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It was a little over afternoon and the trees had grown thinner as they made their way up the hill that lead toward a rocky mountains. If they made good times, they should reach the other flatland side by sunset. Rin had excused herself and walked into the forest, Ah-Un and Jaken were with her. Sesshomaru and his new companions waited patiently for her return.

Sesshomaru still remembered the surprised look on her face when he announced the news. Of course it would surprise her. If anyone told him two days ago that he would be taking a mate, he would have killed them there and then. Insolent, he would say. He himself did not know. He never thought he would until he met Katsumi.

For decades, he had heard about the demoness' beauty. Many had declared Katsumi, daughter of the Northern Demon's Tribe to be unrivaled when it came to a woman's beauties. She was most fair of all.

Foolish, he always thought. Those lowlife demons could think of nothing but women. There were more important things to do than obsessed with women and their looks. Sesshomaru paid no mind to beauties. He had seen enough women in his long years but never surrender to one. He cared only about powers, and how to make himself stronger. Never had he thought the day would come when he was captured by beauties. Yet, when he laid eyes on the demoness, he could not deny that words fail to describe how beautiful she truly was. She was breathtaking, elegant, and captivated. He wanted her. He had to have her.

Once her mouth opened, he knew that there was more to her than looks. She was clever, her bright eyes spoke of intelligent, her words were wise and were chosen with cautious. She had ways with words the way she persuaded him and her father. She was not much different from himself, he realized, cold, sharp, calculative, aloft, proud, and ambition. She analyzed her position with just one glance.

When he asked her to be his mate, for a moment she hesitated. He could see the battle within her, whether or not to accept it. She wanted to turn him down, he could see that, but thought the better of it. It was not like she had a choice once his decision was made. Her only two choices were to come with him willingly or to be forced to come with him. She was not too foolish not to see that.

She had good eyes, see what he was and what he could do. She also had good judgment and not fights the fight she could not win.

It was good to be proud and strong, but not stupidly proud. That would only get you killed. Smart people knew when to retreat and when to fight. He liked that about her.

She was his perfect match, he mused. She feared him, he knew, yet faced him with dignity. Never once had she looked away from him, or losing her brave mask, the skills the Lady of The Western Land required accomplishing.

But the look in Rin's face… it made him felt…uncomfortable.

He was not blind. Her face that looked as pale as paper after the announcement told him more than she needed to say. She was unhappy with his marriage. Terrified with the idea even. He knew it came as a surprise because they never expected it. She must be questioning her position with him now that he was taking a mate.

Did she fear that he would abandon her?

That Katsumi would mistreat her?

Or that he would send her away at the demoness' required?

If those were her fear, she could rest easy.

Rin always had a place beside him for as long as she desire to stay. He was not so ignorance to deny the fact that the girl was important to him. She was the first being he wanted to protect, to keep her safe and… contented. The only person he was willing to go to any length, followed her to any dangerous place to bring her back to his side. The only person that he dared admit he cared.

Those facts would not change just because he was taking a mate. Rin would never be neglect. He would make sure she was well taking care of and made sure she got all and only of the best. He was a man of action and his actions would soon assure her that she was important and not forgotten.

Rin was a smart child. She understood him better than anyone. It would not take her long to see that he cared. He closed his eyes, kept his senses on alerted, and listened for dangers. Listened to his ward inside the forest.

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