Chapter Forty-three:

She waited for the girl to come back with an army behind her. Maybe the Wizard would be among them, maybe even Morrible would come. Elphaba expected the entire land to back up the child in this fight.

As she sat there at her desk, waiting, she felt a bout of nervousness. She glanced at the fire that was burning in the fireplace as if it would give her clues as to what was to come. But it told her nothing.

The Grimmerie was no help either. Elphaba was at a loss at how the Wizard would be able to manage bringing back Glinda and Fiyero if she herself couldn't.

She regretted not telling the girl that she wanted to see Glinda and Fiyero alive before she died. That way she could know for sure if the Wizard was promising her false hope or not.

She had a feeling now that that's exactly what was going on. But she couldn't go back and change what she had said.

All she could do now was wait, wait for the girl to come back.

About two hours later, the girl reappeared, obviously by magic, in her tower. Elphaba could hear her quiet sobs as she stood outside her door.

"Well, are you just going to stand there?" barked Elphaba at the girl, "Come in and tell me what the Wizard said."

The door creaked open slowly, and Elphaba held her breath, waiting for an army to attack her.

But only the girl came through the door, looking horribly upset and terrified out of her wits.

Her hands shook as she closed the door behind her, and her brown eyes shimmered with tears.

"Well, go on girl!"

Dorothy looked up at her, "The Wizard... The Wizard said no to your proposition," she stuttered out.

"Damn," cursed the Witch under her breath. But in truth, she knew that he wouldn't have said yes. He always had to hold the strings over everyone.

"So, he said that I have to take you to the Emerald City," cried the girl, stuttering through her tears, "But I don't want to do that... I... I just want to go home!"

Elphaba honestly paid her no mind as she sobbed, Chistery made an attempt to go over and comfort her but the Witch snatched him by the paw and forced him to stand next to her.

She sat there, trying to think of a way out of this, while the little girl stood there crying.

But to Elphaba, the room was silent and filled with the haunting memories of her past.

She couldn't get the hope of having Glinda and Fiyero alive once more out of her mind. She had caused them so much pain, so much grief and strife, it was only right that she perished for their sakes.

"I promise I'll make this right," she whispered to herself but Dorothy, her crying had ceased then, had heard her.

"What? What did you say?" the girl asked in between heavy breaths.

The Witch waved her off and got up from her chair, circling around the room in thought.

She paced while the girl and Chistery watched nervously.

"Maybe I could just kill the Wizard and force Morrible to bring them back, and then I'll just disappear... yes, yes that would do. That way I'd be rid of the Wizard forever and of Morrible if the need be..." she whispered to herself.

"Then Glinda and Fiyero could live in peace, without me... it would be better for all of us that way."

She kept muttering to herself, sometimes articulating her phrases, sometimes not. Dorothy and Chistery only got bits and pieces of what she was saying but it was enough to make them alarmed.

"I'm supposed to take you to the Emerald City now," the girl interrupted her, "The longer we wait, the angrier the Wizard will get at me. And he promised me that he'd send me home if I took you back... so please can we just go?" pleaded Dorothy.

The Witch whirled around at her, suddenly furious.

"You really think that the Wizard will keep his promise to you?" she laughed, half madly at the girl, "You really believe that he'll send you back to wherever you come from?" She sneered at the girl.

"You'll be lucky if you get out of Oz alive. He may just have your head," stated Elphaba quite maliciously.

Dorothy gripped her neck with her hands.

"But why would he do that? I'm only doing what he told me to do!"

She looked as though she was about to faint.

Elphaba grabbed the girl's face with her hands tightly.

"Don't you see? Don't you see that he never keeps his promises? He promised me that Glinda and Fiyero would never be hurt and look at what happened to them!" she screeched.

"What-what happened to them?" stammered Dorothy, wringing her hands together, not knowing what Elphaba was talking about in the slightest.

"He killed them, he killed both of them, even when he promised he won't! Don't you think for a second that either of us will make it out of here alive!"

Dorothy started sobbing once more, unable to control her emotions.

Elphaba, disgusted and with her mind racing, circled the room once more, rummaging through various books.

"I could just kill the girl and fend for myself... if the Wizard thinks he can bring Glinda and Fiyero back then surely so can I if I try..."

Her skirts flew around the space like leaves in the breeze, Elphaba wasn't even paying any attention to where she was walking.

It wasn't until the girl cried out that she noticed the smoke coming from her skirts and the bright orange sparks emitting from it.

She yelled and tried to stamp it out but it only grew larger as it engulfed more and more of her skirt.

Her head turned to find the girl armed with a bucket of water, the spare bucket she had for the purpose of putting out the fire.

She didn't have the chance to scream at the girl not to before the liquid was poured all over her body.

It was all over in an instant.

This isn't the last chapter I promise. There is more. Sorry for the long wait, I lost my outline to this story and had to remember what I wanted to happen so it took a lot longer than expected. But I'm graduating soon so I should have more time to write and finish this story.

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