The "Ho Hey" Contest

Story Title: Here With Me

Pen name: IdPattThat

Pairing: Edward/Leah

Rating: T

Word Count: 5,421


Senior year was supposed to be easy.

It was supposed to be fun, with piece-of-cake classes and parties all the time.

Senior year wasn't supposed to be your idiot mother moving you off the Rez and into to a small town, because she'd married the fucking chief of police.

It was supposed to be hanging out on the beach with the Rez kids, and not having to drive half an hour to do so. Or having to be in the same school as your super-perky (and really fucking annoying) new stepsister.

I sighed as I though about what I was missing. I'd grown up on the Rez and had expected to graduate with all of my friends, until my mother married Charlie and moved me and my little brother to Forks. It wasn't that bad, and neither was Charlie, but it meant moving to a new school district and a huge change for me during one of the most important times of my life.

"Do you want me to show you to your classes?" Bella asked with a wide, perky smile, looking disgustingly adorable. I wondered if little Disney animals helped her dress every morning, or if that was only for special occasions like the first day of school.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples with my fingertips. Too early for murder, Leah.

"No. I'm going to walk around. Get to know the place," I lied. We already had to share a bathroom and a car, not to mention breakfast and pretty much every waking minute of every day.

"Okay!" she said brightly, making me wince. "I'll see you at lunch and introduce you to the crew."

"Can't hardly wait," I muttered, before turning away from her and adjusting my backpack on my shoulder. I walked through the hallways, glancing at the faces around me. I recognized some of them from the parties that Forks and La Push kids both frequented: beach bonfires, or empty fields that we'd hang out and get wasted in. There wasn't much else to do in small towns.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I sighed at the texts on the screen.

First period sucks without you. From Emily.

Miss seeing that sweet ass walk down the hall. That was Jacob.

I texted them both back quickly and stepped out of the main building into an open courtyard. Emily was my cousin and best friend and Jacob was, well…he was Jacob.

We'd been seeing each other for most of the summer. Though "seeing each other" really meant that we made out in the back of his beat-up old Rabbit or occasionally went to the movies in Port Angeles. He was cute and made me feel pretty, but I wasn't really looking for anything serious and I didn't think he was either. Our relationship was fairly innocent in that I hadn't let him feel me up under my clothes yet.

I had a little self-respect, after all.

"Watch out!" I heard, before a yank on my backpack made me stumble to a halt.

"Hands to yourself, creep!" I yelled, turning around with my fist raised.

"Whoa there, Rocky. Just trying to save you from falling on your pretty face," replied the boy with a crooked half-smile holding on to the strap of my backpack.

"Oh…thanks." I lowered my hand and let my eyes sweep over him: messy auburn hair, bright green eyes, and a strikingly clear complexion.

"You smoke?" he asked. I watched as he leaned against the building and pulled a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket, and then held it out to me.

"Sure." I shrugged and took one. "Menthols? What- did you steal this from your mother?"

He grinned, just one side of his pretty mouth curving up at the side, and the cigarette dangled between his lips.

"My grandmother, what's it to you?"

I laughed and bent my head toward the lit Zippo, lighting my cigarette and inhaling. Emily had taught me how to smoke when we were thirteen. It wasn't something I did a lot, but it always made me feel older and more mature.

He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when we heard yelling behind us.


"Uh oh," he muttered, dropping his half smoked cigarette and stepping on it. "Get rid of that."

I did the same and yelped in surprise when he pulled me tight against his side.

"Did I hear the bell ring?" A muscular blonde man in too-tight red gym shorts stalked toward us.

"Did it, Coach? I'm sorry. I was…distracted." I felt him shrug against me.

"It's the first day of school, Cullen. Don't make me give you detention." Coach rolled his eyes and turned his gaze on me. "You new here?"

"Uh…" I glanced between his knee-high tube socks and Cullen, who simply shrugged again. Apparently being evasive was his thing.

"Get to class, both of you," Coach barked.

Cullen smirked and picked up his backpack, then grabbed my hand and dragged me back toward the building.

"That was…interesting."

"Always is," he said as he shouldered his backpack and gave me a full-blown, blinding grin. "Have a good day, Leah."

I frowned and watched him walk away, wondering how the hell he even knew my name.