wait any longer," Santana smiles and moves her fingers down to Brittany's entrance. She circles it, and then moves back up to rub her clit. "Plus I wanted to prove that my arms are nice and strong," Santana flexes her wrist causing Brittany to lean back against the wall of the shower.

"Mmm, I already believe you," Brittany pants and has to remember to keep her own hand moving against Santana's center.

"Fuck," Santana drops her head against Brittany's shoulder. Her hips starting thrusting upwards against Brittany's hand, and she moves two fingers against Brittany's entrance. She looks up into Brittany's eyes for the signal. Brittany nods furiously and grips her other hand on Santana's arm. Santana pushes her fingers inside and instantly curls them.

Moans fill the steamy shower as the two women grind against each other as their hands touch where they need them most. "I won't last long," Brittany groans.

"Me neither," Santana kisses her passionately. She feels Brittany's inner walls start to clench around her fingers as she nears her climax. "Shit," the sensation spurs on Santana's own orgasm, and she tucks her face in Brittany's neck as they both orgasm on each other's fingers.

"Sannnn, ugh," Brittany's whole body freezes in ecstasy. "Wow, yea those wrist exercises definitely worked well."

Santana laughs and plants kisses all over Brittany's face. "Glad to hear," she smiles.

"I love you," Brittany smiles.

"I love you too," Santana kisses her once more on the lips. "We should actually get clean now," she reaches for the shampoo.

After sound check at The Spotted Cat Music Club, Brittany decides to take Santana out for a light dinner before her show. They walk hand in hand down the street looking for someplace they can try authentic New Orleans cuisine.

"I've always wanted to try a crawfish," Brittany muses. "They look like miniature lobsters."

"Yea, they kind of do," Santana laughs. "I've never had one either. The whole 'sucking on the head' part grosses me out."

"Umm, the what now?"

"You're supposed to take the head and suck out all the juices or something."

"Like….the brain juices?" Brittany's mouth gapes.

"I guess. I don't really know; I just saw it on TV once."

"Maybe I'll just try the gumbo."

"Here, this place looks good," Santana points to the restaurant front. "And look, menu says they serve gumbo."

"Thank goodness," Brittany sighs. "I feel like we've been walking for days."

Santana opens the door to let Brittany inside. "That run really tired you out, huh?"

"Something did," Brittany winks.

The two are sat at a table in the corner and waste no time in ordering iced tea, gumbo, and a shrimp po' boy to share.

"So, now that we've got some time, did you want to talk about….you know?"

"Oh," Santana puts down her drink. "Uh, yea we can do that."

"Good," Brittany nods. "So what are you thinking?"

Santana pauses for a moment to form her thoughts. "Mostly I just keep wondering if they think about me."

"I'm sure they do."

"I wonder if they still hate me."

Brittany reaches for Santana's left hand underneath the table and squeezes it.

"I wonder if they know about my music."

"Do you want them to?"

"I'm not sure," Santana shrugs. "Part of me wants to rub it in their face. The other part wants my dad to give me a bug hug and tell me how proud he is of me. Ugh, even saying that makes me feel pathetic and gross."

"It's not pathetic, San. Of course you would want that. We all would."

"I wish I could forgive them and pretend it all never happened. Unless, they still wish I wasn't their daughter."

"San," Brittany kisses her shoulder and rests her head there. "I hate them for what they did to you."

"Yea," Santana sighs. "Me too."

"What about Carla?"

"I don't hate her."

"I mean, do you want to contact her? Maybe she can give you some of the answers you're looking for."

"Yea, I've been thinking about it," Santana nods. "I want to talk to her."

"That's good, Santana," Brittany smiles. "I think she'll be happy to hear from you."

"If anyone in my family deserves a second chance, it's her. She never did anything wrong. She didn't know any better."

Brittany kisses the back of Santana's hand and sits up straight. "You want to send her a message now?" she reaches in her bag for the iPad.

"Might as well before I change my mind," Santana opens the Twitter application and starts typing out a long message.

Meanwhile, the food arrives and Brittany is halfway through the bowl of gumbo.

"Save me some," Santana glares at the bowl.

"Sorry, honey. It's so gooood, though."

"I'm almost done," Santana re-reads every word of the message. Mostly she asks what Carla has been up to since they last saw each other. She figures to avoid the topic of her parents until they have spoken for a bit. "Here's to hoping she won't be asking for money," Santana sighs and hits send.

"I'm proud of you," Brittany leans over for a kiss. "Now you can stuff your face with shrimp," she passes over a plate.

"This thing is huge," Santana looks at the sandwich. "If I eat half, I might see it come back up onto the stage."

"Ew! San!"

"Sorry," she laughs. "This looks so good though."

"Totally, we should see if there are any good New Orleans style restaurants in LA."

"Umm, I think there's a Popeye's on Hollywood and Cahuenga."

"Har, har," Brittany mocks. "Seriously this is like me new favorite food."

"We'll find one," Santana assures her. "You know, I'm so happy that we get to visit all these new cities together. It's like when we first met."

Brittany grins from ear to ear. "It was so much fun. Exploring new places…getting drunk…falling in love."

Santana rubs Brittany's knee and leans in for a quick kiss. "This tour really has brought back all those memories."

"Too bad it has to end soon."

"There will be more in the future," Santana takes a bite of the po' boy. "But on a plane next time."

"And to other countries?"

"Ooh, a world tour? I could be down with that," Santana nods.

"Oh, my phone is vibrating," Brittany reaches into her pocket. "It's Rachel!"

"Raful?!" Santana yells with her mouth full.

"Hi, Rach!" Brittany answers. "I'm going to put you on speaker so Santana can hear."

"Hi, you guys! What city are you two in now?"

"Yada yada, tell us the news!" Santana shouts.

"Ok, so I see we are foregoing the formalities of telephone conversation. I can roll with it."

"Well?!" Santana responds. "Spit it out!"

"I got the part!"

"Aah!" Brittany shrieks. "Rachel! Oh my god, this is so exciting!"

"Congrats, Rachel. I knew you would get it," Santana adds. "You should probably start practicing kissing a woman right now to prepare."

"What makes you think I haven't already?"

"No way!" Brittany yells. "Have you?"

"Let's just say, I can see the appeal of lesbian relationships."

"Oh my god, Berry. Who was it?"

"I'm not saying. I shall protect the name of the innocent."

"It was Sarah, wasn't it?" Santana asks.

"What? Sarah? Why would you say that?"

"Holy crap, it was!" Santana screams. "I must say, Berry. You surprised me with this one."

"How did it happen?" Brittany asks.

"It was just one little kiss! We were out at a bar celebrating my first call-back, and we were drinking and dancing, and I don't know."

"Do you like her?" Brittany replies.

"I don't think so. I mean, kissing is one thing. Dating? I don't know if I can do that. Plus, I think Sarah was shocked by the whole thing. It was a little weird after."

"Oh no, Rach. You guys live together. Don't let it get too weird that one of you has to eventually move out."

"We're fine now. We talked about it."

"Good, well congratulations again, Rachel. I'm so happy for you," Brittany replies.

"We both are," Santana adds.

"Thanks you guys," Rachel says. "I just hope I can live up to the great role and to the fantastic music that will be the underscore."

"You will," Santana replies.

"I've gotta go, girls. My dads are calling again. I think they didn't believe it the first time I told them."

"Okay, Rach. We'll talk soon."


Brittany hangs up the phone and puts it on the table. "Holy crap," she shakes her head.

"I know," Santana laughs. "She totally wants Sarah."

"Not what I was referring to, but oh my god, do you really think?"

"It only gets weird after a kiss if someone has got secret feelings," Santana bites into the sandwich.

"Hmm, good point. You did flee the hotel room after our first kiss."

Santana just nods her head in agreement. "Exactly my point."