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Patch was scared.

No, he was more than scared. He was beyond terrified. He'd gotten out of hell by possessing Rixon to get to Nora. But the forest was in chaos. Heaven knows where she is.

Fallen angels didn't pay attention to him. Nor did the Nephilims, as they were busy battling for their life and glory.

Patch dodged an on going swing from an less than skillful Nephil nearby and smoothly swung his foot at the Nephil causing him to lose balance and fall. He took the knife from the Nephil and swung it deep into it's chest.

Behind him he heard a rustle of leaves.



Rixon grunted, trying to hold on to the last bit of consciousness and he raised his hand in difficulty, reached back and dislodged the sword in his wing scars. He blacked out briefly and when he came to, he got to his feet.

He was going to find that filthy, cunning little female Nephil. Drag her dead body to Patch and watch the pain in the man's face with glee.

Up in front he saw him. The betraying bastard.



He turned around quickly at his name to see Rixon. He acknowledged Rixon by showing no emotion in his face except a small cold smile. "Rixon."

Rixon narrowed his eyes and widened them again like he just thought of something brilliant. He gave a sly smirk and cocked his head to one side.

"Looking for Nora? Don't bother." he gave a scornful laugh.

Patch's hands trembled with little anger and apprehension. He was going to hold himself in check. For all he knew, Rixon could be playing with him. Which was going to be a big mistake on his part.

"Why shouldn't I bother, Rixon?" Patch demanded in a low voice. Low and threatening.

Rixon gave another contemptuous laugh. He walked slowly and lazily towards Patch. "Oh you know, I bumped into you're pretty girlfriend there. Had a quick friendly chat. She asked me where were you, and I gave a promising answer. I killed her. Pushed her down, gave her a passionate kiss and lodged this sword deep into her heart," He waved the sword, "And twisted it for a final touch. Did you know almost all the weapons here today are enhanced with devilcraft? Capable of killing anyone. Oh and did you catch that? Nora is dead."

Patch felt deep emotion swelling inside. Painful emotion. He would deal with it later.

Acting before he even realized it, he advanced to Rixon with purpose and fury like never before.

But Rixon was prepared for his reaction, he smoothly dodged Patch. But Patch reached down for the sword on the floor and turned around lightning quick. With a powerful flick of his wrist, and before Rixon could even react. The sword swerved toward his chest with unbelieving speed. Rixon coulnt dodge in time because he was already weak from the little stunt from Nora. He collapsed. The devilcraft was not powerful enough after the weakening and wasn't going to help against Patchs unrelenting violent and poisonous fury.

Patch got up and kicked Rixon repeatedly, then getting Rixon's knife out of his chest, he plunged it deep into Rixon's chest again so forcefully his body rattled. Twisted it and drew it deep in Rixon's wing scars. Blood, no. Devilcraft seeped out of both wounds and onto the grass. Patch kicked Rixon's rapidly decaying body away from him in disgust, loathing and shaking fury.

Then Patch fell to his knees. He never felt such grief and failure. Not even when he thought he failed Nora at the cemetery with Dante. He had failed. If she was really dead like Rixon proudly stated, he would find a way to kill Dante if he wasn't already dead. Then he would find an archangel and force him or her to find a way to bring Nora back. Even if it costed him his life. After all, he had failed Nora.

He saw drops of tears fall into the grass and he dug his shaking hands deep into the floor. He gave a strangled cry and raised his head to heaven. Then he got up abruptly. He was going to find Nora. Even if it was going to be her corpse.

He walked briskly and heard a few shocked grunts and moans when suddenly all fallen angels collapsed.

He looked around in a moment of confusion and understood. Dante was dead.

There was hope then. He believed Nora had killed him. It had to be. Maybe she was still alive. Harmed, but alive.

He hated himself for not thinking of the best of Nora. She was strong. He believed in her that she could kill Dante. It had to be it.

Searching frantically, he crouched at every female looking corpse on the ground. After many more, he was starting to grow endlessly impatient.

Then he saw a corpse that resembled Scott. His eyes narrowed and gave a silent thank you. He knew he swore an oath to protect Nora because he had feelings for her too.

He continued on and was inspecting another corpse. He kicked it with an impatient curse. He was really losing his patience and hope.

He was onto the next body when he heard a familiar voice. "Patch?"

The voice froze him. It was her. He whipped his head up with disbelief. She was hurt. Her hair was disheveled. Blood was seeping from her shoulder.

He was never more happy.

He felt emotions soar with relief and deliverance. She ran towards him.

It was Nora.

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