Ok, guys I said I would update so here it is


The protectors for some characters have been chosen, but there are some left. If you do not see your name it doesn't mean you didn't get picked for the story.

Cece: Roselia Zendaya Ulaso created by Waterclaw12

Rocky: Bill Cohen created by Masterclass MC (me)

Flynn: Victoria Nixon created by XxPeaceLoveAndNutellaXx

Gunther: Katie Simon created by Glacia the Fox

Tinka: none yet

Deuce: Lissy Gardea created by Lollipops24

Dina: she's gonna die anyways, just saying.

Ty: I haven't decided yet, so keep sending in for him.

I still need more Cyborgs. I have to many Werewolves and Vampires as it is. And I need more evil characters, as I do not have a single one. Preferably and evil Cyborg as a main enemy for Bill.

Also, this isn't a Cece/Rocky, Rece, Roce, femslash, what ever we're calling it now.