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A/n: Hello peeps! I've decided to revise and restart this fic…after much consideration. As you know this is an A/U fic. I will try to keep the personalities as close as I can to the true selves for a music fic. The songs that will be performed in each chapter are gonna be on the top (like right below) so you have an idea what each of them sounds like when they sing. The group will sing from different artists (not just a single one). Remember it's an A/U fic so Goku won't be as dimwitted, Krillin won't be such a goon all the time (…just sometimes lol!) and Vegeta hasn't killed anybody nor he's a prince. That's basically it. I hope you enjoy the story!!

What You Wish For

Performed Song (s) : 'Going Under' - Evanescence

"…don't want your hand this time--I'll save myself

Maybe I'll wake up for once

Not tormented daily defeated by you

Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom…" the blue haired woman sang through her microphone playing her red and white Fender Strat guitar as a tall spiky-haired male played his blue and white guitar, same brand, to the side and behind her. In the rear a bald and short funny looking guy played the battery keeping up with the melody while giving it a nice symmetrical balance. The threesome was enjoying the cadenced music adjusting their body moves to the specific tunes and keeping up with the beat. The song was nicely heard and put inside the garage-like room in which they played in though only Bulma's parents could heart it. Bulma continued

"I dive again…I'm going under

Drowning in you

I'm falling forever

I've got to break through

I'm going under-" the music was interrupted by the door to the room being opened a blonde, chirpy woman walking in behind it. The guys turned to her

" Mom!? What are you doing here? The garage's off during rehearsal hours!" Bulma frowned. The blonde, otherwise knows as Bunny ( I think this should be the official name of Bulma's mother, don't you think?) turned to her daughter with a wide smile

" Oh my" she placed a hand over her mouth " I didn't know your friends were here Bulma. Would you like something to drink Goku? Krillin?" she asked sweetly trying to play her part as a good hostess. Goku and Krillin both shook their heads

"No thanks" they said timidly. Bunny giggled

" Now don't be shy. I'll bring some pink lemonade out for you" she offered turning to walk out the practice room. Bulma rolled her eyes then faced the guys

"This is the fourth time we've been interrupted" she protested. Goku tsked

"Give her a chance Bulma she didn't know. Besides we've got the whole day. There's no need to hurry" he said mellow. Krillin nodded agreeing with Goku

"He's right. We do have the whole day for ourselves. Maybe we could go watch a movie tonight--?" he asked almost scared of having done so. Bulma frowned at him

"No Krillin! We're not going anywhere until we finish recording this song! Anderson and Genoa are gonna be here this afternoon to negotiate the contract and we have to practice 'till then. How would you like to be the biggest rock band in the world? How would you like touring around the world, doing what we've loved to do since we were kids, and getting paid billions of dollars for it? We have a chance to release our first single" she said sternly. Krillin looked at Goku. Goku shrugged his shoulders with a 'she's right' expression on his face. The bald male sighed

" Fine then we best keep playing, ne?" he suggested. Bulma grinned

"Thanks, Kril, you're the best!" she exclaimed joyful. Goku pouted

"I thought I was the best" he whined. Bulma giggled facing him

" You both are now come on! Let's have some fun!" she said getting in position to start singing again. The guys returned to their earlier spot and readied themselves to start whenever the signal was off. Bulma rewind the tape in which they were recording and put it in rec again. She looked back

" Ready? Once. Twice. Kiss my ass!!" the signal was off. The guitar started playing the melodic tone again. The battery followed precisely the threesome enjoying the modern music they were performing. Bulma began singing right away

"Now I will tell you what I've done for you

Fifty thousand tears I've cried

Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you

And you still won't hear me…I'm going under…"

Somewhere Close to Bulma's House

An old white haired couple sat on a wood dining table drinking hot cocoa while listening to young Bulma Briefs sing beautifully. The old man turned to his lady

"I've been hearing that girl for quite some time now. She's good. Real good" he said. The old lady smiled halfway

"She's got a beautiful voice. Maybe she'll make it into that Hollywood business"

" I think she will. You just wait and see…"

A Few Hours Later - A&G Studios

"So go on and scream

Scream at me I'm so far away

I won't be broken again

I've got to breathe

I can't keep going under…" Bulma's sweet voice took over the microphone as the rock music played by Goku and Krillin blew through the speakers in perfect sync. The director, David Anderson, and the casting producer, Madison Genoa, both stood inside the glass booth listening to the threesome play. They were impressed to say the least. The blue haired woman kept singing both guys following the tunes precisely

" I dive again

I'm going under

I'm drowning in you--"

"They'd be perfect for the company Dave" Genoa began speaking locking eyes with the director "we're yet to have a rock band and we get a bonus with these kids. The girl is the lead singer" she said. Dave nod but remained silent. She continued

"Look I know we've had bad luck with the rock genre-"

"It ruined our reputation" Dave finally spoke

"The opportunity to redeem ourselves is right here singing in front of our very eyes. These kids have been playing rock their whole lives! We're not trying to make them rock stars they already are. What do you say?" asked the young woman with blonde straight hair that reached just below her elbows. Anderson stared at Bulma Briefs and the band playing behind her. She had a great voice and a great band. The boy, with what seemed like an uneven haircut, was the youngest and most talented guitarist he had seen in a long time. Dave furrowed his brows

" I don't know, Genoa. They need a guitarist just as good as this guy--"

"We'll find them one. That's no problem " she said quickly. David raised his brows

" Well…" he started. Genoa held her breath "I think that…" he cleared his throat "with the new guitarist…"

"Uh-huh" said Genoa desperate to know the final decision

"They have the potential to be great" he agreed finally. Genoa grinned

"So we're signing them?" she asked. Anderson, usually stoic, gave her a half smile which she immediately took as a 'yes'. She hugged her cold almost heartless boss enthusiastically

"You won't regret it Dave! Trust me" said then pressed the red button on the control set before them which rang a bell inside the room where the band was singing. The threesome stopped the music and looked up to see Madison with a wide smile and her thumbs up. Dave nodded and gave them much of a smile as well. Old but with very sharp and handsome features people oftentimes saw Dave Anderson as hardhearted, arrogant and definitely conceited. The guy was the richest man in Beverly Hills, CA. His arrogance obviously came with the territory. Bulma, Goku and Krillin could jump and touch the ceiling from excitement. At last their music was starting to pay off and their dreams were on their way to becoming true...

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