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As soon as Molly closed the door to her flat, she was being pressed against it. Sherlock's warm lips took possession of hers and a shiver ran up and down her spine while his leg parted her thighs and pressed against her heat in a teasing way. The desperate detective had already shrug off his coat and his suit jacket and was now opening the buttons of his white shirt while Molly still had a hard time to realize that this was really happening. For almost a minute she couldn't do anything more but to return his delicious kiss, stroke his tongue with her own, teasing it, luring it into her mouth. Her hands were pressed flatly against the cold wood of the door. Molly was afraid. Afraid that if she would reach out, he would disappear.

"Touch me", Sherlock finally commanded in a low, almost desperate purr before he laid his arms around her small frame to pull her against his now bare chest.

Molly gasped at the full body contact. She felt the heat of his upper body through her blouse which Sherlock was pulling roughly out of her skirt at the moment. It was all too much. It was too fast for her mind to follow.

"Sherlock…" she breathed hoarsly, her arms still hanging limbly at her sides. She didn't dare to touch him.

His only response was the whispering of her name into her ear, which sent a jolt directly in between her thighs. Her sex was hot and wet and throbbing.

"Please…Sherlock…", her plead was interrupted as his long, slender fingers touched the sensitive skin of her back, fumbling for the zip of her skirt and she gasped again, "…stop!"

The man in question froze immediately. His lips, which had been sucking at her throat, let go of her skin with a slurpy sound and he raised his head to look down on her.

Molly shuddered as she saw the lust in his ocean colored eyes and the pink color on his cheeks. That man was so damn sexy, just looking at him flooded her body with arousal.

"What is it?"

She blushed as she heard his irritated and somewhat impatient sounding voice.

"I…I just need a second to clear my head."

"I don't understand."

She cleared her throat and stepped out of his embrace. She felt cold without his body against her, but just for a second. With the new distance between them she could look at his lean, tight chest and nicely defined arms and shoulders.

Oh dear Lord, please help me.

His sight did nothing to help her with her state, so after one last hungry look at the beautiful man in front of her she turned around and walked into the kitchen. She only switched on the light of her exhaust hood.

"How about some coffee?" she shouted out and turned her head just to find him standing right behind her, his hands already placed on her hips again. He bent forward to nuzzle her neck with his wonderful mouth and tongue and Molly couldn't help but rest her head against his shoulder and close her eyes for a moment.

"Tell me you want me", he whispered into her ear in that sexy purr while his fingers started to unbutton her blouse.

"Never", she managed to whisper back and couldn't help but smile as she heard him chuckle.

"You will say it sooner or later" he grinned and Molly felt cool air hit her chest as Sherlock brushed her blouse to the side.

"Hm. Didn't think you were a girl with a taste of such naughty underwear", Sherlock whispered into her ear. Only with his fingertips did he brush over her dark red lace bra, hardly touching the hardened nipples under the delicate fabric. Still, it was enough to make the small woman moan. She leaned into his touch and Sherlock continued to tease her nipples with his thumbs. Little gasps escaped Molly's lips and her arms moved upwards. She let her fingers slide into his silky curls and she turned her head to lick and suck at his neck.

Sherlock pressed his hips against hers, gently pushing her against the kitchen counter. His stiffened manhood rubbed her buttcheek lazily and automatically Molly leaned into the touch.

A low growl escaped Sherlock and his big hands covered her whole breasts, squeezing and massaging them. He bent his head and captured her lips for another passionate kiss.

Molly was drowning. Drowning in Sherlock Holmes. The sweetest of deaths awaited her. She couldn't breathe anything but his scent, felt nothing but his strong, hot body, setting her own on fire. It was tingling. Never had the touch of a hand felt so intense on her skin. Sherlock's hand was wandering down her belly and his fingers slipped under the waistband of her skirt. Instinctively, Molly pressed her bum harder against Sherlock's front. He massaged Molly's left breast a little harder while the fingers of his right hand wandered over her panties…and lower.

Molly moaned loudly into Sherlock's mouth as she felt his fingers on her most private part. The sane part of her felt like an idiot, the lust-clouded part of her didn't give a damn.

Sherlock broke the kiss and looked down on her.

"Your panties are already soaked through…", he whispered teasingly and to proof his statement his fingers pressed against her wet briefs.

Molly gasped and bit her lip. When she realized that he actually expected a reply to that, she had to clear her throat several times to be able to speak.

"Well…I already came once, so…"

It felt very weird to talk to Sherlock about this, even with his hands on her breast and on her heat.

"Ah, I see. Female ejaculation. I heard of that, but never witnessed it personally."

Something lit up in his eyes and Molly feared the worst. This fear increased as he let go of her and sat down at the small kitchen table. She couldn't keep her eyes of his pale skin and the nicely defined upper body while he moved.

They looked at each other for a few rapid heartbeats before Sherlock made an inviting gesture towards the kitchen table. Molly's mind couldn't process what he meant her to do. Sherlock understood and smirked.

"Lay down on the table, Molly."

Molly looked at the clean surface of her light blue kitchen table. Then she looked back at Sherlock.


Normally, Sherlock would impatiently roll his eyes at that point. But to Molly's surprise he just chuckled.

"I want to taste you."

Oh dear God! I'm going to faint!

Molly grabbed the kitchen counter for support. Her knees felt very, very weak. This was all so surreal. Sherlock sitting in her chair, telling her something like this in a casual tone. How many times did she dream of this to happen? How often did she wake up in the middle of the night, shaken out of sleep by an orgasm caused by one of those dirty dreams she had about them having sex? Way too often for a sane person, she thought.

"Don't let me wait, Molly. Or do you want me to come and get you?"

The look and the smirk he gave her made her shiver. When her body still refused to move, Sherlock raised and strolled over to her, lifting her up in his arms in an elegant, fluent movement. Automatically, Molly wrapped her arms around his neck while she looked up at him. Her fingers played with one of the locks in his neck.

"Or don't you like this to be done to you?" he asked.

"No. I mean yes. I like it. Love it, actually…", Molly mumbled and fixed her eyes on his long throat, just so she wouldn't have to look him in the eyes.

"So why do you hesitate? Don't you want me to do it?"

"You really don't have to…", she whispered and fought her cheeks to blush.

"Like I said: I want to taste you."

"Dear Lord…", Molly breathed and buried her head at his shoulder.

"What is it?"

"This is all too much, Sherlock! I…Two hours ago you barely acknowledged my existence and now you're standing in my kitchen without your shirt on, carrying me in your arms and saying and doing all those things…"


"Well, I…where did this come from? Why now? This is totally out of the blue!"

"You're wearing a skirt. I find it very attractive on you."

Molly gaped at him for a second.

"I've worn skirts before. I actually bought an overprized dress for you to that bloody Christmas Party you were having."

"I liked you in that, too."

Molly's heart bounced against her ribs.

"You did?" she asked in a low voice.

"Of course."

"You didn't seem to like it."

Sherlock shifted her in his arms. He was still carrying her like she weighed nothing.

"I had other things on my mind. And I didn't want to get aroused in front of our friends…and John's girlfriend of the day."

Molly snuggled a little closer to him.

"Did you know I bought it for you?"

He looked down at her for a moment. His eyes roamed over her face and lingered on her lips.

"No. I thought you bought it for another man. The same one I thought you wrapped that present for…"

His voice trailed off and Molly let her fingers slide into his curls.

"Were you jealous?"

Sherlock huffed at that.

"I'm never jealous."

Molly grinned. She could see right through him. He noticed her grin and glared at her, but she ignored it and leaned in closer.

"You've ruined me for other men. It's you or no one, Sherlock."

He checked if she was mocking him, so she gave him a heartfelt smile.

"Well…", he cleared his throat and pulled her tight against his body, "…if this is the case, I don't want to be responsible for you ending up as an old spinster."

This time, Molly responded to his kiss with the same passion in which he initiated it. She didn't object when he laid her down on the table, not breaking the kiss. She spread her legs willingly and wrapped them around him, followed by her arms, moaning as she felt his hot skin under her fingers. Her hands roamed over his back, exploring the soft skin, gently massaging the muscles underneath.
Sherlock got more eager with every minute that passed by. Still kissing her deeply, his hands slipped under her skirt hastily, fumbling for her briefs. He lifted her butt with one hand and pulled down her panties, breaking the kiss and stepping back so Molly could close her thighs.

Finally, Sherlock held her red panties up like a trophy, giving her a self-secure smirk before tossing it on the floor. Molly giggled as he grabbed her by the waist and moved her around on the table until she was in the right position. He sat down on the chair again, kissing her knee.

"Spread your legs, Molly", he purred again, nibbling at her skin and looking up at her hungrily. Molly bit her lower lip as she slowly opened up for him, feeling a little self-conscious for a second when he looked directly at her. Like if he had noticed, he raised his eyes to her and smiled while he leaned forward, pressing a hot kiss on her mons veneris. Molly's pelvis twitched and she gasped.
"Sherlock", she breathed while his arms snaked under her thighs to lift her legs, pulling her even closer. She felt his hot breath on her wet folds, his hands roamed over her belly and her breasts.
"Molly", she heard him whisper. And then her brain exploded.

Her upper body jerked up and Molly moaned loudly as she felt the tongue of her consulting detective dipping into her hot folds, curiously exploring her secret depths.
"Delicious", Sherlock whispered hoarsly before his tongue started circling around her clit.
"Oh God", was Molly's only comment while her hips jerked up and her fingers moved into his full hair. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to enjoy this fantastic moment, moaning his name over and over again until her brain was turned into pudding by his tongue.
When Sherlock gently inserted two long, slender fingers into her depths, Molly couldn't take it anymore.
"Sherlock...oh dear...I'm cumming."
"Mhmm", Sherlock murmured and let his tongue eagerly flick over her clit.
"No. Sherlock, please. I don't want to..."
"Oh, but you will...for me."
He looked at her from his position and their eyes locked. Molly saw the fire in his marvellous eyes and with one last, savouring stroke of his tongue and a movement of his amazing fingers, Sherlock pushed Molly over the cliff of sanity and into the abyss of mind clearing bliss.
Sherlock held her shaking body and moaned as her juices filled his mouth. His hands gently massaged her breasts and he teased her with a few more strokes of his tongue until she was begging for mercy. She pulled at his hair and Sherlock chuckled before he placed a kiss on her over sensitive sex and leaned back.
"Thank you", Molly breathed and made a noise of pleasure as the last waves of her orgasm rolled through her body.
"It was my pleasure" he replied, smiling and standing up.
Molly could see the big bulge in his trousers and her heart beat faster.
"Do you need time to calm down?" he asked while his hands stroked up and down her bare thighs.
Molly shook her head, her heart still beating fast. She lifted herself from the table and directly went for his pants while she captured his lips. She tasted herself on them and his tongue while she unbottoned his trousers. When she reached down and wrapped her fingers around his rock hard cock, both of them moaned.
Sherlock wrapped his arms around her possessively and pulled her close.
"Tell me you want me", he demanded again and his sexy hoarse voice made her shiver.
Oh, what the heck!
"I want you, Sherlock", Molly breathed and was rewarded with a sly smile. To punish him for this, her grip around him tightened. His eyes hurried down and back again.
"Hm...I see I am at disadvantage here."
Molly grinned.
"Brilliant deduction, Mr. Holmes."
He hummed at that and pulled off her blouse before he fumbled with the clasp of her bra. While he did that, Molly continued to stroke him, never breaking eye contact.
As soon as her bra landed on the floor, Sherlock pushed her back on the kitchen table, towering over her.
"I want you, Molly", he breathed, looking down on her, his eyes blazing with lust.
"You always had me, Sherlock", Molly whispered and smiled. He returned this smile before he reached down between their bodies, placing his throbbing manhood against her entrance.
He kissed her while he united them, suffocating Molly's moan. After all those years, she finally felt him inside her. It was beyond words. A dream come true.
The kitchen table scratched over the tiled floor as Sherlock started rocking, pushing himself into her depths over and over again with slow but powerful thrusts. Molly wrapped her legs around him and Sherlock grapped her thigh, pulling it towards him so she would open up more. They found their rhythm and growls, gasps and moans filled the kitchen.

Sherlock had been aroused for a while now and it didn't take long for his orgasm to boil up inside him.
"Am I assuming correctly that your still on the pill?"
Molly couldn't help but chuckle at his posh way to speak, even now, buried deep inside her, fucking her.
"Indeed I am", she replied grinning and Sherlock moaned into her ear, obviously very pleased by that answer for he thrusted into her even faster.
He called out her name as he came, spilling himself inside of her. Another few hard thrusts which made Molly gasp, then he broke down on top of her, his head buried at her neck and his hot, quick breath hitting her sensitive skin.
Molly closed her eyes, having the biggest smile on her face, and gently stroke his back and let her fingernails gently scratch over his skull. She wanted to laugh, to run out on the street and yelling that she just had sex with bloody Sherlock Holmes. But this wasn't probably the right time, she thought. Better do it after he left.
"Well, this was a rather pleasing start. Don't you think?"
"Start?" Molly asked surprised.
Sherlock lifted his head and looked down on her, a crooked smile on his face.
"You didn't think this was it, did you? I'm still hungry. I'm gonna need you the whole day."
To prove his statement, he leaned forward and started nibbling at her shoulders and neck. Molly had a hard time to focus.
"And then what? Will we go back to being...whatever the heck we were?"
"Is this what you want?"
Sherlock looked down on her again, his face wearing a serious expression.
"Hell, no! Of course it's not what I want, you idiot! You know damn well what I want. But what do you want?"
Did I just call him an idiot? Guess so. But he's inside me, for heaven's sake! I have every right to say that!
To her surprise, Sherlock chuckled and bent down again to press a tender kiss on her lips.
"I want to have sex with you in your bed, pretend that we are one of those normal couples."
There the overies went 'bye-bye'. Did he just say couple?
"Did you say couple?" she managed to ask aloud.
"Yes. Does that freak you out, Molly Hooper?" he grinned and rested his head on his hand.
It was unbelievable how relaxed he was about all of this and Molly doubted that he actually understood what he was saying. Some people needed a smoke after sex, maybe this was Sherlock's thing.
"Let me get this straight. You want to be with me, not only for sex but for...sentiment? Do you really want to be my boyfriend? Do you know what it means?"
Finally, Molly found a way to make Sherlock roll his eyes.
"Yes, Molly, I know what that means. I'm not a five-year-old who wants to play 'house' for an hour. I know it means to be good to you, to take care of you, to be responsible and all that stuff. I am able to do all this. The more important question is, are you willing to put up with me? You know I'm not always a pleasure to be around."
Molly laughed at that, a joy filling her heart that felt like it would make it burst.
"Now you're just being modest. You can be quite a pain in the arse, Mister."
Sherlock furrowed his brows at this and Molly let her fingers wander in his hair.

"I have been putting up with you for years, so I don't know why I shouldn't be able to continue. Especially if there will be shagging", Molly giggled and brought back the smirk on Sherlock's face.
"Oh, I'm hoping for a lot of that, myself", he chuckled and lifted himself off the table, taking her with him.
With that cleared up, Molly's boyfriend carried her into her bedroom, throwing her down on the bed and dipping right in after her.

Toby the cat, who had been forced to witness the mating in the kitchen, was positively annoyed by the unhuman sounds and laughter that would come out of that room for the next couple of hours.