Kaku Seiga, Komeiji Koishi, Komeiji Satori

"… Oh, you again…" purple eyes narrowed suspiciously through a narrow gap between the large, heavy wooden doors. They were not unlike those of a dungeon's, thought the Kaku Seiga, considering they were attached to a large, western mansion of masonry deep underground in Old Hell.

"Ahh~ What's with that unfriendly tone, Satori-san~?" Seiga greeted the petite, purple haired master of the manor with a smile. Komeiji Satori opened the door reluctantly, allowing Seiga to enter the dim and expectantly gloomy stone halls, large pillars soaring up into the darkness, their buttresses just visible by torch holding up the vast ceiling.

"… I don't like it…" answered Satori honestly, "I can read your mind, but your thoughts are surprisingly clean if slightly tasteless, like a well organised chest of drawers… Yes… too clean…" a free bodied, third red eye connected to Satori by veins and resting on her chest turned to eye Seiga, "Pleasant clothes displayed on the top and naughtier ones hidden beneath…" she commented as she and Seiga walked side by side down one of many corridors towards one of many rooms.

"I'll take that as a compliment of my powers as a hermit," Seiga smiled.

The two eventually arrived at a door, and Seiga made to enter it, but Satori stopped her.

"I'm warning you… I don't intend to meddle in the sort of friends my little sister makes…" said Satori with just a hint of strong dislike leaking, "But don't you dare lead her astray…" her expressionless gaze upon Seiga gave the unmistakable feeling of a glare.

"And what makes you think I'm the one leading, Nee-chan~?" teased Seiga, and this time Satori really glared. Still, she opened the door for her guest, and showed her in into a smaller, warmer sitting room furnished with plush armchairs, shelves of books and other amenities.

"Koishi…?" called out Satori, "Your friend is here…" The table was laid with tea for two, but there was no one there.

"Satori-onee-sama~!" the older satori was surprised by the sudden hugging of her younger sister from behind.

"K-Koishi? ! When were you-" Satori struggled with Koishi's snuggling, while Seiga greeted Koishi with a smile.

"Hee! You made it, Seiga-onee-chan!" Koishi greeted her playmate for today, "And Satori-onee-sama… You were saying bad things about Seiga-onee-chan again…" she pouted.

"That's because I don't like her," answered Satori honestly, and Koishi pouted further.

"Ahaha… Your sister is simply worried about you," Seiga said to Koishi, before giving Satori a pleasant smile.

"… Hmph… Well, as long as you and Koishi simply sit here where I can keep an eye over you two…" Satori left the room, closing the door after her and leaving the two alone.

"S-Satori-onee-sama…! Haah… Sorry, Seiga-onee-chan…" Koishi apologised as they sat themselves at the table, "It seems Satori-onee-sama still doesn't trust you after all this time… And we've been friends for half a year now…" she sighed.

"I don't mind at all though," Seiga sincerely said, "It's never been dull around you… I think I've had the most fun in my life last month!" she grinned, Koishi beaming in response, "I mean, who knew you could get the Enma of Gensokyo herself to act based on suggestion alone, through her subordinate no less?"

"Ahaha… It wasn't so great of me!" Koishi scratched her head embarrassedly, "It was just a simple trick… Seiga-onee-chan was the one who thought up everything! I'm surprised you understood so much about Shiki-sama!" Koishi praised back, "Seiga-onee-chan never ceases to amaze me with how much she knows…" she fiddled her fingers together, "Although… I've troubled you again, haven't I…?" her gaze lowered behind her fringe, "It was me that wanted to see a love-related incident in Gensokyo after all… We even ended up going to Hell this time… You could have been caught…" she muttered, downcast.

"A-Ah! I'm fine, Koishi-chan!" Seiga hurriedly insisted, "Didn't I just say I had the most fun ever? All you wanted to do was to protect your new friends!" she reminded Koishi.

"I guess you're right…" Koishi cheered up as she recalled fondly Hourai and Shanghai, "I would really like to go see them again…"

"Heh… 'Hourai and Shanghai'… Really, those two girls really threw our plans off," Seiga smiled wryly, "'Living dolls'… Who would have expected that? We even ended up helping them end our own plot because of it… Though I can't say that wasn't fun in its own way…" she nodded as she sipped her tea, "Must be fate… Or maybe just some annoying vampire…" Seiga chuckled, "Really… even that Remilia Scarlet managed to barge in on it cluelessly…"

"Yes… It was fun being the good guys, wasn't it Seiga-onee-chan?" beamed Koishi, "Ah! I know! Instead of creating incidents, let's solve them next time!"

"Hehh…? Solve them?" asked Seiga, "You mean, the two us become incident resolvers like Reimu-san and Marisa-san?"

"Yes! We could even invite Shanghai-chan and Hourai-chan to be part of our team!" Koishi sparkled, "The four Roses of Gensokyo. I can be 'Rose Lovely'! Shanghai-chan can be 'Rose Sunny'! Hourai-chan 'Rose Passion'! And Seiga-onee-chan…" Koishi eyed Seiga's dress for a moment with difficulty, "'R-Rose Mature'…?" she tentatively suggested.

Seiga smiled awkwardly, "Ahaha… But… you're a youkai and I'm a hermit… For the two of us to be resolving incidents in Gensokyo… It's odd, isn't it?" she said.

"That's even better then!" Koishi clapped her hands together enthusiastically, "We'll be undercover incident resolvers! Everyone thinks we're the bad guys, but really we're the good guys pretending to be the bad guys so that we can get closer to the criminal scumbags!" she punched the air.

"'C-Criminal scumbags'you say… That's a little harsh…" Seiga chuckled uneasily. W-Why does that sound like you're talking about…?

"But it's interesting, isn't it?" said Koishi dreamily.

"Haah… I have to admit, it's quite the novel idea…" Seiga rubbed her chin, "Although… Gensokyo is all peaceful now… So unless someone stirs up an incident like us, there won't be any to solve…" she pointed out.

A moment of thought followed before Koishi had a stroke of inspiration.

"I got it!" she cheerily announced, "If there are no incidents to resolve… then we'll just have to create one!" she suggested.

"… T-That's the opposite, isn't it? Like pretending to be the good guys when we're actually the bad guys…?" Seiga sweat-dropped, "But wait a minute… I like that notion…" she pondered, a mischievous smile coming to her face.

"I know, right?" beamed Koishi, "Shall we do it?"

"Hmm… Give me a moment, Koishi-chan! Let's see if Seiga-onee-chan can come up with something!" Seiga grinned, and Koishi cheered.

Outside the room, Satori leaned off the door where she had been eavesdropping the whole time.

"… Isn't that what you two have been doing this whole story, idiot Koishi…" she sighed, "Well, what happens on the surface doesn't matter to me… As long as it's nothing earth-shattering…" Satori said to herself, retreating back to her own room, "I don't suppose we'll have another troublesome conference to attend, will we…?"

Epilogue End

"Jonas-sama? Seiga-sama?" cried out Miyako Yoshika as she wandered the frozen winter paths aimlessly, having once again somehow broken out of her master's residence, "Where are you? Where did everyone go…?"

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