Hoenn Is Where The Start Is.

"Speech" 'thoughts' emphasis/flashback

I understand that A ten year old boy and girl wouldnt fall in love, and im trying to adapt my story to that, but pretend they can as they starting a journey is the plot, its too big to change :( so sorry if this seems unrealistic, but if i kept friendship up for 3-5 years of their life, the story would drag with no real reason. well, enjoy! :)

Chapter 1- Ashs Beggining

Tomorrow. For some an ordinary day. But for others, an exciting adventure is about to begin when they meet Pocket Monsters, commonly know, as Pokemon. At the age of ten, children can start a journey with these amazing creatures to fight, bond and share experiences together in the huge world, in which they can explore.

One of these people, is Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town.

He is currently asleep.

Ash is finally able to get a pokemon from the proffesor from his region; Kanto. His name is Proffessor S. Oak. Ash's options of pokemon are Bulbasaur- a grass type, Squirtle- a water type and charmander- a fire type. Who are also like Ash, waiting to explore in the world when chosen by a human.

Ash lives in Pallet Town with his mother; Delia, and her pokemon Mr. Mime which is refered to, as Mimey.

Ash finally woke up from his slumber at around 11:05am.

"Uh-oh, I slept in.." Ash noted. Ash climbs out of his bed, through the bedroom door, speeds down the wooden stairs, grabs his bag and slings one of the green backpack straps around his shoulder and is out the main door of his home before eating his breakfast. Or changing his Sleeping wear.

He runs up the slightly curved concrete stairs leading to the professors laboratory on a grass hill. He reaches the door and knocks. After a few moments of Ash impatiently waiting he is invited inside.

"Hi professor, I can get my pokemon now, right?" Ash asks excitedly.

"Ok Ash, Follow me" Pr. Oak instructed.

Ash follows Pr. Oak and walks into one of the Rooms where the machine for selecting pokemon was placed and the storage of the pokeballs which are on the ranch outside. The room was a large size with many pokemon transporting machines for other trainers to easily access their pokemon from the proffessor.

In the middle was where Ash needed to be, there were 3 red and white pokeballs on the machine, this is where Ashs final decision will be made. Who would he start his journey with?

On the machine were three pokeballs. Ash continues looking at the pokeballs with a troubled look.

"Well, ive given it a lot of thought, and ive decided. That I choose Squirtle!" Ash announced joyfully. He opens the pokeball. And out appears...nothing!?

"Sorry Ash, Gary decided to take Squirtle as his partner, he took him quite a while ago." Pr. Oak explains to Ash, informing him that squirtle will be unable to be Ashs partner pokemon.

'So... Gary went for squirtle, I guess thats a good choice, so who should I choose? Bulbasaur or charmander? Hmm...' Ash stayed in this thoughts for a few minutes with Pr. Oak smiling in understanding to the situation.

"Ok then Professor, I choose Bulbasaur" Ash says as he throws the pokeball which contains the same as Squirtles pokeball. "Huh, was Bulbasaur also chosen?" Ash questions.

"Your correct Ash, some one who didnt oversleep took this pokemon to start his journey with." Pr. Oak replies.

"Thats fine, because I choose Charmander!" Ash quickly says. " Its not taken too is it?"

"Im Afraid so Ash, all three pokemon were taken by aspiring pokemon trainers who got here on time." Pr. Oak stated. Ash stands there shocked.

"So, what pokemon can I have? I'll have anything professor!" Ash begs as he joins his hands together almost on his knees begging to be able to start his journey. Ash new he needed one pokemon, anything, to start with to then be able to be a pokemon trainer and have an adventure into the unknown past his limits of Pallet town.

"Calm down Ash, there is one left but its-" Pr. Oak gets interupted by the pokemon trainer to be.

" Thats great Professor! I will take good care of it." Exclaims Ash, desperatly needing the pokemon inside that pokeball.

"I guess thats fine, its a bit tricky to get to work with as it isnt a type we ussually give as an option.. but if your willing to theres no issue." Pr. Oak says whilst calling him to a table. "Ash, this is pikachu- the electric mouse pokemon."

Ash stares in amazement as Pr. Oak calls pikachu out of his pokeball and is materializing in the white light, moments away from showing its appearance to them both.

And out appears ash's future best friend and partner, Pikachu.

Pikachu, an underestimated pokemon with many good attacks, a bright yellow colour and a thunderbolt looking tail and red cheek pouches.

It sniffs around and focuses on its surroundings, not suspected a young trainer to have crushed it in ashs arms.

"Oh wow! Hes amazing professor thankyou" Ash spoke, rather loudly getting caught up in the excitement of being able to start his own pokemon journey. Pikachu however, disagreed with him on being carried and the trainer half screaming. And it showed as he unleashed his thundershock for self defense.

"H-he su-ure is stro-ong..." Ash states being overwhelmed by the electric attack his partner just gave him. "C'mon pikachu, we are supposed to be friends, we are going to travel and be the best there is!" Ash continues from slightly recovering. Luckily pikachu was still a young pokemon with low attack strength, or that would've really hurt him if otherwise.

"Well Ash, here is his pokeball and your kanto region pokedex and five pokeballs for you to catch pokemon with" Pr. Oak informs.

Ring-ring Ring-ring Phone call Phone- call.

"Hi gramps, im almost at Pewter City now (Gary having the red sports car to travel in) about to get my first gym badge- oh hey Ashy-boy how have you been" Gary spoke through the phone as he snickered, putting emphasis on the nick name Ash got fustrated at.

"Ah, good work Gary, you will have all eight in no time if you keep up this pace." Replies Pr. Oak.

"Oh I need to get going, I have the gym challenge today. And Ash remember to travel outside your pyjamas, these a thing called casual clothing." Gary laughs at the comment as he cuts the connection. Ash balled his fists trying to keep his cool against his childhood rival.

'If Gary already has almost One gym badge, im already behind, and he already has hours of extra training which I havent got... i might not beat him in the pokemon league. If I go to another place first and train, ill be stronger before I face Gary!' Ash thinks.

"Professor, is there other regions apart from the kanto league to enter in?" Ash asks.

Confused at his question to go somewhere else, he answers anyway "Well yes, theres the Hoenn and Johto leagues whch have the same rules and regulations as Kanto."

"Then sir i'd like to have a Hoenn pokedex please..Thats where ill head first." Ash says with his decision made final.

"Very well Ash, theres no stopping you is there?" Says Pr. Oak " Of you go then Ash let your journey be one of experience and adventure, including fun of course."

"I wont professor thanks for all your help, lets go pikachu!" Ash calls pikachu to its pokeball, calling the word 'return'. Pikachu sidesteps causing the pokeball to not recall him.

Ash bends down to his level to speak to him. "If you dont like the pokeball, want to walk outside?" Ash questions his electric friend. Pikachu agrees to this and walks slowly behind him as they leave Pr. Oaks lab and head back home. As much as Ash hates giving Gary the upper hand, traveling is meant for casual clothing, not his pj's.

"Well here we are pikachu, this is my house." Ash thinks for a few moments. "Its your home too now pikachu.

Pikachu smiles at the energetic trainer and follows it into the small house in the centre of Pallet Town.

As Ash gets changed he remembered what Professor Oak told him.

Remember Ash this pokemon may be a bit stubborn at first. But you are both new to the traveling and should soon be helping eachother. This Pikachu will be your partner and as a pokemon he will help you battle. He Knows only tackle and thundershock right now, so good luck with training him into a fine battler.

With the flashback over, Ash has a smile brought to his face knowing that Pr. Oak has some confidence in him to do well. 'Alright then.. guess its time to say goodbye to Kanto for now, i better say bye to mum before i go' "Pikachu! We are about to leave now" He yelled to wherever the partner pokemon was. He heard a faint 'Pika' response from His new friend from upstairs.

Now geared and ready to leave, the young trainer has finally got to say goodbye to his mother. They both know it will take a while to get used to and both also know its for the best.

"Well goodbye, Ill try keep in touch with ya over the journey in Hoenn. Bye to you too Mimey, take care of mum for me." He said as he walked slowly and waved back to the house. And with pikachu, Walking by his side, they set of to the small port in Pallet Town to get a boat to take them to their destination. Where they will start their own tale together with new experiences.

"Pika?" Pikachu Squeked.

"Whats up pikachu? We are going on a boat, thats ok right?" Ash asked, hoping Pikachu was okay on boats. As after all, they were walking to a pier, where they could be on a boat for several hours, maybe even longer.

'Electric types are fine against water, aren't they? Is he afraid of boats?' Ash continued in his train of thought, trying to remember what Pr. Oak said about pikachu. Ashs eyes grew slightly in remembering.

'How could i forget! Pikachu is young, he may have not been on a boat before, what should i say to cheer him up a bit?' Ash tugs on his hat trying to think.

Pikachu looks at him confusingly. Ash notices his confused behaviour.

Ash tries to explain to his friend what a boat is, so far sitting on a bench at the port waiting for a boat wasnt helping.

"I know, ill show you what one of them looks like!" Ash feels better knowing he can slightly help his nervous mouse pokemon. As they walk up to a medium sized boat close to the pier. Ash points to it and starts saying very... basic detail on what a boat was.

"A boat helps take you across the sea, its impossible to swim that distance, so these help a lot to traveling trainers like us!" Ash explained. Pikachu understood what it did and seemed glad that it wasnt going to worry him anymore.

As the boat Ash and pikachu needed started to dock and prepare for passengers to board, the place became crowded with all sorts of people and pokemon.

There was a notice from a megaphone given out. 'Please return all big pokemon to your pokeballs and keep other pokemon with you at all times, we aren't responsible for losing your pokemon.'

"pikachu, come on my shoulder, I wont lose you that way, i could walk on ahead without noticing otherwise, and your my first pokemon and a good friend of mine now, so hop on and lets get ready to go to Hoenn." Ash states excitedly, waiting to set sail over the clear blue sea.

"Pika, pikachu!" it replied cheerfully as he is now perched on Ash's shoulder.

"Ok then lets go, don't want them to leave without us, right buddy?" He laughed.

Pikachu joined in the laughter as they boarded the boat.

Meanwhile in Hoenn, a girl is already awake waiting for an hours time to come face to face with a pokemon; her first. This girls name is the May Maple, daughter of Norman, the Petalburg City gym leader.