Fear Carnival

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Chapter 7: Mirror, Mirror


The whole building began to shake, screams of the insane reaching higher octaves as pieces of the fell upon their heads. Jonathan clutched his stomach, shutting his eyes as the carving started to bleed a pitchy black substance. "No! You can't do this!" He hissed through gritted teeth, glancing around as childish laughter filled the room. "Oh, but Jonny, I can. You see, since you didn't meet your end of our little bargain, you have absolutely no power in this." Boogie grinned as she phased through the wall, "I, on the other hand, have plenty enough to accelerate the contracts' process. Thus ending your mortal existence." Batman glared at her as she stood, reaching for some kind of tool in his utility belt. "Not so fast batty." The creature shouted, shadow tentacles catching all of them and tightening their hold. "Now look Jonny, I don't want to kill anyone. But think about how the Joker's gonna take it if he finds out you were involved in Batman's death?"

"Don't listen to her Crane!" Batman shouted, struggling against the large black vine that held all of them. "Didn't your parents teach you any manners? Oh, that's right, you don't have any!" Boogie laughed, grabbing the master of fear by his back shirt collar and dragging him towards the wall. "It was such a pleasure Batman, but you see, Jonny and I have plans tonight." She grinned, a portal made entirely of shadows forming in front of her. "So long for now." Boogie whispered, cackling as she pulled the former professor with her.
The tentacles faded away, dropping it's four victims to the ground. Batman ran towards the portal as it slowly closed, his fingers now mere centimeters away from the dull wall. "No."

Meanwhile, back at the carnival...

Jonathan Crane winced as he struggled against the bindings that held him down, turning his head towards Boogie as she pulled out a syringe filled with a dark purple liquid. "Concentrated nightmare. Not as good as an actual feeding, but for the becoming it gets the job done." She grinned, placing the needle on a silver table not too far away before rolling up his sleeve. Boogie glanced up at the silent professor, her head tilted slightly as their eyes met. "Look on the brightside; you won't have to worry about making batches of your precious fear toxin. Or getting caught by that nosey bat. Or breaking out of that hellhole they call an institution."

"The dark side is that I lose my humanity." He retorted, flexing his fingers as she picked up the syringe again. "So you won't be able to go into the sun ever again. Big tear jerker. Being a monster isn't that bad you know." She snapped, grabbing rubber tie and wrapping it around his exposed arm. "Neither is being human." She rolled her eyes at the statement, walking away a few steps. "Why do you keep fighting?" Boogie asked, glancing back as he stared at her. "What's so great about being fragile?" Crane couldn't answer, looking back at the red canvas of the tent they were currently in. "I figured as much." She whispered, holding up the syringe to the light and flicking the end.

"Now, shall we?"

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