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Chapter 1. Good luck in Las Noches

Hanatarou Yamada wakes up deep inside Las Noches, he was badly injured, it was ma miracle he wasn't dead: his left arm was broken, his ribs were nearly cracked and he was almost dead period. But regardless he was still alive despite his injuries and his medic bag being torn with all the contents spilled out, he had only one thought in mind,

"What happened to me?" he struggle to get up and feels the pain shoot through his whole body, this causes him to stumble a bit and hiss in pain. Once then he used healing kido and Hisagomaru on his injuries feeling the pain slowly go away, when Hisagomaru's gauge was full it took it's scalpel form and Hanatarou pt it in his pocket to release later,

He then attempted to pick up only a few of the gauze, medicine, and herbs that had fallen out only to discover most if not all of it were gone: one roll of gauze, half a bottle of medicine, 4 ounces of herbs (counting the one in the bag that was attached to hisagomaru) and a pair of energy pills that he had taken along just in case.

"All enough to heal one person, but where am I?" he thought, he then gave a long hard look at his surroundings and it gave him a familiar feeling, once then he realized where was and cursed his bad luck

"I-I'm in Aizen's castle, Las Noches, but how did I-" a memory shot through his brain as to how this occurred and he sighed at his stupidity as to how and why this occurred, "n-now I remember, that huge arrancar hit me."


After Ichigo and captain Unohana left for the fake Karakura town to help the other captains, the battle with Yammy only got worse, only Kenpachi and Byakuya could fight him, while they were Rukia, Renji, Uryu, and Sado (Chad) the large hollows that appeared due to the large spiritual pressure that the two captains were putting off, Mayuri was watching patiently and excited next to his daughter Nemu continuously counting his new specimens he "obtained" in defeating the 8th Espada , Isane and Hanatarou watched from the sidelines away from danger in case anyone was in need of healing,

"I hope Ichigo and Captain Unohana are okay." Hanatarou thought, he was carefully watching the battles the others were in to assess the amount of damage he would have to heal

But soon he would turn his attention toward only one of the fighters, because even though everyone was fighting their own battles, in a place like Hueco Mundo it was only matter of time until those battles coincided with each other and then a big mess would be made and someone would get hurt and in this case that was Hanatarou

"Ha Ha, this guy's pretty tough, eh Kuchiki?!" Zaraki pointed out in joy at the fact he's getting two great fights in one day, "This is fun as hell!" he then used his battered shikai to cut Yammy's shoulder, this caused his to stumble back a bit and then attempt a wild swing at the shinigami captain only to miss

Byakuya simply sighed at Kenpachi's hungry attitude toward the fight, and sent another wave of his , Senbonzakura at the Espada cutting his chest only to have it repair itself, Yammy then fired a cero at the two only to have them shunpo out of the way,

"Bastards, I'll kill all of you!" Yammy roared, he then fired a massive cero to annihilate the two, soon the area was bathed in a crimson light

Then the two captains appeared in front of Yammy's face and hit him in the face with their collective might, at this Yammy stumbled back and kept attacking them.

"Roar Zabimaru!" Renji roared summoning his shikai and then swung it at an incoming hollow cutting it in two, he was then surrounded by a group of hollows, the counter the situation he spun Zabimaru in circles above his head and in result the move cut off their heads, but he kept his guard up for the next incoming hollows.

Uryuu was facing his own wave of enemies after Loly from falling after her confrontation with Yammy, he quicky fired his Quincy arrows at their masks using the Ginrei Kojaku with ease,

"Kusosaki better win, I don't wanna get stuck here forever." He thought as he split countless hollow masks avoiding any attacks or ceros, but was the suddenly faced with flying Hollows with multiple wings and centipede-like bodies who then made their way to attack him, but Uryuu only groans at this and continues fighting.

Chad(Sado) was caught within his own battle while battling 4 giant hollows, one attempts to smash him, but he blocks it with both hands, he then get a grip on the creature and used his intense strength to throw it at the other three Hollows, he the charged at them and used El Directo to destroy them, but was given no rest due to the still appearing hollows.

Rukia was doing no better than they were, even though she had drawn her Sode no Shirayuki , enemies had her surrounded and as she destroyed one hollow two more took its place, no matter how many she

"We have to keep going; we need to keep them off my brother's back until he and Kenpachi defeats Yammy and until Ichigo-,"

Her though were interrupted when a mantis like hollow appeared in front of her; it had four yellow eyes, was medium sized, had a grey body three claws on each hand and an insect like mask, it had high spiritual pressure and seemed to have scared the other hollows away from Rukia due to it, as Rukia kept attacking it and using her shikai abilities it dodged all of the attacks she sent at it.

"This one's different." She said from examining the way it moved, it looked as if it was moving and jerking its body in a quick fashion.

"Some no mai, Tsukishiro." She uttered and as she made the circle with her blade she made notice that the hollow was not moving, this was her chance or so she thought, when the attack was complete the ice pillar rose around the mantis like hollow freezing it, but


Was the sound of its claws breaking out of the pillar, bit by bit at a fast rate it was vibrating, before it could escape any more Rukia attempted to destroy it with a kido spell

"Hado 31: Shakkahō!" she said, the crimson sphere made its way toward the insect hollow, however just moments before impact the mantis like hollow broke free and evaded the attack, but the red sphere didn't disperse(now what happens next foreshadows from what was mentioned earlier).

Elsewhere during the fight with Yammy vs. the Captains and the battle ensued Byakuya and Kenpachi were slowly defeating Yammy, in opinion the battle would soon be theirs, but suddenly

"You bastards," Yammy roared as he was continually getting hit with Kenpachi's attacks and Senbonsakura, "JUST YOU WAIT, I'LL FLOSS MY TEETH WITH YOUR SPINE-"

Yammy's threat was interrupted when a red sphere hit him in the eye, he knew that it had not come from the two he was fighting, and when he looked yonder he discovered the shinigami he had been stopped from killing and realized that the trajectory of the blast came from her and at this he smiled evilly,

"Her, I remember her," he then shoots a cero at the ground which blinds Kenpachi and Byakuya and charges toward Rukia, "this time she dies!",

but this doesn't go unnoticed when Byakuya and Kenpachi get their sight back the chase after him but their way is block when Large hollows appear and sneak attack them, causing them to be in a stand still

As Hanatarou watches the battles he sees the evil smile that Yammy gave toward Rukia and paniced and it only got worse when he blinded the captains,

"H-He's going for Rukia!" he said to Isane the then began to run toward the oncoming disaster "I Have to-

His arm was then grabbed by Isane in an attempt to stop him "Hanatarou stop, you can't help he-"

"Let me go Isane."

Isane's eyes widened at Hanatarou's disobedence "Hanatarou think, if she gets hurt you can heal her, but not if your de-"

"I SAID LET ME GO!" he then jerked his hand away from Isane continuing to run toward Rukia

As he did the memory of him getting cut down haunted him, he knew he wasn't allowed to come, but he came any way, but he knew he had to, he wanted to help Unohana, he wanted to contribute, and he wouldn't tell anyone, but he wanted to help Rukia.

When the Hollow broke free it quickly slashed at Rukia and as she shunpoed away the attack hit her legs causing deep gash from her thigh to her ankle and for her to be immobile,

"Damn, I-I can't move!" she said in pain

Just as the Hollow was about to finish the job Yammy appeared and grabbed it with his hand, when he did he squeezed it until its head popped and threw its carcuss away, he then looked at Rukia with a face of spite and rage,

"YOU LITTLE BITCH, YOU HIT ME IN THE EYE," He then prepared to back hand her with his giant fist, "NOW YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING PAY!"

"Rukia, RUN!" Warned Byakuya as he tried to make his way to her, but to no avail,

Soon all who were caught in battle saw Rukia was in peril and tried to help, but the hollows kept coming and wouldn't let them through.

Just before Yammy was about to hit Rukia time seemed to slow down for Hanatarou, he was still 3 mile away from the site,

"Please," he thought as he ran "I know I'm no good at this," he continued to run hoping for his only way to get to Rukia, then Images of Byakuya, Kenpachi, and Ichigo flashed in his mind, "I know I'm nothing like them but," his spiritual pressure slowly rose, "just let me do this once to save her!" and before he knew it-

Yammy then swung his fist back to hit Rukia, said shinigami closed her eyes prepared to die expected to fell a large force hit her ,but instead felt something push her away, when she opened her eyes and discovered that it was Hanatarou who had pushed her out of the way,

"I-I did it." Hanatarou thought, hanatarou had done it, he managed to pull together way power he had and shunpo to Rukia in time

"Hanatarou!" Rukia thought surprised at his valor

For awhile time slowed down for Hanatarou and Rukia, they looked into each other's eyes and different, but similar things: What Hanatarou saw was the first true friend he ever had, but what Rukia saw was the person who had risked his life to save her several times no matter how weak or strong he'd stay, someone that might even-


And just like that the attack that was meant for Rukia hit Hanatarou and when the attack followed through it sent Hanatarou crashing deep into Aizen castle. As Rukia laid on her back from being shoved and saw how Hanatarou got hit and felt her heart shatter.

"Hanatarou!" she cried out with fresh tears at his sacrifice fearing him to be dead, "HANATAROU!"

Present time

Soon Hanatarou began to make his way through Aizen's castle despite him having no idea where he was going, he was slowly walking through the corridor of the traitor's base ever cautious and scared stiff, but his thought couldn't help, but trail back to Rukia and her injury

"I-I hope Rukia is alright, Isane can heal her, but t-there are so many Hollows now and –"


Hanatarou's thoughts were interrupted when he heard a sound of suffering around a corner, even though it might be a bad idea, when he makes his way toward the sound instead of seeing a Horrible, Ugly, Mad Arrancar he saw a blonde haired arrancar,a girl no less, laying on the floor injured.

She had short, slicked hair with a slight fringe over her right eye, green eyes, her hollow mask is positioned around her right eye, completely obscuring it from view, with teeth dotted around the bottom and her hollow hole was nowhere to be seen this girl was Menoly Mallia and she was badly injured; she suffered many bruises, had a gash along her leg, and was severely bleeding

"S-She needs medical help!" he said

Without a second thought he got all the supplies he had and began to heal her, first he began to close the gash on her leg, then he used healing kido on her bruises, and finally he open her mouth and feed her herbs to take any pain or headaches she had.

"A-All right, finished." Hanatarou saind a bit proud of his work he then stood up after hovering over the girl healing her for so long. "She'll be fine, but I have too make-"


Was all Hanatarou heard , looking down he had discovered that his patient had awoken, as she got up she rubbed her forehead wondering what hit her , then she looked up at her savior and did what most would do,

"Shinigami!" she said,

She then jumped to her feet and away from Hanatarou and put up her guard ready to fight, which startled Hanatarou a bit and caused him to back way a bit and trip falling on his butt guarding his face from whatever impact may come, this throws the Menoly off considering the first thing she thought he would do is try to kill her.

Hanatarou gets up and begins to lower his guard a bit from the fact that the Arrancar hadn't attacked him yet and speaks,

"H-Hi." He said shyly, slightly waving at the girl

"H-Hello" she said as shyly as he did, she then lowered her guard a bit as he did letting her left arm down and grabbed her other arm out her shy nature

"A-Are you okay?" He asked

"Yeah," she answered a bit shocked at his concern, Aizen and the others arrancars made shinigami out as ones who would kill them on sight "just a little sore is all." She then took a step forward and felt a bit of pain which caused her to wince a bit, Hanatarou became worried

"You shouldn't move around too much, I-I just healed you and I might be difficult for you to move around!" he said raising his voice a bit

Menoly's eyes widened a bit in surprise at what he said, "Y-You healed me?"

Hanatarou put on a smile and nodded, "Your injuries were bad, you shouldn't move too much, but I had enough things left to-"

"Thank you." She said interrupting him

"Huh?" Hanatarou said confused at the gratitude he was receiving from the "enemy"

"T-Thanks, for healing me," she then released the arm she had latched on to and slowly walked toward Hanatarou, he is frightened a bit at this, but soon relaxes and begins to slowly walk toward her, when they got in reach of each other,

"I'm Menoly Mallia." She said with a smile of her face, she then held out her hand in gratitude, Hanatarou then takes her hand accepting that gratitude and they shake

"I-I'm, Hanatarou Yamada." He said with a face as Happy as hers and released her hand, and just like that the tension died down a bit, but not without a question in mind for Menoly

"Um, Hanatarou can I ask you a question ?", Menoly asked

"Y-Yes, about what?" Hanatarou answered

"What are you doing here?" Menoly said

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