Dear , Rose and Near

I highly

agreewith you near when people suggest that they are gay for eachother and Mello was pretty Mad.

Rose,since i coldnt get my friend to love Mello i got my other friend into death note and shes so inlove with mello ! we can talk about mello all the time now but my other best friend will bring up L lol

Sincerely , Jamie Keehl

Dear Jamie,

Yes, Mello gets incredibly pissed when he's referred to as gay/female. I'm glad you got a friend to talk about your favorite character with.

Speaking of, would you mind me saying how adorable Near is when he's asleep? So cute! I love him so much!


there's something wrong with my death note! no matter how many times i wight this guys name down he won't die and i know im doing it right but the shinigami that owns it told me that its broken. how do i fix it man?

Dear blacklight kid,

I'd suggest not writing anyone's name down. Just a thought.


Dear Near
Sorry about the mistake please forgive me and i'm glade you and rose are together
By the way i'm in hideing as we speak can't say where though by the way i have sent
some little things with this letter i hope you enjoy them.

I can't remember what his fear was exactly my memory has been a bit screwy since i left
From Lollie

(Gives Near two build your self robots and a Mega Lego kit, and Rose Her diamond Bridel Head Piece)

Dear Lollie,

Thanks for the gifts, but would you mind telling us why you're hiding?