Rainbow Dash was asleep in her cloud home. She was having a dream in which she was just accepted as the newest member of the Wonderbolts. She was putting on her official uniform, when suddenly something woke her up. She heard a loud crash, and saw a whole in her floor. "Hey, who did that?!" she yelled. She looked through the hole in her floor and saw a yellow and black sports car on the ground, and flew down to check out what was going on.

"What's the big idea?" Rainbow dash asked.

Suddenly, a small human boy stepped out of the car.

"What the heck is that?" she thought aloud.

The boy turned to the car and said, "I think we're here Bee."

"Hey you two, who or what are you, and why did you crash through my floor?" Rainbow yelled.

The car then transformed into a giant robot and let out a few beeps.

'You think that's gonna scare me? Ha, I beat creeps like you in my sleep." Rainbow said.

The boy looked at Rainbow Dash and started to talk. "Oh, he wasn't trying to scare you, he was just stretching out his legs. By the way, I'm Raf and this is Bumblebee."

"Well 'Raf', maybe he wasn't threatening me, but you still haven't explained what you are or why you came through my floor." Rainbow said, eyeing the duo of bot and boy.

"I'm a human, from the planet Earth. Bee here is from Cybertron, he's an Autobot. As for your floor, well we couldn't have went through it; we only went through some clouds." said Raf.

"Except, MY HOUSE IS A CLOUD!" Rainbow yelled, angrily.

Bumblebee started beeping again, and then Raf spoke, "Oh. Well, I'm sorry and so is Bee. We honestly didn't know anyone lived in the clouds. We could help you fix it, miss..."

The cyan pony looked at the boy and saw he meant no trouble. He actually looked sorry. "Rainbow Dash, and that won't be necessary. Just aim away from the clouds next time you fall from the sky, okay." Rainbow said, calming down.

"Bee and I were wondering if anyone has seen any other 'bots." Raf said, as he walked closer to the Pegasus.

"No, I think I would have heard about that," Rainbow Dash responded.

Bumblebee beeped again, and looked at Rainbow Dash.

"What did he say?" asked Rainbow.

"He wants to know if you or any of your friends have special talents that could help us." Raf explained

"Well Twilight is really good with magic, and Fluttershy is awesome with animals. Pinkie throws the best parties, and Rarity can make dresses and find gems. Applejack is the hardest worker I know and the second best athlete in Ponyville, and I myself am the best and fastest flyer in all of Equestria. You catch all that?" Rainbow Dash responded.

Bumblebee started beeping once again, and transformed back into a car.

"What now?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, Bee heard you talking about how fast you were, so he wants to race," Raf said as he got back into Bumblebee.

"Oh, you are on!" Rainbow said, and the two sped off.