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Mycroft stared at him.

'Camping?' he repeated bleakly, shutting his eyes briefly. Mycroft Holmes had never been camping in his entire life.

'Yeah…' Greg nodded eagerly, pulling out a brochure and handing it over. Mycroft flicked through it while he talked. 'I know it looks all family orientated, but it's just a place to sleep really. It's the area which is worth it…' he tailed off to watch Mycroft as he read.

'In a tent?'

'Uh huh. Let's go back to our primal roots, My'

'I wasn't aware I had any' Mycroft said blandly, eyes not leaving the print in front of him.

'Oh come on! You spend your whole time in fancy expensive hotels; let's slum it for a week.' Greg beseeched.

'"Slum it"?' Mycroft looked positively alarmed now. 'In the mud, you mean?'

'Only if it rains' Greg told him. 'It'll be fun' he smiled widely. 'I promise'

Mycroft wasn't convinced. 'The curry is boiling' he said, standing up to move back over to the stove. He picked up the wooden spoon and slowly stirred the curry, chewing his lip, back to his partner.

Greg sighed and folded the brochure up again. He crossed his arms and slid around in his chair, so he was facing into the room.

'Why not?' he asked, eyebrow raised. 'Surely you're due some time- off?'

'Of course, Gregory' Mycroft turned around, wooden spoon held aloft. His face was pinched with what Greg could tell was annoyance. 'But why camping?'

'Because I haven't been for years and I thought it would be an experience for you' Greg stood up and moved towards his partner. 'Just for a week, My'

Mycroft sighed and stepped forwards, arms circling Greg around the middle. He buried his head in the crook of Gregory's neck, the comforting feeling on the policeman's short hair tickling his cheek. Of all the things he thought Greg would fling upon him, a surprise camping trip wasn't one of them; he could honestly think of nothing worse.

'If it would make you happy, I will do it' he murmured, huffing out a short laugh as he felt Greg smile.

'You may be right' Mycroft told him as he moved to get two bowls out of the cupboard.

'Huh?' Greg picked up his glass and drank deeply.

'It will be an experience for me' Mycroft spooned the rice and curry into separate bowls. Gregory took his and sat back down at the table. They sat in contented silence for a while, just the noise of forks against china breaking the reverie.

'And besides' Greg broke the silence.

Mycroft looked up expectantly, chewing.

'It'll be an excuse for you to get out of your suits'

'And just what is wrong with my suits?' Mycroft asked, eyebrows raised.

'Nothing! Just, it'll be nice to see you in something else, that's all.'


Silence reigned again.

'I don't have anything else but suits' Mycroft said, looking down at his attire. He had changed out of his work jacket and just wore a plain white shirt with dark blue cufflinks. These were his 'casual' clothes.

'Well…' Greg leaned forwards and gently kissed Mycroft on the mouth.

'We'll have to change that, won't we?'


'I'm not coming out'

'Oh, come on, My!'

'No' came the reply from the other side of the curtain.

'If you don't come out, I'm coming in!'

Gregory ignored the look from the member of staff standing by the changing room door. He had brought Mycroft out on a forced day-off to do some pre-holiday shopping.

The night before, when Greg had told Mycroft of his holiday plans, they had gone to their bedroom to look at the clothes Mycroft had. Apart from two dozen shirts, suit jackets, several different pairs of trousers and some rather bright cufflinks, he had nothing that could be considered 'normal' where they were going.

So Gregory had phoned in sick (it was for a good cause) and forced Mycroft to come shopping with him. Mycroft, to his credit, didn't protest; merely sighed dramatically and followed him .

After five more minutes of waiting, Gregory had had enough.

Mycroft was just pulling the t-shirt back over his head when he felt a flap of cold air around his bare middle.

'Good heavens!' he cried, arms stuck above his head. He relaxed when he heard a chuckle he recognised next to him and gentle hands pulled the t-shirt back down.

'I told you I'd come in' Greg told him brightly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. 'How did it look?'

'Ridiculous' Mycroft said flatly, looking down at the shirt. It was a light blue colour and tight in all the right places, Greg thought.

'You're getting it'

Mycroft sighed. 'Fine' he agreed. 'Can I take it off now?'

'Did you try on the shorts?'

'Gregory Lestrade, as much as I love you, I am not going to wear shorts.' Mycroft folded his arms. Greg snorted; he looked like a petulant child.

'Go on, do your pout' Greg chided him, grinning broadly when Mycroft stuck out his bottom lip, his own face breaking into a wide smile. He dragged the t-shirt back over his head.

'Ok, fine; no shorts' Greg thought for a moment. 'We'll find you some thin trousers'

'If you like' agreed Mycroft, buttoning up his baby blue shirt and slipping his tie back around his neck.

'You really don't mind?'

'Mind what? Thin trousers?' Mycroft smiled at him.

'No!' Greg thumped him gently on the arm. 'This; the holiday'

'No. I'm starting to come around to the idea.'



Mycroft hung his shirt back on the hanger and picked up the unworn shorts. 'Can we go now?'

'Yep' Greg said brightly, flapping his way out from the changing room like a magician revealing a trick.

Mycroft suppressed a grin and followed him. 'I believe I have enough summer clothes now.' He said as he reached his partner, who was hovering by a rack of sunglasses. 'And besides-'

He reached over and gently took off a pair of oversized glasses Greg had just tried on. 'By all accounts, North Devon doesn't really have a good track record for sunlight.'

'So it rains a bit.' Greg shrugged, taking another pair off the rack and peering at his reflection. 'We'll just have to bring your trusted umbrella.'

Mycroft brightened up a bit at this and even tried on a pair of sunglasses. After finding a suitable pair, he took Greg by the elbow and led him to the checkouts.

'I suppose I get the best deal out of this' Mycroft smiled smugly as the lady at the till bagged up his clothes.


'I assume I'm paying for all this?

'Well, they are your clothes'

Mycroft hummed out a laugh.

'And if you're good' Greg leaned in close and spoke in Mycroft's ear.

'I'll even buy you lunch'

'Fine' Mycroft turned his head so their cheeks brushed together for a few moments and moved forwards to pay.

Gregory smiled and took the bags to the car.


'One week to go, My'

Mycroft smiled into his pillow. Gregory had literally been counting down the days until their holiday and making a point of telling him how many days to go each morning.

He listened as Greg moved into the bathroom, turning to look at the clock on the bedside. 6.12. An early start from them it seemed.

Yawning deeply, he turned onto his back, the silk duvet skimming over his bare skin; he shivered in the cold morning air .He listened as Gregory turned the shower on, humming to himself. Mycroft smiled and stretched, staring up at the ceiling. He was expecting a very important phone call this morning.

He yawned again, then sat up straight in the bed, running a hand down his face. The space next to him was still warm.

He was about to say something to Greg when his phone rang. Sighing, he left the warmness of his bed and padded across the room to his desk.

'Mycroft Holmes speaking.'

He listened for a few minutes, interjecting with a few 'yes's and 'of courses' before putting down the phone again. He dressed as quickly as he could, buttoning up his suit with care, before moving into the en suit.

'Gregory?' he called through the masses of steam; his partner did enjoy his scalding hot showers.


'I've got to go to the office'

Greg could just make out the outline of Mycroft through the frosted glass and steam. 'Oh. Any idea when you'll be back?'


Greg sighed loudly, but the sound was muffled by the shower.

'I'll see you later'

'Yeah, see you later!' Greg called back, resuming shampooing his hair.

He had a sickening feeling that this was going to be a trend over their holiday.

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