I don't own most of this. Most of it is the script of Seeing Red. I know that it's not very original of me, but I had little ideas, for small things that really should have been shown.. You'll see what I mean. I just felt that not enough Willow/Tara information was given in the episode.
Also, if anyone bothers to read this, I have no idea what to call this. Suggestions?

"Tara! Heeelp, Buffy's got me pinned!" Tara smiled as she watched the video that Giles had made while they were at the beach a while ago.. Before Dracula came and hypnotised Buffy, before they found out that Dawn wasn't real.. Before everything started getting bad..
Shaking her head, she turned the TV off, leaving her in silence.

"Meow" Tara jumped, startled,
"Miss Kitty? Where are you?" The now fully grown cat crawled out from under the bed, between Tara's feet and looked up at her, causing Tara to smile, "There you are", she picked up the cat and lay back on the bed, with Miss Kitty Fantastico on her stomach and started falling asleep.

*beep beep*
"Eurgh.. What now?" Tara sat up slowly, staring at her cellphone for a moment, before she realised that it was ringing, "Oh!", She quickly picked it up and pressed 'Accept'
"Hello? Oh, Dawnie, hey"
"Hey Tara! You coming round to look after me tomorrow? I would've asked Buffy, but she's all out slaying and Willow's busy sulking in her--Um, Willow's busy.. so I um, can't ask her. Well, are you?" Tara smiled at Dawn babbling and petted Miss Kitty while answering,
"Of course I am, wouldn't miss it for the world." She held the phone away from her ear as Dawn squealed happily,
"Great! I'll see you tomorrow then? Around 6, like usual?" Dawnie said quickly, obviously happy.
Tara laughed, "Of course kiddo, see ya then." They quickly said goodbye and hung up, it was then that Tara realised what Dawnie had said.
Looking down at Miss Kitty she whispered "So, Willow's sulking.. Guess she hates it as much as I do. I really wish that I hadn't needed to actually break up with her.. I just couldn't let her violate me again.. You understand don't you?" Miss Kitty meowed in reply, making Tara smile again "Of course you do." she said quietly, kissing Miss Kitty's ear and putting her back on the floor, catching sight of a photo under the bed, it was taken about a year before, of her and Willow standing beneath the tree in Buffy's garden, hugging.
"How did this get here? I'm sure I'd put it away.." She mumbled, picking up the photo and running her fingers over it. Suddenly looking at Miss Kitty, tearfully "Do you think it's been enough time? Dawnie did say that Willow had stopped using magicks.. Maybe she's learnt.." Trailing off while looking at the photo, she smiled, determined.
"Miss Kitty, I'm going to get our Willow back, okay? You take good care of yourself, I'll be back soon.. Maybe tonight.. Depends how it all goes I guess.. Annette will be coming round, she had to pick up some stuff anyway and I'm sure she still has the key.." Tara kissed Miss Kitty's head, stood up and pulled on her coat.

"Ello Luv" Said Spike, causing Tara to jump.
"Spike! Gosh, I didn't see you there." She said, tilting her head and looking at Spike quizzically, "What are you doing here?" Tara pointed at the tree Spike was standing under, in Buffy's front garden.
Spike just smiled and shrugged "Just having a quick fag, checking everyone's still breathing and such.. You know." He then realised something "'ang on, what you doin here?" He smiled knowingly "Here to see Red are ya?" Tara just blushed and nodded, moving towards the front door.
Silently walking to Willow's room, her old room, she suddenly felt rather nervous.. 'Am I doing the right thing?' one voice asked 'of course you are' she reassured herself, walking into the room.
"Tara?" Willow's voice asked, questioningly.
*it's too late to back out now..* "You can't just have coffee and expect--" She started
"I know" Willow cut in softly
Turning to look at Willow she continued quietly.. "There's just so much to work on.." She looked at the floor "Trust has to be built again, on both sides"
Willow looked up at Tara, upset, waiting for Tara to tell her that it was pointless to even try.
Tara just continued "You have to learn if.. if we're even the same people we were, if you can fit in eachothers lives.."
Willow kept looking at Tara, sadly
"It's a long.. important process and.. can we just skip it? Can-can you just be kissing me now?" Tara said hopefully.
Willow looked slightly shocked, then hopeful, then delighted as the words sink in. Rising from the bed she walks over to Tara, kissing her passionately.

(( Then they did something that I can't write about, because I'd get too embarrassed (;0 ))