Fear Carnival

I don't own Batman, just my OC!

Chapter 1: Monster in disguise

You know how your parents tell you not to stay out late at night? They have good reason to tell you that. They know of the danger that only comes out when the sun goes down, of the shadows that threaten to take the lives of whom they consider important. Most adolescents won't listen though. And that made them easy prey. Far too easy prey. And it was such a night that a party was being held. Just your normal wild party where everyone's invited, nothing special. Save for one particular person that stood in the shadows, almost as if she was waiting for something.

It wasn't long before a boy, still in high school, stumbled out of the large brick building of which the party was being held at, completely drunk from his teetering footsteps and slurred mumble he had acquired. "Hey kid!" The shadow shouted, catching his attention with the loud revving of her motorcycle. The boy turned and glanced at her over his shoulder, his vision too blurred to see the Cheshire like smirk that had snaked its way across her deathly pale lips. "Need a ride?" She shouted again, the top part of her face obscured by her thin, dark red hair. "Uma,th-thanks, b-bub I can walk." The girl's smirk faded into a frown; so he wasn't that drunk after all. But he was close to it. "Alright, be careful. Watch out for crazies!" She shouted, revving the engine once again and driving off. 'It's only a matter of time.'

The boy continued to stumble along the sidewalk, spewing out all sorts of drunken rambles as he went. Had he been sober, he would have realized that the kind stranger from earlier was following him, her eyes glinting a venomous yellow in the dim street lights. She had to be patient. He would eventually go into an alley, a dark one most likely, and then she would strike. The boy wouldn't stand a chance against her. And with a grin, she watched him take a wrong turn and end up in an alley, just like she knew he would.

'Now, let the feast begin!'

Yes, this is short and why am I writing this when I said I wasn't going to write on sunday's? Oh well. Hope you enjoyed and this is my first attempt at Batman Fantiction. Again, I don't own Batman or any of its characters. But I do own my OC Boogie.