England was different.

It seemed normal even. Different from Coldwater on so many levels. People don't know Patch here for a start. Patched liked it.

It was Vee's wedding and Nora was excited. She'd ran off with Vee to catch up. It would be a good few hours before Patch would see her again. He knew she missed her best friend.

He was cradling a wineglass. With a tailored tuxedo. He wouldn't have thought of cleaning up. But Nora insisted.

The reception was good, but Patch didn't pay much attention. He was just here for Nora. And possibly for Scott.

He thought about Scott frequently after the battle. He had saved Nora's life. And he was very grateful. He even felt regret. So he never made any snide remarks about Scott much anymore. Atleast he tried.

He was thinking about a few options to escape to once he caught sight of Nora. And as if on que, he saw Nora by the bar, watching him. He made his way through the crowd and gave her a small smile. Feeling wicked already.

He took a sip from his wine glass with his jacket slung over his shoulder, "There's an inn just down the road. A barn behind those trees over there, if you're feeling frisky." He said. Knowing what Nora was thinking. Desire filled him.

"Did you just say 'frisky'?"

"Yeah," Patch's hands fell onto Nora's hips, pulling her close. Unaware of the unusual word for Patch to use. "Need a demonstration?" He kissed her. Once, twice. His tongue did some pleasurable maneuvers. He soaked in the feeling as if it were the first day he could feel. "I love you."

He could see Nora's face glow with pleasure, "Words I'll never grow tired of hearing."

Patch gave a tiny smile and brushed her red hair off her face. Her hair was soft and her face was a warm glow. "I never pictured my life so complete. I never thought I'd have everything I want. You're everything to me, Angel."

She leaned in to kiss him. He relished her touch. "I just might take you up on your offer. A quaint countryside inn, you say?"

Cadillac is parked out front, or I've got a motorcycle out back. Traditional departure or escape? Either way, he didn't mind. He just wanted to throw his Angel on a bed and kiss her until the night.

Escape. She spoke to his thoughts. He grinned.

Patch picked up Nora in his arms, she shrieked with joy. He walked to the back of the church where his motorcycle was and rocketed up the road. Green hills flew by as they got closer to the inn.

The country inn was cozy and private. Patch didn't care. His Angel reached up and tugged his silk necktie, undoing the knot. Patch wanted to sigh and began to feel even more relaxed. "You dress to impress," She said approvingly.

He leaned in to softly graze her ear. Eyes closed. "No, Angel. I undress to impress."

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