Ok, so I have this idea for a new story that's based on one someone else wrote, but I'm going to pretty much change everything about it. So, I need a few OCs to be in the stories. Here are the requirements, and if you have anything to add, go ahead.

Name: Bill Cohen

Guy or Girl: Guy

Age: approx. 16 years

Cyborg, Human, Vampire, Werewolf: Cyborg

Outward appearance: Brown hair, Caucasian skin, Brown eyes, about 6' 2", always wears a blue plaid shirt with blue jeans and a Calvin Klein leather jacket with Sliver plated dog tags on a stainless steel chain, always appears angry.

Team name (just Cyborgs): Team Echo (There's team Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot)

Weapons (Cyborgs): Dual .44 Long Colt revolvers in cross draw holsters, Desert Eagle .50 caliber semi-automatic pistol, .50 cal SpecOp sniper rifle across his back, Grappling hook in each wrist, 15 sticks of TNT in each leg along with lighter, and the ability to analyze any mechanical machine with his eyes (all Cyborgs have this ability)

Good or Evil: Good, most of the time

Protector of: Rocky (You may only choose a person that isn't chosen, I'll update and tell you who has been chosen)

Tactical Position on Team: Leader, sniper, infantry leader

Additional notes: Tends to be a loner but also stays around Rocky a lot.