Lost In The Woods of Petalburg!

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What was to be said about what was just seen? How would the boy adapt to the new circumstances, May is now looking towards another guy, and she said only yesterday that she liked the raven-haired boy, her feelings were hard to decipher.

Ash was currently walking around town with Pikachu, looking ahead with a dazed look in his eyes, lost in his train of thought.

He sighed

'It's weird, I don't want to like May, as I need to focus on my training, but it's still hard for me to look at May and Drew being together..'

Ash sighed again. He seemed to be doing that a lot recently; things didn't look like they were going his way.

'The gym battle is more important, I need to get stronger with my pokemon!'

"Tailow" Ash called. "C'mon out"

Ash held the pokeball in front of him as the pokémon materialized into the city.

"What do you both say to some training in the woods?" Ash asked both Pikachu and tailow.

They both nodded enthusiastically, running and flying respectively to the woods.

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Ash smiled before running after them quickly.

It didn't take long for Ash to find an opponent, and challenge it.

"A poochyena" Ash called, repeating the name from his pokedex.

The dog like pokémon growled, then sprinting towards the trio.

"He wants to battle, alright then." Ash smirked. "Tailow use quick attack, and Pikachu use your thunderbolt"

Tailow slammed into the pokémon, and soared back into the sky, returning to Ash's side.

Pikachu was up next who jumped into the air, cheeks crackling, and unleashed the electric type attack, shocking the poochyena.

"Let's catch it!" Ash announced. "Pokeball, go!"

Ash threw a red and white sphere towards the opponent pokémon.

However, after two rolls of the pokeball, it seemed poochyena still had enough energy left, and broke free from the capsule.

"Poochye-Poochyena" The pokemon howled, the noise echoing through the forest.

"What's going on!?" Ash stuttered, growing more worried as multiple growls can now be heard.

It was a pack of poochyena.

All staring down the trio of Ash and his two pokemon.

"RUN!" Ash yelled and sped away, further from the town of Rustboro, and deeper into Petalburg woods with pikachu and tailow in tow.

However, the poochyena didnt like the intruders sudden outburst, and ran in pursuit of the tresspassers.

"Tailow, fly away and get some help" Ash ordered as the pack grew closer to Ash.

Tailow did as instructed and flew high into the air, and headed towards Rustboro.

"Alright pikachu, hit 'em with a thunderbolt, and then follow tailow, and we should get outta here" Ash explained quickly.

The poochyena were now in view, but not for long as pikachu released vols of electricity onto the normal types, and the duo left the scene.

Of course, Ash wasn't a pokemon, and didn'd have pikachu's speed, and pikachu got further and further ahead, now out of ear-shot.

Ash began to get nervous, he no longer had a pokemon to protect him, and began to run even faster, trying to get more speed as the shocked poochyena were not badly injured.

They were now just extremely angry.

Ash then started to panic and looked for some place to hide, he knew he could not hope to outrun them.

The boy turned sharply, changing direction and hoping to lose sight of the poochyena.

But unfortunately for the Kanto native, he should have been looking infront of him, rather than behind towards his pursuiters.

Ash caught his foot on a root from one of the many tree's in the forest, and fell to the ground quickly, and unable to release his foot from the hold it had on him.

Unable to get up, he sighed and slowly closed his eyes, the tiredness becoming the best of him.

And he fell asleep.

-Enter Page break-

How long had past? He couldn't be sure, but when he awoke, he saw a small figure close to him, with four feet, and had a steady look towards him.

It was a poochyena.

It seemed that many must have followed pikachu, angry for its attack, but a select few my have gone after the boy, now on the ground.

But wait, he was no longer on the ground, and his foot was removed from the root, and he was also leaning against the tree, rather than on the floor.

What had happened? Was he helped when he was asleep?

Many questions were going around his head, confused at the current scenario.

The poochyena stepped from the shadows of the tree.

It had two eyes looking back at Ash, and a dark green tail, it also-

Wait! A dark green tail?

"A treecko" Ash acknoledged.

The Hoenn starter pokemon, never had four feet, it was merely walking on all-fours, it was actually a bi-pedal pokemon, usually using its two feet to walk, but not in this occasion.

On its back was a large leaf, containing water.

'Why would it have that?' Ash thought to himself as the grass pokemon walked closer to him.

The pokemon was now next to Ash, but fell slightly, falling sideways. But Ash was quick to realise this and took the leaf of water, and placed it between them.

"Here you go" Ash said to him. "Here is your drink"

Treecko nodded left to right, inicating a 'no' signal, and pushed the leaf a few centimetres to Ash.

"Is this mine?" Ash asked the pokemon.

"Tre" Treecko nodded happily, signaling a 'yes'.

Ash was slighty suprised at the wild pokemons nice gesture, but appreciated it none-the-less.

"Thank you" Ash smiled, cupping some water in his hands and drinking the liquid.

"You should have some too" Ash offered. "It's good"

"Treecko (thank you)" Treecko responded cheerily, putting his head into the leaf's water and sipping it.

"So treecko" Ash said, turning to the grass pokemon. "You were the one that helped me when I was asleep?"

Treecko nodded yes and put on a fighting stance.

"Oh, you fought the poochyena!" Ash stated. "You must be really strong"

Treecko smiled as Ash complimented him.

But on closer inspection, Ash became slightly worried.

Treecko looked fine, except its left leg, which had a bite mark on it.

"Oh no" Ash gasped. "Your hurt!"

'That explains why he was on his hands and knees carrying the water, rather than in his arms, and when he fell, he couldn't alk on it properly.' Ash thought, connecting the dots.

"Let's get you to a pokemon centre, we can get you some help"

Treecko went silent for a few moments, thinking about the question.

Why would he want to leave the forest, his home...

The starter pokemon looked at Ash's worried expression, and came to an answer.

"Treecko, tre" Treecko nodded, climbing onto Ash's lap, ready to go.

"Off we go!" Ash said as he removed treecko fom his lap, and placed him on his left shoulder, where the pokemon shuffled and comfortably perched.

"Poochyena!" The pokemon howled as six or seven wild dog pokemon surrounded them.

"Oh no, not now" Ash yelled.

Things were not looking good, and Ash didn't want treecko to battle, it would be too strenuous on his already injured body.

"PIKA- CHUUUUU" A voice yelled as electricty zapped one of the opponents.

Ash grinned from ear to ear, already knowing what, and who's pokemon it was.

Treecko on the other hand, was sceptical, the Hoenn starter had never seen this pokemon before. Was it an enemy or a friend?

Ash noticed Treecko's untrusting gaze upon the electric type attack.

"Pikachu is my friend, he won't hurt ya" Ash noted.

"Also, if any pokemon attack the poochyena, they are a friend to us at the moment." Ash chucked, as they were still outnumbered one pikachu to six poochyena.

Or so they thought.

"Taiiiloowww" The bird pokemon exclaimed as its wings glowed white and hit one of the poochyena.

Pikachu ran to Ash and was about to jump on his shoulder. But the electric type realised the space was occupied.

Tailow dived and joined pikachu on the ground and chirped happily as the bird pokemon saw that it's trainer was okay.

"Tail-tailow(I got help!)" The pokemon chirped again as another person walked onto the scene.

"Eevee use quick attack" A female voice instructed. "Torchic use your ember"

Ash smiled. His friends would always come to his rescue, because that is waht they are there for.

Friends don't abandon eachother if things don't seem right, they would be on the same side and work towards a common cause.

"May" Ash whispered, looking towards his part savior.

A few of the poochyena realised they did no longer have control of the match, and began to retreat.

However, it seemed that the last of them, the leader, was quite stubborn, and charged towards Ash.

May was the first to react.

"Ash!" She announced as the pokemon went even closer to his direction, and released it's claws.

Ash tried to move, but his feet were stuck to the ground, he stood in shock, waiting for the impact.


The grass pokemon leaped from Ash's shoulder, intercepting the attack.

"Tre-tre-tre!" It yelled as it releaed an attack, constantly hitting the approaching poochyena.

"That's gotta be a bullet seed!" Ash noted as the grass type move landed drect hit and the poochyena ran away to find its group.

Treecko had a perfect landing as it landed on the ground...

Well, almos perfect.

When its left leg hit the ground, treecko grunted and fell to the ground.

"We need to get treecko to the pokemon centre, right now" Ash instructed.

"Right!" May agreed. "Torchic and eevee, return for now, you both did great"

"Tailow, please guide us back to Rustboro city!" Ash ordered as he picked up treecko carefully, and cradled the grass type in his arms.

"Tailow!" The bird nodded, and flapped its wings, soaring into the sky.

"Let's go!" They both nodded, running through the forest.

-Insert Page Break-

Ash, pikachu, May and treecko finally made it back into the city, and quickly dashed towards the pokemon centre.

"Hello, how may I- Oh my, what happened" Nurse Joy asked, with worry evident in her voice as she looked towards a slightly injured Ash, worn out pikachu and a fainted treecko.

"It's a really long story Nurse Joy, but could you please help this wild treecko" Ash asked desperately.

'You helped me treecko, now it is my turn to try and help you'

A hand was placed on Ash's shoulder.

It was May.

"What happened to treecko wasn't your fault Ash, don't blame yourself." She told him softly.

Her words really hit him, it wasn't his fault, but why does he feel this way?

"M-May, it is m-my f-fault." He said with tears building up in his eyes. "He only tried to hel-help me, and n-now this happened!"

The tears finally fell as he placed his head on Mays shoulder, and began to cry.

"Ash, it will be okay" May said calmly, letting him cry.

And all that could be heard from the pokemon centre, was sobbing from the poor trainer.

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