A/N: Let me just start by saying idk how long this is going to be, and while i have ideas of where the story is going, i actually am somewhat clueless lol so ideas for chapters are welcome!

Also, I wanted the curse side of this to be as accurate as I could get it, so I looked up as much as i could on OUAT's version of the sleeping curse. the article that helped me the post is on once upon a time's wikia under Sleeping Curse if your interested.

Emma drifted off slowly; this was nothing like she thought it would be. When Gold had given her the drink she had a sick feeling, but she had ignored it. She didn't know he would drug her, didn't think he would want her under this spell. Why? She had asked him as the effects began to kick in. "Interesting, usually when you go under it happens quickly. I wonder why you're still aware," he had said. He never did answer her. No more than 5 seconds later she collapsed, her mind still fighting the magic- refusing to let go, regretting taking the drink from him. It was no use; the spell was much too powerful for her to will it not to work. She tried to find a way out, a way to stop it from happening, but her mind wasn't working properly. It was as if she were in quick sand, the magic pulling her down, making it hard to get anywhere with her thoughts. This can't be happening. Not after everything he went through to help David and Henry get us back... This isn't right…something's wrong. Something about….the portal….and….Regina….or was it Cora? Her head hurt, was it supposed to feel like this? She tried opening her eyes but couldn't. She couldn't move, or talk, or even think now. Everything was hazy, nothing made sense. It was as if a dark cloud and passed over her, slowly encircling her until she saw nothing but darkness…

Rumplestiltskin struggled to pick Emma up off of the floor and carry her to the back of his shop. He laid her down on the bed her father had "slept" on; he thought there was a sense of poetic justice in that. He knew she couldn't stay there long, someone would notice. After all, only a curtain kept her out of sight. He left the shop, locking the doors behind him, and made his way towards the woods to find a hiding spot. If nothing else, he could put her there. No one ventured out into the woods these days- they were all too afraid of crossing the invisible boundary and forgetting everything.

Cora was coming. He didn't know how, and he didn't know when, but he just knew she was coming. If he let her anywhere near Emma everything would be ruined. No one would believe him if he told them what she had in store for them, he knew that. That's why he gave Emma the sleeping curse. It was his only chance. She would understand. Well, maybe not. You never know with these types of things. What Rumple did know was that Emma had no idea of Cora's power, and even if she thought she did, even if she had met her, she still wouldn't be capable of comprehending the type of power Cora could muster up in this world. Magic was different here, and he had a haunch that it would affect Cora in way that he could only hope wasn't true. If it was, however, he couldn't take any chances with Emma. He wouldn't risk everything, not over this.

Henry walked home from the stables alone today. Charming had left hours ago, but didn't have the heart to tell his grandson he couldn't stay any longer. A cold wind blew through town, and Henry hugged his jacket tighter around him, looking towards the water. There was something about the breeze that gave him the chills- and not just the kind you get from being cold. He shuddered and pushed the thoughts of danger aside. Mom's home, Snow's home, and we're finally a family. Nothing is ruining that. He said hello to Mr. Gold as he passed him, and went into the diner for a hot chocolate. Ruby smiled and stroke up a conversation about his horse, and before they knew it, they had been talking for almost an hour. He said goodbye and hurried home, not wanting to worry his mom. As he placed his hand on the door knob, the feeling of danger struck him once more and he turned sharply, expecting someone to be there. Once satisfied that he was alone, he turned the knob and walked inside, locking the door behind him.

"Why is it taking so long?" The pirate asked. Cora glared sharply at him and said, "Patience is a virtue. Not that you'd know anything about that."

"What- virtue or patience?" He asked absentmindedly, trying not to think about how incredibly bored he was. It was exciting at first, being back on a ship, but now he just wanted the bloody trip over and done with. He was tired of waiting. He had been waiting longer than anyone in this world had been alive. That's a long time you know.

"Virtue. And I have no idea why, perhaps things are different here. Since we didn't enter this world through an ordinary portal perhaps we must, I don't know, go around some sort of barrier."

He looked at her with his "are you kidding me" expression. She smiled and ignored his temper which was obviously rising. "Why do you care, anyway? You'll get your revenge soon enough, Killian. Or is that not why you're on this ship?" She had a false innocence in her voice, the kind that made his skin crawl. He tried to forget her words, but couldn't. Why was he on that ship? He knew he wanted revenge, he was sure of that much. But which girl was he trying to avenge? The one he loved so long ago, the one he would never get over; or the one who pushed his buttons constantly, betrayed him, and made him crazy and furious and confused? The two women couldn't be more different, not really. "So what is it?" Cora asked. "Is it the girl, or is it… the girl?" He looked back at the woman and replied, "Mind your own bloody business will you?" with as much anger as he could manage.

She took a step back and composed herself. "No matter, I'll find out soon enough." Killian turned his attention back to the town in the distance, wishing it would be closer to him. He didn't know why the town had appeared to be the same distance from the ship for the past two days, and to be honest, he didn't really care. He just wanted whatever it was that was preventing him from being there to get out of his bloody way.

A gentle breeze washed over the ship then, and Killian took a deep breath of the salt water infused air. He let the air out slowly, contemplating his plan of attack. He touched the bean around his neck, to make sure it was there, and closed his eyes. He was so close, he could feel it. His heart rate picked up at the thought of seeing the man who took everything from him years ago and silently wished that he would see him before Emma. God knows that woman would be the death of him, and he knew that she was probably the only thing that could keep him from killing Rumplestiltskin. When he opened his eyes something was different. "Bloody hell, did you feel that?" He asked Cora.

"Feel what? Darling I think you need to lay off the rum, it's messing with that pretty head of yours." He felt like he was going to be sick- an odd notion considering he hadn't been sea sick since his first time on a ship as a stowaway many lifetimes ago. He struggled to breathe; his chest felt as though a weight were pressed upon it. He grabbed the main mast with his hand to steady himself, clutching his abdomen with his left arm. He eyed the town and noticed the distant chime of a clock tower; it was three in the afternoon by the sound of it. A thick fog set in over the water and he pulled himself together enough to look back at Cora. When he saw her expression he knew what it all meant-something was wrong.