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"You are back, Lord Sesshomaru," exclaimed the human girl happily. Her entire face lit up at the sight of the dog demon lord which made the world seem brighter as well. It had been two days since their departure. He had told her to wait here while he went off to take care of his business. It was not unusual for him to go off alone while she waited for his return with his retainers Jaken, the green toad imp demon who nearly reached her knees. At one time his height was slightly past her knees, but that was years ago when she was but a little girl. She had grown so much now; this year was her 17th summer.

Besides Jaken - the imp demon that talked too big for his small body - there was Ah-Un, the two- headed dragon demon. The dragon was brown, covered in tough scars, and had a body similar to a horse and a lizard-like tail. Ah-Un was the size of a horse or could be even larger. The creature was gentle, but could be deadly if you were its foe. It had been Rin's friend for as long as she had been with Sesshomaru; she was seven back then.

"Hn," the dog demon lord responded to her welcome address in his simple and short reply. He was a demon of few words and would rather not waste his breath had he deemed the matter unimportant. The girl grinned happily anyway. She was just happy for his return. She knew he was powerful, the most power demon alive even, but that didn't set her worry aside. She always concerned herself with his safety until he was beside her, in her sight, safe and sound, and only then did she truly found peace.

The day was still young, only after mid-morning. It was sunny but not too hot under the shades of the giant trees forest that towered over the sky above her. She had made camp and waited for him dutifully by the forest's foot where he had left her, doing the thing she always did, waiting.

It had been six months since she had returned to Sesshomaru's side, the offer he had promised her when she was a child; she could choose to remain with the human or with Sesshomaru when she became of age.

After Naraku had died ten years ago, the cunning half-demon that stirred so much trouble in the Western Land, killing both humans and demons alike, Sesshomaru decided to leave his ward with the humans. She was human and should live peacefully with the humans instead of traveling with him, exposing her to dangers. He had caused her to die the second time when he was still searching the way to strengthen his sword; he would have none of it again. Had his mother not have the power to resurrect her that time, proud as he was, he would have regretted it for the rest of his life. And the rest of his life was a very long time because he was a demon; he could live for thousands of years and more, if he was not killed first. Nothing was worth losing her, even the power that he once would have killed the whole world for without hesitation to get it.

Naraku was gone, the foe who always captured Rin to use her against Sesshomaru; he no longer needed to watch her closely. She would be happier living among her own kind, he concluded.

He decided to leave Rin in the hand of the old priestess named Kaede. She was wise for a human being and was not so quick to judge like other people. She had accepted and supported Inuyasha, Sesshomaru's half-brother who was a half-demon. Half-demons were frowned upon and shunned by all, humans and demons alike, yet the old priestess treated him kindly and helped him with all she could. She would not mistreat Rin just because she had been a demon's ward for a time. And if she dared, Sesshomaru would make sure that the old hag would never treat anyone again, kind or cruel.

Other than beside Sesshomaru, the village was the safest place for her. Inuyasha resided there. He would never admit it aloud, but other than Sesshomaru himself, no one could defeat his half-brother; their father's blood ran strongly in them. The foolish half-demon would protect his kin, including Rin, until his last breath, Sesshomaru was certain.

Rin however did not share his vision. She stubbornly refused to leave his side, begging him to not abandon her. Coldhearted and merciless as he was known, he would not just leave his ward like that even when he could. He needed her understanding that he was not abandoning her and only did what he deemed best for her.

Kaede unsuccessfully convinced Rin that human way of life was best fit for her because she had adopted Sesshomaru's way and refused to consider another. Rin may was a child, humble, softhearted, and obedient, but could be extremely stubborn when she had her mind set.

"How would you know child, that the human way is not right for if you never lived in one?" Kaede had asked.

But Rin had lived with the humans and learned how cruel humans could be. In those times after she lost her parents to bandits, she was only six, she was left to fence for herself. All alone. The kindest things the villagers did for her was letting her be. She lived in a shady house that no one would call home. In those times she had learned to be strong, learned to be brave in the dark, searched for any food from the wilderness she could get, and reached for the little warmth she did not have in the cold night so she would not freeze to death. Young as she was, she was all alone. No one cared whether she lived or died. No one did, until Sesshomaru came along.

So no, the human way of life was not for Rin.

In the end they came to the compromise that Rin would live among the human once more. Kaede promised her it would be different this time. If her mind was still set about living with Sesshomaru when she was old enough to decide for herself, Sesshomaru would take her back. Rin did not want to agree but Sesshomaru left her with no choice. She did not want to upset the demon lord and made him leave her permanently, so she stayed with Kaede. He had assured her she was not abandoned. She trusted his word because he had never lied to her.

The years crept by slowly, yet too soon it was time. Rin was seventeen, a grown woman. Sesshomaru offered her the choice and without hesitation she chose to return to his side.

His golden eyes met her chocolate ones; his stoic face was unreadable as always. She was never tired of looking at his handsome face no matter how many years had passed -the perfect jaw line, the alluring purple magenta twin strips on each cheeks, and his signature crescent blue moon on the center of his forehead. He looked not a day different from ten years ago when they first met. Even the white attire he donned, minus the blood from injuries. She could look at him all day. Only then did she realize her lord was not alone. Her eyes averted to the two strangers that came with him, a demon and a demoness.

The strangers were both young, not older than Sesshomaru himself, nineteen in human age at the most. The man was tall, almost as tall as Sesshomaru, who stood proudly over six feet in height. The demon was very handsome; his nose was straight, his mouth was slightly wide but it only made him more attentive and it fit perfectly on his lean clean-shaven face, a pair of ocean blue eyes also studied Rin curiously as she did him. She fought herself not to blush from embarrassment being caught staring. His long dark purple hair was pulled up into a high ponytail making his high cheekbones stand out. He was very good looking. His body was lean, well-built, and muscular. The rich silk of gray and white attire he donned told her he is well-off. His stance was graceful and held a powerful air around him, telling anyone not to mess with him, yet he did not look intimidating. Maybe because of his soft eyes that gave him a friendly look , and his lips, that seemed to be made for smiling.

Rin's gaze shifted towards the woman beside him and found it was hard to look away even when she was a woman herself. There was only one word to describe her: perfect. Rin had never seen anyone so beautiful, with the exception of Sesshomaru. The demoness was tall and would have reached to Sesshomaru's cheeks if she stood next to him. She had soft purple hair that cascaded freely down her back and well passed her waist. Her blue gorgeous eyes were bright with intelligence. Her skin was pale and flawless. The clothes she wore were simple but rich; they hung to her every curve as if it were made only for her. For a moment, Rin thought she was looking at a goddess.

Who were these demons and what where they doing here with Sesshomaru- Rin mused?

Noticing Rin's curiosity, Sesshomaru introduced the strangers to her, his voice was deep and cold as always, "This is lady Katsumi, daughter of Lord Isao of the tiger tribe," and his next word turned her whole world into hell, "my mate to be."

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