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"Don't you get it, mother?" I asked, popping a grape into my mouth. "It's just a little dare we were doing."

"Aleisha Herel Martine! Princesses do not take dares! Princesses do NOT, under any circumstances, take one's mouth and violently lick the insides!" Queen Tarian said. She whispered into a servant's ear and he began scurrying away.

"I hadn't mean for you to see me," I mumbled.


"Nothing. Gosh mother! Can't I have my own joy once in a while? I can't go anywhere, I can't wear what I want, I can't do anything!"

"Aleisha Heral Martine, take back what you said now."


"Aleisha Heral Martine!"

"I said no!"

My mother stood up quickly, causing the chair to topple over, and pointed to the door. "Go to your room. NOW."

I sniffed, and began racing out the door. I heard my mother pick up the telephone, and said, "Please call Sergeant Kernel and see to that Princess Aleisha is locked up in her room." I slammed the doors behind me, and raced down the hall. There's no way I'll be a little pigeon, carrying tasks around the city, and then being locked up in a cage, with nobody else.

I opened the doors to my chamber, and flew into my bed. I landed with a thunk, and had surely messed up the nicely made bed. I could hear my mother saying, "A princess does not jump into her bed. If it is ruined, a princess does not do what a maid does and fix the bed." I threw a pillow at the door, and successfully closed it. Tears streamed down my cheeks, and I remembered clearly of what happened last night.

He got me drunk, he did. I had went to a little bar, somewhere a few miles in another city, with two of my most trusted maid and servant. They were to see me home safely, but being my friends, they had ideas of their own. They were like me, stuck with all these little rules, and with a little courage from me, they began to unwind themselves that night.

"This is the last night," I said, "might as well make the most of it."

They began giggling loudly, and for once, I felt good about myself. I pointed to a few guys in the bar, and asked them,

"Does any of them tickle your funny bone?"

One of them blushed deeply, and pointed to a blonde haired guy.

"He's my childhood friend. I haven't told him how much he means to me." My servant, Sasha, told me. I made a shooing motion to her, and she giggled all the way over there. Once she reached him, they began talking nonstop.

I asked, "What about you, Caroline?"

She just narrowed her eyes, "We shouldn't be doing this, your highness." I puffed up my cheeks, showing her that I was not going to let her just sit here. She gave up, and said, "I guess I could mingle with that guy over there." She left me, and began making her way to another guy.

I sighed happily, and rested my chin on my hand. "Why is love invented, if I can't enjoy it?" A tap on my shoulder caused me to turn around. A tall, slightly built guy with long, slick reddish brown hair greeted me.

"I see you made your friends enjoy my friend's companies, but what about yourself? Clearly, you can't waste your beauty just sitting around." He said. He had a smooth voice, and I slightly blushed.

"Well, what about you? A guy like you shouldn't waste your time with me! Don't you have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"I don't actually. There's nobody that fits my standards. Although, I'll lower them, if you were to allow me to enjoy your company." He took of his hat, and I took it, putting it on my own head.

"Well, if you were to lower your standards more, then you can deal with any of these girls."

He gave me a sly smile, "I'm already starting to like you." He snapped his fingers, and called, "Waiter! Get me two glasses of cider please."

I blushed. How did he know my favorite drink was cider? I reached for the drinks that the waiter lay on the table, and drank slow gulps. I reached over and touched his hand. "Sit, it feels weird, having somebody so tall looming over me."

He chuckled, and sat across from me. I suddenly felt self conscious of what I was wearing. I had wore a short black skirt, with a white blouse, and I hoped that I hadn't spilled anything on myself. "Heh," he said, "you got me so transfixed on you, that I forgot to tell you my name. I'm Jason."

"I'm...Justine." I took another gulp of the cider, and it wasn't long until I finished the drink. He finished his drink, and I reached across for his collar. I pulled him slightly over the table, and whispered, "Shouldn't you be worried?"

"Why should I be worried?" His lips felt mine, and I was in instant bless. It was a melting kiss, shocking me for a bit. I had expected a dangerous one, and was a little disappointed. We were like that for a minute, but he let go. He patted his lap, and I happily complied.

I slid over to his seat, taking in his warmth, and then our lips crashed together. It was a violent one this time, which left me out of breath. I lay my head on his chest, and he whispered, "Will you be mine?"

"What do you expect?" I cupped his chin with my hand, and groped around. It was then I heard a yell.

"Aleisha! What do you think you are doing?!" I turned around, and found one of my mother's servants making her way to me. I saw Caroline in the corner, just turning off her phone. "Your highness! Princesses do not-"

"Aleisha? I thought your name was Justine." His eyes began to widen, "Wait, highness? You're-"

I jumped of his lap, and bowed. "I have to go, thank you for that kiss." I gave him a quick swipe on the cheek, and left the bar.

I touched my lips, vaguely remembering his touch. It was so powerful, giving me an electric shock. I wondered what would have happened if that servant hadn't interrupted. I would probably in his arms, and secretly meeting him at night every day. I reached under my bed, and pulled out his hat. It had a gold design, and a feather on the side. I kissed it, and then anger swarmed over me. Who was the one who called that servant over? I remembered Caroline in the corner, but why would she do that? I quickly shove the hat under my bed as I heard a knock on the door.

"Yes?" I called.

"Your highness, sorry for interrupting, but may I come in?"

"Please do." I was beginning to feel lonely, and it was one of the Queen's Guard anyway. I was shocked to see my best friend Manor come through. "Manor! To what pleasure do I have for you to come?"

"The Queen has assigned me to be your personal guard for the rest of this month." He closed the door behind him, and we were instantly plunged into the darkness. He mumbled sorry and threw open the curtains. It caused little light, only brightening where I sat, leaving the corners in darkness. He mumbled, "Remind me to get a candle next time."

"Aw, you don't like this style? I just love lying down in the darkness." He blushed, and a smile crept onto my face. A few months ago, his personality changed into an over protective, and self conscious of girls. I took that advantage into making him fluster. I quietly crept to the edge of my bed where his back faced while he stumbled over his own words.

"Well, it's not that I like it, it's that, well, there's you and me, then there's a bed...and the Queen, and she forbids, and your father won't take this kindly, and, and, and, oh Aleisha! You just make me so mixed up sometimes!" He turned around, and found me staring into his eyes. Everytime he said a word, he was walking in circles, and had managed to get his way to my bed.

We stood like that for a minute, and I gave in and gave him a kiss on the nose. "You should have seen your face!" I fell on my back and began laughing out loud. He blushed, and sat on one of my chairs. "Geez," I wiped a tear from my eyes, "we're just friends, and I'm no older than 17!"

"Right...Ah, well, I had just heard the story of, well you know, about that guy, and I..."

"And you think that I am lonely and want to be naked? Best joke ever!" I slapped my thigh. When he didn't return my laugh, I finally settled down and sat criss cross. "Well, you are right about one thing. I am lonely. I can't play, with all these new rules, and with my naming day coming in a few months."

"Well, your highness-"

"Call me Aleisha. Please."

"Well, Aleisha, the Queen is doing this for your safety. I mean, that guy could have been a murderer, and having no brothers and sisters..."

"I just...what would happen if I weren't a princess? What happened if I was the second in the family? Will I get the freedom?"

"Your-Aleisha, I don't know. When I went away, I kept on thinking of how come I can't stay at home and be one of those people having a free life? It's just who we are."

"Manor! I got it! I'm going to run away!" I began packing my stuff, leaving him flustered. I packed Jason's hat and was done when he stood up.

"Wait, I didn't suggest anything!" He said.

"Course you did! Now, tell my mother I went shopping, or something. Now," I stood next to him, "we will keep in contact, you can bet on that." I gave him a kiss on the lips, but when I was about to pull away, a sensation fell over me. I didn't want to stop kissing him. In fact, I didn't want to leave him. I dropped my bag, and wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked shock, and then began to respond, holding my waist.

I recalled his pale blond hair, and how he was so tall. And he had built muscles over the few months. I kissed harder, but when I did, he let go. He slumped into his chair, and covered his face with his hand. I stood there for a second, twirling my long, curly brunette hair, until he said, "I'm coming with you."

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