Kim was walking home from school; she didn't drive in Go City because she lived close enough to the university to walk and usually took the subway to go downtown since traffic was always so bad there. As she was walking back to the apartment she waved at Shego through the front window, but it was in vain seeing as Shego was asleep behind the counter. She giggled, remembering the sign at the front with business hours, instead of real hours it just said 'We're open whenever I'm awake and here.' Sometimes she didn't know why the green-skinned woman had the business since she was usually sleeping behind the counter.

She smiled; the green skin woman sure had changed since they started dating. She was a lot calmer for one, sure she was still a smart ass and quick to defend herself but she usually didn't start arguments anymore. Two, she barely lit up, just when she wanted to intimidate people who were hitting on the redhead. And three, she was just nicer overall, then again all she had to work off of was years of fighting the woman. One thing that didn't change was her love to lie around and do nothing all day, even at work she'd keep it up.

She enjoyed the sassy woman, they clicked and there was just something about the woman that made her love being around her, three years dating hadn't changed that at all.

Putting her hand on the window, she leaned in and sighed, "I love you, you stupid wonderful woman, I hope you can see that." She heard the store door open and smiled sheepishly as a large man came out looking at her like she was crazy, which she probably looked like she was, talking to a window.

She walked into the side door and up the stairs to the apartment. Throwing her backpack onto the couch she walked into the guest bedroom/office. Sitting down at the desk, sighing, she put her head down on the desk in her arms. She wanted to cry but she couldn't. She couldn't feel pity for herself, she loved the woman and she still screwed up royally. She stood up suddenly, gripping the desk, "Ugh, I can't believe that I'm such an idiot. I'm world saving hero Kim Possible, girl who could do anything; capable of finding an amazing girlfriend, cheating on said girlfriend and becoming a home wrecker." She let out a shaky breath, tears staining her cheeks. Collapsing back onto the chair, "I'm so screwed." She dozed off on the chair, the feeling of self-hate growing slowly.

Shego walked up the stairs, she had already closed for the day. Even if she did get business today, she was too excited to do anything work related. Lazing around in the shop thinking of her Princess got her excited, in more ways than one. Tomorrow's going to be special but maybe I can make today fun too, she grinned as she thought to herself.

She knew her Kimmie was home, she saw her backpack on the couch when she walked in. Walking past the kitchen, she ruled out the washroom as she didn't hear any water running. So either the master bedroom or the office, she concluded. The apartment was small, you couldn't hide in here, but to get the element of surprise with people as alert as Kim and Shego, you had to be smart about it. She figured it would be the office, only because Kim should have been home from school right about now.

She slowly opened the door to the office without actually going in; sticking to the shadows she stuck her head in. She sighed in relief. Her redhead was asleep on the office chair. She could still have fun with this. Slowly and quietly making her way to the sleeping redhead; she stood in front of her, slowly leaning down and placing her lips on her girlfriend's.

As suddenly as it started, it ended. She felt a hand on her neck and what she could only assume to be a switch blade at her stomach.

"As much as I'm into kink, this is a little extreme Princess," she choked out, smirking slightly. She was the one who told and taught Kim to use a knife for defence. Not everyone plays fair.

Kim relaxed a little, and smiled up at the green woman. She flipped the blade back and put it back in her pocket. Taking Shego by the collar and wrapping her arms around her, she pulled her in for a proper kiss. "Yeah, but you know I like it rough," she replied with a smirk of her own. It sent chills down Shego's back, maybe she taught Kim a little too much. It's the little things you enjoy about the people you date, the quirks, the way you know what each movement means. She kissed her, roughly, enjoying the feel of the redhead's lips on hers and the sound of teeth hitting teeth.

She picked the redhead up from the chair by her ass, in which Kim responded by wrapping her legs around her waist. Moaning into the kiss, she brought the redhead to the guest bed on the opposite wall. There wasn't time to go to the master bedroom. It had been months, and she needed this now.

When she started this relationship with Kim she knew she had feelings for her and that the redhead was bringing out all these new and buried emotions in her. She didn't think she could love anyone, but here she is, making out with a gorgeous redhead. When she first thought about actually loving her she dismissed it as anxiety. When things go well for so long, something bad has to happen. She learned that the hard way, multiple times. Everything good had been taken away from her once before.

So eventually she stopped having any thoughts of sex, which would be considered unusual for someone with a minx like Kim for a girlfriend. She went back to her defence of just leaving, distancing herself from her again. Every time Kim had started anything with her, she would get wound up and then feel like shit because she felt like she was constantly leading Kim on. She was sure that if Kim didn't break up with her then she would break up with Kim, only because she would run from her feelings again.

But Shego found out her feelings and here she was, loving her life and loving her girlfriend. Finally able to accept her feelings she could do this without feeling guilty, without feeling like it would be the last time she would ever see or feel the lovely redhead again, without knowing what she really felt for her.

Kim started to let her hands roam, first up to the Shego's ample chest, then to her toned abs, playing with the hem of Shego's shirt and pants, then putting her hand in her own pants to relieve herself just in case Shego decided to run off again.

"Nuh uh, Pumpkin, that's my job," she said while removing Kim's hand and replaced it with her own.

A sharp intake of breath and a shaky exhale made Shego grin wide. She missed this, god damn she missed this.

Oh god, this is going to be a good night, thought Kim as she relaxed into Shego's skilled touch. This is what she was missing. Sure sex isn't everything but damn if it isn't pleasurable and damn if she didn't miss it. Screw the guilt, she had Shego right here and right now and she wouldn't give that up for anything; selfish as it may be, she wouldn't give Shego up for the world.