Challenge WOW: Charm

Summary: Post 4x22 Sam is tired and drowning in guilt, needing a friend.

Warnings: No Sassy! Friends only!

Word Count: 100

God Help the Outcast

Sam flopped onto the bench, alone, escaping Dean's stated "charm" of the bar.

Escaping to weep in peace.

He started the Apocalypse because he didn't listen.

Dean helped.

But he didn't open the fucking gate.

He sobbed brokenly into his hands, tired, ragged, trembling.

"Shh, hush," a gentle hand on the back of his head, coaxing his weary eyes up.


"It's alright, Sam."


"You deserve to be forgiven," the angel assured, holding Sam's face, eyes appraising him like something precious. "You are forgiven."

Sam fell into the angel's coat, warmth familiar and desperately needed.

Salvation, however, was new.


A/N: Been awhile since I've done this, so tell me what you think, please.