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Rukia's question and Menoly's response.

Hanatarou was in his innerworld after going to bed, it had become a habit since Menoly started visiting: Menoly would show up, they'd see each other, talk, Menoly would go home and then Hanatarou would go to sleep, but it wasn't anything to worry about, after all most shinigami would go to their innerworld when they sleep, but this time was far different. Hanatarou's innerworld was a Hospital hallway, it looked normal, but the windows were completely red and there was a black giant sakegourd at the end of the hallway that Hisagomaru would be around, but now his zanpakuto spirit was no where to be seen, he then began to worry. He then called out,


Hanatarou then felt something grabbing at the back of his leg, tugging his pants leg. He looked down behind him and saw his toy robot of a zanpakuto spirit. Hisagomaru was the same as all ways, but he looked scared. Hanatarou then asked,

"Hisagomaru, what's wrong?"

Hisagomaru merely pointed at the top of the gourd. Hanatarou looked and saw that there was someone on top of the giant gourd, and saw a humanoid creature sitting on it, where the cork would be: it was too dark to see, but it looked at him with strange intent and it hand yellow eyes. Before Hanatarou could ask what the apparition was, it vanished. Hanatarou looked around everywhere for who or what it was, but suddenly, it something appeared next to him, his arm was across his chest ,from left to right, with his hand on his right shoulder, as if he was hugging him and his zanpakuto was drawn had an inverted look compared to Hanatarou: his hair was white, his shinigami uniform, his zanpakuto, his voice was strange and the only thing different was that his left arm had a strange white armor substance on his left arm that went from his shoulder down to his hand that caused it to simulate a claw. When he spoke ,he only said one word,

"Shatto(Shut) Hisagomaru." He then stabbed Hanatarou in the back.

Hanatarou had woken up from his slumber, he looked at the clock and discovered that only 30 minutes had passed. Hanatarou shook off any thoughts that what he saw was real, he had no memories of such a thing in his innerworld in his life. He then put his hand on his head and said,

"That was a weird dream."

He then went over to his zanpakuto that was leaning against the wall, he remembered the word that the apparition spoke, he then walked over to it and grabbed the blade. He then drew the blade, but not completely. He saw the gauge and remembered what Menoly had said about him being able to shut the gauge and the word that the nightmare creature said, Shatto, it meant "shut" as in shutting the gauge, which was how he was able to stab him. Hanatarou thought about this,

"It was just a nightmare," he re-sheathed his sword,"I can't really do that."

He then put Hisagomaru back where he was, he then went to bed feeling ridiculous for having curiosity over a dream, but he then went back to his first thought before, about Rukia. It was true that he was friends with Rukia, they talked and hung out together after the Ryoka invasion like regular friends, but he wouldn't lie if he was asked if she was beautiful or not, but any romantic feelings he had for her, even though she was his friend might have fueled him always wanting to help her no matter what, also being teased by Menoly didn't help at all. He also kept trying to keep any romantic feeling for his friend Menoly down, he didn't want to wreak the chance of friendship with Menoly or Rukia. So there was only one thing to do, no matter what her felt or how much it hurt, he would just keep it all inside and say nothing or do nothing.

Rukia was in her room, she was laying on her back in her bed from the intensive training she and, she had thought for the past week about Hanatarou, this was strange to her, honestly she and Hanatarou were still friends before the Winter War, but they still hadn't talked, she wanted to talk to him but felt so ashamed and there was the reason that he always helped her, she knew why Renji and Ichigo always helped, they always told her in some way that it was because they were friends, Hanatarou didn't say anything like that and he had done so much to help her and Ichigo in the past, he was even willing to fight her brother just so that she and Ganju could escape. She thanked him and he said he didn't do anything, because he said he failed to rescue her on his own, she later found out that he had planned to rescue her before Ichigo arrived. She then said,

"I never thought, t-that a man would love me, Ichigo and the others care about me and I could imagine Hanatarou does too but, love?"

She still didn't know though, but honestly the thought of him loving her was actually kind of nice, he may have been a little shy and small, but was as brave as Ichigo was even though he was no where near strong. She then thought,

"M-Maybe he does love me, but I don't know, I don't know anything about him."

She continued to think about it, she wanted to know how he felt about her, but she couldn't ask him straight out or he could get frazzled, he was still a very shy and nervous person and the question wasn't just, "Doe he love me?" it was also,"Do I want him to love me?" Thoughts of love never occurred to her until now. She sighed and blushed, becoming as red as a strawberry and thought,

"Hanatarou, he's all I'm thinking about, what is wrong with me?"

She then thought of something that could be of some help, but she had never done it before to any man, but she would have be careful not to let her brother know.

Menoly was in her room, she managed to sneak back into her room with the cloak she had on, everyone thought she was in her room the whole day. She had reverted back to her sealed form as soon as she came back to Hueco Mundo, but as soon as she got to Hueco Mundo all her thoughts shifted toward what had happened with Hanatarou, all that was on her mind was how Hanatarou touched her with his soft, smooth medic hands and the wonderful fact that he called her an angel. Her feelings about Hanatarou nearly lost control all together. She had these thoughts as she laid in her bed,

"I have to control myself, he's my friend and I can't do that to him, but I-"

*Knock* *Knock*

Menoly's thoughts stopped when she heard this knocking at her room door, she couldn't tell who it was for some strange reason. She shook off her thoughts about Hanatarou, got off her bed and answered the door.

"Who is-"


Menoly then was knocked back to her bead by a forceful kick to the stomach, she lands on her bed and holds her stomach in pain. She then looked at who the assailant was and she was shocked to find her sister, she was dressed regularly, except for the fact that she had the same cloak she wore to see Hanatarou. She then spoke as her sister,

"L-Loly, where did you get that?" Loly then threw the cloak on the floor and said,

"I stole it from your room, but I'm not here to return it." Menoly then struggled to get on her feet, she then asked,

"Then why are you here?" Loly then swayed her body as she walked over to Menoly and said,

"In case you couldn't follow I took one of your stupid cloaks from your room and I know you been seeing your screw buddy." Menoly then got angry and said,

"He's not my-" Loly then kicked Menoly in the gut and said,

"I know, I saw when you turned into that ugly damn duckling,"she placed her hand on her cheek lovingly, "you and him were so close, so sweet so, so, so loving and romantic, until you pulled out like a damn coward!" Menoly then widened her eyes at this, everything she and Hanatarou had done had together: their sparing, eating, fun and earlier today. Loly then said,

"Whats wrong, to scared he'd get rough" she put her hands on her hips,"sounds fun to me, maybe he'd prefer me?" Menoly then said,

"Shut up, you don't know him, stay away from Hanatarou, you witch!" Loly then kicked Menoly in then face knocking her to the ground. She then said,

"Alright I'll stay away, maybe, but on one condition," she walked over to Menoly, she then kneeled down to her and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to her face, she then spoke in her ear,"end it." Menoly's eyes shot open once again and Loly continued her demand,

"Finish it with him: kill him, screw him and ditch, hurt him or just make him feel like dirt, but I want you to make this the last time you ever see him." She then let go of Menoly and walked toward the door. Menoly then got up and said,

"Y-You can't deny me of hi-" Loly then interrupted and said,

"But Harribel can, hell she can even steal him from you, not that she know anything about love. Menoly then got angry remembering Harribel's story about her and Ulquiorra, so angry she screamed,

"Shut up, about him and Harribel-sama!" Loly then said,

"I know she and the others still don't know, you wouldn't need this cloak to sneak out if they did, so if your so keen on keeping this secret then you won't tell no matter what," Loly then picked up the cloak she threw on the floor and took the two cloaks that Menoly owned," so let me put it to you this way, if you don't break it off, then I'll have him." Menoly then had her hand on her zanpakuto, palm gripped tight on the handle ready and set to kill. She then said,

"You wouldn't dare!" Loly then said,

"Oh, I would, just knock you out for just one hours," she trembled," mm-mmm, one hour is all I need and when he's done using his on me,"she drew her dagger zanpakuto,"I'll use mine one him and end him." Menoly then started tearing up, she couldn't believe that her sister would do this. Menoly then said,

"Please no," she dropped to her knees," please no I'm begging you!" Loly then said,

"I won't touch him, but only if you end it, swany." she grabbed all, but one the cloaks, then used her cero to burn them to nothing. Loly then picked up one of the cloaks and walked out the room saying,

"After all, you can admit one thing, he is very cute, now if you excuse me I'm going to wrap my sheets around me, pretending that their your man." She then closed the door behind her.

When Loly left Menoly started crying, her sister had just ruined any chance that she could keep her friendship with one of the nicest, kindest and most loving shinigami she had ever met. That's right "love", she had feelings for Hanatarou from the time he first met till the days she continued to see him, but she could never tell him or do anything, he looked so happy with what they had, even if it was as just friends and she was still convinced that he was in love with Rukia after all he's done for her, whether she cared or not. She loved Hanatarou and she would never let Loly hurt him, even if it meant giving him up. She then said the last set of words she had to say for the whole night,

"I'm so sorry Hanatarou."

The next day Hanatarou made his way to Squad 4, he was kind of sleepy due to the nightmare he had and that word the look alike said was still ringing in his head. As he walked and walked, when he made his way to Squad 4 he saw a familiar face, Rukia, standing outside the door, looking around as if she had been waiting for someone, he wanted to walk the other way, but he needed to get to his squad. He then said,

"W-Whats Rukia doing."

Hanatarou then sucked up any harsh feeling he had from Rukia always avoiding him and walked over to his squad. Rukia turned and saw Hanatarou walking toward her, or toward his squad specifically, she took a deep breath prepared to do what she had planned to do since last night. She then thought,

"O-Okay, h-here I go."

Hanatarou made his way over to his squad and to Rukia, but this time out of the many times that it had happened Rukia did not walk the other way or run, in fact she was looking directly at him. Rukia then walked over to Hanatarou until the two were merely several feet from each other, which scared Hanatarou a bit. Hanatarou then said,

"H-Hello, Rukia, y-you look nice." Rukia then said,

"H-Hi, Hanatarou, same to you." there was very awkward silence, like a married couple that had been separated for several years, but still had feelings for one another, but didn't know what how to express it, that was also fueled by the fact that Hanatarou was going to be late for his squad duties. Rukia then got up the nerve and said,

"Hanatarou, are you doing anything important later?" Hanatarou widened his eyes remembering Menoly, he then said,

"W-Well maybe, w-why do you ask?" Rukia then swallowed the saliva in her mouth and said,

"W-Well, I-I w-was wondering if you would l-like t-t-t-to go on a date, any day this week."

Hanatarou's eyes widened, someone was asking him on a date and it was Rukia, he never thought that she would want to go on a date with him, but his thoughts shot to Menoly, what would she think, would she like that Hanatarou and Rukia go on a date, they were friends, but he wanted to know. He wanted in all his mind to say yes, to him Rukia was a beautiful girl, but a date with her would make him feel as if he won the lottery, but for some reason he wanted to know what Menoly thought. He had only this to say,

"R-Rukia, I would love to, but c-can I let you know tomorrow, I have to check with something." Rukia nodded , smiled and said,

"Sure, j-just let me know okay, d-don't keep me waiting." Hanatarou nodded and thought,

"I will definitely let you know."

Rukia and Hanatarou then parted ways, as Rukia made her way to her Squad she smiled and blushed, even thought Hanatarou didn't say "yes" but, he didn't say "no" either and for some reason she was hopping for a yes. Hanatarou got to his Squad duties with Rukia on the brain and he couldn't shake her off, he had to ask Menoly, he didn't know why, but he needed to let her know.

After Hanataro got off work he immediately went home wondering if Menoly would be there, he needed advice on what to do and he didn't no who else to talk to. When he walked through the door, Menoly was on his couch with a smile on her face. Menoly then said,

"Hey Hana, whats up?" she kept up the facade and tried not to cry, she had to tell him, but he needed to her what he had to say. Hanatarou then said,

"N-Nothing, j-just got something on my mind." Menoly then chuckled and said,

"Let me guess Rukia on the brain?" Hanatarou's mind turned to jelly when he heard this, but looking at Menoly he thought that something was wrong. He then said what was on his mind,

"M-Menoly, c-can I ask you a question?" Menoly then said,

"Yeah, were friends." Hanatarou then said,

"E-Earlier today, Rukia asked me on a date." Menoly's eyes widened, her heart shattered, but it gave her great opportunity to break things off. She then asked,

"What did you say?" Hanatarou then said,

"I-I told her that I'd let her know, but I wanted to let you know and I don't know whether to say yes or no." Menoly then raised her voice and said,

"Go out with her dummy, you should've said yes!" Hanatarou then protested,

"I-Its just no girl has ever-" Menoly interrupted,

"Who cares, after the things you've done to help her I think you should at least go on one date with her!" Hanatarou then said,

"A-Are you sure." Menoly chuckled and said,

"Yes, go out, have fun with another girl besides me, out of all the peopl I know you deserve it, after all you love her right." Hanatarou then said,

"I-I don't know." Menoly then said,

"Then go on a date to find out, thats what people who want to love each other do!" Hanatarou then thought about the time they spent together and said,

"Well yeah, but you and I-" Menoly then said angrily,

"Come on, get real Hanatarou, so what if we've spent time together, it won't change that deep down your over the moon for her,"her tone then lightened," I'm an arrancar, I really believe you should do it." Hanatarou then said,

"Menoly I-" She interrupted again and said,

"I can't come back here." Hanatarou then felt his heart shatter, he then asked,

"W-What, no why!" Menoly then lied and said,

"Harribel-sama found out, she said I had to end it today or she would kick me and my sister out." Hanatarou then said,

"N-No, I-I don't want to stop seeing you!" Menoly then said,

"I'm sorry, but I can't do this any more." Hanatarou then started to tear up, when Menoly saw this she wanted to cry too, but she couldn't. She then said,

"I loved it, b-being around you, but this should have never happened." Hanatarou then walked up to Menoly and said,

"Menoly, no matter what happens, I'll always be happy I met you."

Then two then hugged each other, they didn't want to let go, as if their deep lust and desire kept them from doing so. It then intensified when Menoly brought her face down to her friend and began kissing him on the lips, Hanatarou didn't fight it, the two then began kissing each other with equal force. Menoly then slowly pulled away and said,

"Hana, take you chance with Rukia, please." Menoly then left Hanatarou house leaving the shinigami wanting to take her advice, but feeling heartbroken. Hanatarou smiled and thought,

"I guess, I'll say yes to Rukia."

When Menoly returned to Hueco Mundo she was bawling her eyes out, she had never had to something that difficult in her whole life, but she had hopes the Hanatarou would move on to someone like Rukia. She then wished to return home, but before she could she was startled by Harribel's voice from behind,

"Menoly, where have you been?"

She turned around and saw Harribel, Mila, Apacci and her sister Loly with a sinister smile on her face. Before she could say anything, Loly spoke and said,

"I told her not to do it." Harribel then made eye daggers at Loly, she knew she was lying. Harribel then spoke to Menoly in an angry voice,

"Menoly, return home with us, NOW!"

Menoly then followed her fraccion back to Las Noches,the only happy thought she had was of her and Hanatarou kissing, that was the only thing that kept her smiling.

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