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Adventure Time High

Chapter 1: AHHH!

The sun rose slowly shining on the big tree house. (Weirdly the sun was smiling like in the one in the children cartoon?). Any way on with the story of Finn and Jake going to Adventure Time high school. The sun was fully up in the clear blue sky leaving the human boy asleep.

Beep Beep. The alarm went beeping like crazy which Finn angrily smacked. "Finn get up!" the orange haired boy yelled. Yes the orange haired boy is Jake.

"One more minute!" Finn screamed smacking the alarm clock again to stop its ringing. This was going to be a rough day Finn thought angrily, he had to go to new school now. Finn had no time so he quickly picked up his blue tooth brush pasting on toothpaste.

"Hurry up Finn!" Jake yelled annoyed. Jake had an orange hoodie, black straight jeans and orange Nikes. Why is that kid so slow Jake thought to himself. Practically Finn put on anything there was to wear, a blue plaid shirt, jeans, and black converse. He snatched his green pack and sped down the stairs, run past Jake and quickly headed towards the bus stop. "Hey wait up" Jake called grabbing his pack and keys, heading out towards Finn.

"Hey hey, Finn what time is it!" Jake said jokingly putting up a fist.

"Not in the mood Jake" Finn replied straitening his blue shirt. It was his first day of going to a new high school and didn't even like it one bit even if Jake was with him.

"Ah I see your having one of those days" Jake said with a smirk. "Any way the bus should be here by now. Right when Jake said those few last words the yellow school bus appeared slowing down nearing to its spot. All Finn could think about of how much he wanted to kill the person who made school. Slowly they went up the steps and so did the other kids. Finn knew some of the kids that came onto the bus, Jamie, Justice, Aaron, Fionna, Marshall, and well his crush PB. The moment the pink haired girl stepped onto the bus he couldn't lay his eyes off of her.

"Are you falling for pinky girl there" a voice snickered.

"AHHH!" Finn screamed like a little girl which now his face was burning hot. "What the heck whoever you are!" he yelled grabbing onto the person's arm. Know all eyes were fixed on them which made Finn blush harder.

"Hey what's going on back there" the bus driver asked looking at the mirror. Jake couldn't help it anymore he had to laugh, then he burst.

HAHAHAHAH…AHAHA! Everyone single person burst out laughing couldn't help it, Finn's face red as a tomato still clutched onto the person's arm and made a huge embarrassment of himself to the pink haired girl. Even the person he was holding onto burst into laughter.

"Psh, your face like so red it hilarious" she laughed still in the grasp of Finn.

"Hey what's your problem!" he asked as his face steamed up getting up from his seat. He looked directly into the person's eye who was a girl. The girl had jet black hair that reached up to her waist, having on a red plaid shirt and black skinny jeans, and black converse.

"Hey weenie, I was just messing with ya" she replied messing up his blonde hair which combed perfectly. "The name is Marceline, and you" she said sticking out her hand

"My… my.. name is Finn" he said shaking her hand as she took a seat next to him. Then Jake teasingly made a thumbs up sign to him, he ignored him any way. She looked pretty cute, wait what no way he was thinking she looked cute.

"Sorry dude I was just…, so what grade are you in"

"Um…. 10th grade" he muttered.

"Hey me too!" she exclaimed, " Well here's our stop" They quickly got off the bus, but Finn started to make his way towards Jake until someone grabbed his arm. "Just remember this school is filled with danger so have fun" the voice said playfully as it let go of his arm. He shook his head as he searched for the person, but there was too many people crowding up. Forgetting about it he ran towards his brother Jake.

"Oh, hey there Finn… on the bus it was hilarious" he giggled still remembering the incident.

"HEY, Jake don't even bring that up" he exclaimed face palming himself as they headed towards their homeroom. "Mine homeroom is 201, eh… oh come on we have different homeroom"

"Sorry Jake, see you at lunch or something" Finn answered heading towards the class 101.

"Oh there's our new student" this old woman teacher said happily as Finn stepped into the classroom. Still some of the people in the bus earlier remembered him from his girly scream.

"Hey I know that kid" the girl named Fionna laughed pointing. She had this bunny eared cap on with her blonde bang on the side, wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, black high tops.

"Yea me too" another piped in, a boy this time who he knew named Jamie.

"Well then I think everyone knows you so go on take a seat… by the way I'm Ms. Ice Queen" Well this seemed like a horrible homeroom for him as he took a seat next to Fionna the blonde haired girl.

"Hey your names Finn right, ignore what the other people say about you, I was kidding too, so the names Fionna" she said smiling "And also our teacher is really strict so be careful of what you say" Huh this girl was pretty nice to him so he smiled back.

"No whispering so automatic detention- and you Miss are also having detention!" the teacher yelled at Marceline who came in late without a pass to homeroom.

"Weird… getting detention in homeroom" Finn thought as the green detention slips were laid on their desks.


"Go to first period" Ms. Ice shooed. Finn was headed towards gym the only subject he liked till now….

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