Chapter One:

"And now for our final act," the ring master's brazen voice seemed to echo through the packed tent of people, " and main attraction might I add. Our very own emerald skinned spectacle!"

Claps emerged from the people in the wooden stands all around as they held their breath to see what the ringmaster had possibly meant. The red and yellow striped tent flaps wavered in the breeze as the crowd became quiet.

Fiyero turned to Glinda as they sat in the stands, "You don't think he's serious, do you?" he asked as his dark eyes flickered back to the dirt arena where the rest of the circus people were.

The blonde woman besides him sighed heavily. It was clear by her attitude, tone, and lack of interest in the show that she did not want to be here. She had been perfectly content with finding loose threads to pluck on her violet dotted dress when Fiyero had asked her that comment.

Glinda looked up from her dress, her sapphire eyes not on Fiyero but on the ringmaster who had moved aside to let in this mysterious green skinned girl.

"I don't know. There are certainly a lot of freaks here, so I guess why wouldn't they have a girl with green skin," her remark came out harsh and for once she did not care. Couldn't he see that she did not want to be here? That she only came to the Ozling Brother's Circus as an obligation to her soon to be wifely duties. It was most certainly not by choice. Though she did love Fiyero, the boy could be devastatingly annoying when he wanted to be.

Suddenly all the lights dimmed in the tent and a single spotlight was illuminated in the middle of the arena. The crowd grew un-settingly still and quiet. A girl walked forth with no grace at all, her ugly dirty combat boots trudging along in the dirt towards the light. Her short black dress had no shape or form whatsoever. Long midnight black hair swayed around her shoulders and face.

At first Glinda and Fiyero thought their eyes were playing tricks on them. They squinted and peered at the girl to make sure they were seeing things right. A rippling chain of gasps erupted from the crowd slowly. It was sure enough and plain as day. The girl's skin was green. Her entire body was like a glimmering emerald, with that skin pigment on every inch of her body. Her face, her ears, her hands, her fingers, her long scrawny legs, and even her feet were green.

"Oh my Oz," whispered Glinda who for once during the show was finally paying attention. Her mind forgot about her impending wedding, her dance rehearsal she had tomorrow, and the fact that she had been mad about being forced to come to this freak show.

Her mind was focused on the green girl. As she stole a quick glance at Fiyero's face, she guessed that he was too.

Fiyero looked more than curious about this strange, abnormal girl that stood in the center of the circus. He looked intrigued, bewildered at best. He leaned forward in his seat to get a better view. Wrinkles appeared on his brown suit as he moved, crinkling the expensive fabric that it was made of.

"How in Oz do you get skin like that?" he asked softly to Glinda. But she never answered him for she had no answer to give.

At that moment, the ringmaster stepped forward into the light with a strange item in his hands. He set the bucket of water he was holding down on the ground and faced the crowd.

"This is our emerald skinned attraction," he said with a bright smile towards the people who were watching. He motioned with his hands towards Elphaba, "But there is more to her than her unnatural skin color…" he paused. Glinda suddenly found herself immersed in this spectacle, wanting to know more.

"This precious skin burns when a single droplet of water touches it," said the man who controlled the circus.

Glinda had turned speechless at what the man had to say while she felt Fiyero tense up in anger besides her.

"He wouldn't," uttered her fiancé darkly as his eyes were glued to the spotlight. He was starting to seriously regret why he had taken Glinda here. He had thought it had been something fun to go to, seeing that his friend Avaric had gone there many times. But Fiyero never would have imagined how cruel this circus was.

The ringmaster reached with his hand into the bucket filled with swishing crystal clear water and lifted his hand out of the water. With the other hand he grabbed the green girl's forearm tightly and held it out straight so everyone could see.

Then he held his glimmering wet hand over her forearm and let the droplets fall onto her skin. With each drop Glinda and Fiyero heard a sick sizzling sound. Glinda covered her mouth with one of her hands unable to even comprehend that the girl's skin was actually burning.

The ringmaster dripped more water onto her skin as seconds passed by. Everyone in the crowd was stunned that she did not scream out in pain, though the silent grimaces and her lips pursing together tightly only gave it away that it was exceedingly painful for the girl.

"This is wrong," said Fiyero in a normal leveled voice. Heads turned in his direction as his words echoed in the otherwise silent circus. The performers and audience members were all staring at him in dislike for his outburst. It was apparent to Fiyero that these circus people didn't care what happened to this green girl, all they wanted was the money. He included the audience at fault as well for just watching and not one person speaking up about how wrong and cruel this was.

Glinda noticed his anger and slid her hand into his, trying to calm him down. Her blonde curls brushed the side of his face as she leaned towards his ear and whispered a threat.

"Yes, we all know this, but please Fifi for the love Ozma be quiet! People are starting to stare," her words were laced with the hint of annoyance. She felt as though their eyes were directed more at them as a couple couple than at each of them individually.

"Let them," were his words as he aggressively pulled his hand out of her grasp, disgusted with her. His eyes were all on the burning skin girl. He shot a glare to the ringmaster who had paused to watch the distraction among the crowd of Ozians.

"And that concludes our show tonight, folks," said the ringmaster slowly, his gaze on Fiyero.

The master of the circus shoved the green girl out of the spotlight without so much as letting the audience clap for her. The rest of the performers took a bow in an orderly fashion. The clowns, contortionists, acrobats, elephant and lion tamers all waited in a line for the applause. Claps had started to form all around them but neither Glinda nor Fiyero joined in the applause.

They remained in their seats while the others filed out as soon as the performers were gone, the tent now filled with noise. As the number of people dwindled down, Glinda turned to Fiyero.

"May we go home now?" she asked softly but a side of irritation was in her voice. She had started plucking threads again from her dress and thinking about what moves she had to perfect for her dance rehearsals tomorrow. In her mind she was already seeing herself dancing in the studio, far away from this monstrosity of an entertainment venue.

"No," said Fiyero sharply as he stood up. She looked up at him with her blue eyes. In them Fiyero could see an underlying reason for her irritability, for her annoyance. He knew that she just wanted to go home. But he couldn't let this go. It was just so wrong.

"And why ever not, Fiyero? You brought me here because Avaric said it would be fun, but now we've come to find out that this is not fun. Why can't we just go home and forget this happened and pretend we never saw such things?" pressed Glinda even though she knew what she had just said was quite cruel and arrogant.

Fiyero looked at her, with his eyes searing into hers.
"Because I'm not as heartless as you are, Glin," were his parting words as he stormed off to go find the ringmaster.

I don't need to start another story I know that. But the inspiration for this was overwhelming and I just HAD to write it. I haven't decided whether it will be a Gelphie or a Fiyeraba or maybe... both (if that's okay with LittleMissDelirious if I use her term). Anyways the whole setting for this is the 1930s, so just picture the 1930s but Ozian style. I'm really proud of this story and what will happen later and I can't wait to share it with all of you.