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'What You Wish For'


Performed Song (s): Losing Grip - Avril Lavigne



Bulma opened her eyes slowly, her mind still processing actions for her to take. Almost immediately, she remembered….rehearsal at 8AM. With a sudden gasp, she lifted mid part of her body from the bed, covering her chest with the bed sheets as she pushed herself away from Vegeta to take a look at the clock

" Seven in the morning.." she sighed, laying back down besides the black haired male again. She looked at him as he slept…so soundly and serene. Who would've thought he'd be such a pain in the ass?

Bulma placed a hand on her forehead sighing loud again. Before she even began this trip, sleeping with someone, anyone at all, was far beyond her aspirations; her goals. And now she was doing it as if it was something normal, something she had gotten used to quickly, something she had made a part of her 'new' life. It was wrong, she knew. But how could she break apart? He was with her 24/7, on stage, backstage, off the show, out of publicity; he was IN the band as much as she was. And to make it even worse….she wasn't sure she wanted to break apart now. The reason was still unknown to her. Breaking apart was just not part of her 'plans'…

Vegeta moaned tiredly, rolling on his chest so his face and body could be closer to her body while embracing an arm around her waist. His lips kissed her shoulder softly before he passed out again, breathing on her skin soundly. Bulma smiled to herself. He may want to hide that he cares for her, and that he felt something more for her than just lust ….but he sure let his guard down when it came to 'morning snuggle'.

" Vegeta…" she called pleasantly, her hand falling on his arm embraced around her. She started caressing the soft hairs on his arms, arranging them to be all brushed in the same direction. Vegeta groaned besides her, but didn't even attempt to move, or even open his eyes for a mere second. Bulma became slightly irritated

" Wake up. Practice is in like an hour" she informed. Vegeta nuzzled closer, burying his head on her hair and staying there…once again sleeping. Bulma sighed

" Come on sleepyhead…" she called sweetly, obviously knowing that the tone would bother him

" Baby…time to get up…" she called again in the same tone. Vegeta frowned on her hair then lifted his head up, his face up to hers, his eyes, dark even in morning, locking inside hers

" Stop that" he requested, sounding more like a demand. Bulma grinned

" Why? You don't like that, honey?" she called again accentuating the last word. Vegeta frowned harder

" Woman, stop that NOW" he demanded again. Bulma giggled

" Ooooh, so scared. Bring it on, tough guy. Make me…" she dared smirking, knowing the triumph of getting her way would be hers. Not a second passed before, indeed, Vegeta was on top of her, gripping his hips on her hard so she would be unable to move. He smirked on her lips

" Why do you dare me so? You know I won't pass on it…"

" I know…" she embraced his neck with her hands still smiling

" And that I'm going for the win…"

" No need to remind me…" she assured, pressing her lips shortly against his. Her eyes suddenly lit up…as if a smug idea had just hit her

" If you promise it'll only be ten minutes I'll do it…" she suggested. Vegeta smirked again

" I can make you come earlier. I can promise that" he chuckled. Bulma furrowed her brows with a disgusted frame

" You are so nasty. Why do I even do it?" she asked as he nipped at her jawbone with his lips

" You can't get enough of me. Don't worry. Happens all the time…" he said proudly, placing his face up to her height again so he could catch a glimpse of her reaction. Bulma rolled her eyes annoyed

" There you go. I knew that you could NOT leave your ego un-boosted (a word??) on your first morning conversation" she replied. Vegeta kissed her, his hand roaming her body until getting to her breast. He squeezed with a small pressure, making her moan silently on his mouth. They both opened their eyes at the same time

" What?" he asked. Bulma swallowed

" What if we're late again? Dave is going to be there…" she said worried. Vegeta breathed out

" We'll be all right" he kissed her, worries and silenced concerns forgotten as the day started up with a fresh session…


" They have two minutes to get down here!" the angry manager sighed, as he looked at the clock one more time, the actual hour given: eight in the morning. The elevator doors pulled open, and out of it came none other than the couple of the band singer and the guitarist, both wearing flimsy night clothes. Bulma drank of the bottle of water in her hand, as they both became closer to the group of people waiting for them. Dave frowned hard

" Briefs. Ouji. It's eight o'clock-"

" Relax old man. We're here, aren't we?" Vegeta cut him off. Dave walked up to him

" You. Are. Late. What good does it serve to me if you're late for a practice session!? There's other bands that need to practice too, and we only have an hour and a half in the morning and an hour and half late at night. You think that's enough for a performance that will be taking place tomorrow at eight o'clock?!" he asked angered. Vegeta turned away from him, his nose high up in the air. The furious male continued

" We still have to configure Bulma's voice with the music, we still have to configure the sound with the auditorium's wave range, you think we can do that with less time than the small amount we already have?! I don't think so, Ouji-"

" If you'd stop babbling and complaining about everything we have to do you'd save us more time. We would've started already.." he said careless. Bulma, Goku and Krillin exchanged looks. Did he just say that to a manager that was pissed off at him for being late?

Dave sighed out enraged, then frowned at his face

" You know what, Ouji? You are a good guitarist, perhaps the best one I've heard in years. But your attitude is annoying as hell. And I'm not taking it anymore. You're. Out" he informed, turning his back on him. Bulma's eyes went as wide as dinner plates. Madison stopped the old man from walking away

" Dave, you can't do this. We need him for the performance tomorrow-"

" And after the performance, he's out. We'll find a new guitarist on the road" he informed again, Vegeta looking at him under an evil stare. Madison held Dave back again

" Dave, we won't find a new guitarist by the time we'll have to perform again. This band is going to be a great hit after tomorrow. Everyone will be inviting them to their shows. We won't have time to hire a new guitarist. Besides, he plays an important role on the band" she informed again. Dave looked at her hopeful eyes, then turned back and looked at the band, all as hopeful as Madison was. Vegeta refused to show any emotions. Of course, it was only natural

" Please, Dave. You know it won't be good without him.." Madison broke his glance at the group. Dave sighed, walking up to Vegeta once again and raising his finger at him

" You listen, and you listen good. You've run out of chances, you've drawn the line. I am warning you Ouji. No more of your despicable arrogant displays or you're outta here. I won't care, you got it?!" he asked. Vegeta stared at him evilly. He walked closer, looking at him almost as evil

" You got it?" he asked again. Vegeta narrowed his eyes at him

" I. Got. It" he shot back deeply. Dave turned his back on him again

" Carry on, band. We've got a lot of work to do…" he requested as the band proceeded, directed to the auditorium, Vegeta looking malicious and pissed as hell, his arms crossed on his chest…


" …Cryin' out loud

I'm crying out loud

Cryin' out loud

I'm crying out loud, lo-"

" Stop!" Dave ordered, Bulma's voice shutting down, the sound coming to an end seconds later. He sighed

" I need more follow through, guitars. I need you to follow the bass tone continuously on this part. It can't cut through" he informed. Bulma sighed

" I think the notes are written to cut through, Dave" she informed through the microphone. Dave furrowed his brows in question

" What? Let me see that.." he asked for the notes printed in a blank paper. Bulma handed the paper to him from the stage, then took off her white guitar to give her back a rest since she didn't have the muscles that the guys did and couldn't hold on for that long. Dave cleared his throat

" Right" he said, dragging her attention again. He handed the paper to her "You're right, Briefs. Is it easier for you to cut the sound, though?" he asked. Bulma looked at Vegeta then at Goku. She turned back to him

" Whatever sounds better" she shrugged her shoulders. Dave looked at Madison who was seating right besides his standing figure, then looked at them again

" I think that cutting through sounds best" he suggested. Madison looked at him, then stood up

" I think so too, Briefs" she opinionated. The gang agreed

" Fine, the we'll do it that way" she nodded, putting her guitar back on. The guys went off with the sound again

" Lets start from the bridge " she started playing the notes for the bridge. The guys followed and in no time they were all playing at the same rhythm. Bulma faced the microphone again

" …Cryin' out loud

I'm crying out loud

Cryin' out loud

I'm crying out loud, loud

Open your eyes

Open them wide

Why should I care?

'Cause you weren't there

When I was scared

I was so alone

Why should I care?

'Cause you weren't there

When I was scared

I was so alone

Why should I care?

If you don't care

Then I don't care

But I'm going anyway…(x2)…" she breathed, the sound coming to a slow end. Genoa clapped her hands continuously, standing up from the chair again

" That was great. Finally sounding like it should!" she exclaimed enthusiastically. Bulma smiled as the guy's faces just became relieved, knowing that they had done it right, and finally recognizing that morning practice had just come to an end. Dave's smile grew wide

" That was…that was good" he agreed with Madison " That was awesome!!" he exclaimed again, sounding even happier than before. Bulma grinned now, feeling good for herself and the whole band.

" Let's go to breakfast!!" he invited, the whole band agreeing before he could even add another word…


" Band…" he grabbed the group's attention as they all sat on a large, reserved table; the best spot on the whole fine restaurant. The group turned to him, silence surrounding the rounded corner with view to the city lights

" There's rehearsal at the auditorium, nine o'clock. Dinner for you will be served at eight. We're going to play as if we were in the actual performance. Now listen" he cleared his throat "Get some rest before the rehearsal. It's probably going to be a long night tonight and I need you to rest as much as possible to make the rehearsal the best. There might be a lot of distraction tomorrow since the whole place is going to be tested, and the stage is going to be prepared sometime before noon. All we're going to do tomorrow is test the cords with the guitars and battery, and we'll intone with you again Bulma. If the noise isn't that bad we might go over the song all over again. So be ready for that. Any questions?" he asked. Everyone seemed to have understood perfectly right. He banged at the table softly

" Great. So we'll meet tonight. Everyone PLEASE be early" he specifically looked at Bulma then Vegeta "We might need the extra hours" he informed as nice as a grumpy male could be, then retreated from the table, Madison retreating behind him and walking away with him as well. The gang sat back down, looking at each others faces

" What are you doing now?" asked Krillin, directing himself to none other than Goku. Goku shrugged

" I don't know. Probably talk to Chichi. We kinda got into a fight yesterday" he explained looking to the ground. Krillin raised his brows, Vegeta and Bulma obviously lost. It had been at least three days since they didn't know anything about their friend's personal life and it seemed like they had missed a lot. Not that Vegeta cared, he didn't know much about them anyway.

But Bulma did. Most of her life was spent going to her guy friend's houses. Whenever her father was missing when she needed him the most, there was Goku and Krillin. She would spend endless hours screaming about her parent's absence. Either that, or she would cry herself to sleep, on either of their houses. It was rare the times when she finally felt calmed to talk about it.

She was sure she was one of the richest girl in the world, if not the richest. But her parents could never be there for her because they worked so hard for her not to miss anything, for her to have it all; they didn't realize that it was not everything she wanted, but their love. And their presence would have been enough back then. Right now, there wasn't anything she or them could do about it. What was done was done, so she just left it alone, and didn't regret it.

Maybe if her parents hadn't been this way with her, she wouldn't have had the heart to follow her dream of becoming a famous singer so closely. She wouldn't have wanted it as bad, or wouldn't have worked for it as hard.

" That woman is claiming you as her property already" Vegeta's voice broke her daze off. The blue haired woman looked around, realizing that she had dazed off long enough so not to hear the reason that Goku got into a fight with that Chichi woman yesterday.

Bulma let out an exasperated breath, blinking her eyes in confusion while running a hand through her soft, lazy hair. Vegeta looked at her, obviously recognizing there was something wrong with her, but decided to leave it at ease. He turned back to the conversation

" No she's not-"

" Heh. Please. She requests that you call her at least every two hours" he informed the evident. Krillin chuckled as Bulma smiled, Goku's cheeks turning red out of embarrassment

" I like calling her…Vegeta" he whined softly. Bulma smiled wider. This was so Goku-like. Always so innocent and pure yet filled of spirit and happiness. Krillin cleared his throat

" Well, guys. I'm taking a nap before practice. I don't want to be as sleepy as I was this morning…" he stretched his arms in the air " and 18 wants to go out to lunch at two, so I'll probably go with her" he informed. Goku nodded

" You said it" he stretched his arms as well " I'm tired. Maybe I'll go to lunch with Chichi too. What are you guys doing?" he referred to Bulma and Vegeta. Bulma looked at Vegeta while he looked back at her, both of them sweating as nervousness suddenly stroke their space. They blushed like never before, their minds going blank as fast as a second passed

" S-S-Sleep-" Vegeta stammered sweat beads forming on his face. Bulma swallowed

" Yeah, I-I I will probably g-go t-to s-sleep. I'll probably sleep too" she smiled nervously, sweat drops forming on her face as well. Goku and Krillin exchanged strange looks

" Oh Ok" Goku nodded "Who are you guys going to lunch with?" he asked, pushing the situation farther. Vegeta looked at Bulma with his 'what the fuck are we going to do' face as he turned away from them. Bulma swallowed, turning back to Goku

" I'm going solo!" she blurted out hectically " Yes! That's it! I'm going alone. Unless this bum agrees to come with me. Either one of those or I'll order some room service up to my room" she said naturally talking about Vegeta. Krillin nodded

" Ok" he looked at Goku suspiciously "I guess we'll meet you guys at eight right?" he asked. Bulma nodded still nervous about the whole thing. Vegeta remained silent, in some state between nervous and embarrassed. Did they know?

" See ya'" Bulma waved her hand for the last time before watching them disappear out the door of the fancy restaurant. She then turned to Vegeta, frantically placing her hand on his shoulder

" We almost blew our cover!" she whispered alarmed by the past events. Vegeta frowned at her

" Woman, calm down. People will think you're going nuts" he whispered back. He could feel Bulma's blood boiling already

" How the hell do you want me to calm down!? Do you know what's going to happen if they find out?! I don't want them to find out!!" she shot back losing control. Vegeta rolled his eyes in annoyance

" What. Can. They. Do? They can't do anything about it, Bulma" he said irritated. Bulma looked at his eyes closely. He frowned

" What?" he asked disturbed by her weird glance at him. Bulma half smiled

" You said my name" she stated. Vegeta narrowed his eyes

" So?" he asked angered. She giggled

" So? You've never said my name before. Makes me feel like an actual person around you, though" she informed. Vegeta narrowed his eyes again

" I don't see the difference. You're still the same paranoid, blue haired freak-"

" You stupid asshole! Well, you're still the same insensitive prick that I met that first day at the auditorium" she humped, turning her face away from him, her nose high up in the air. Vegeta chuckled

" Feels about good not changing at all" he smirked. Bulma narrowed her eyes at him

" Is that so? Well, I'm not sleeping with insensitive pricks EVER again!" she informed smugly, turning away again. Vegeta's chuckle decreased to a small evil smirk

" Whatever, woman. It's your loss anyway" he replied prideful. Bulma stood up, Vegeta standing up behind her

" Oh. Really?" she asked as the couple made their way out of the restaurant. Vegeta nodded just once. Bulma raised her brows

" We'll just see who's loss is it.." she replied smartly. Vegeta grunted

" Fine"

" Fine"

They both agreed, as the couple walked away from each others, Vegeta taking the stairs so not to face Bulma on the elevator. The dare was on, as both their heads planned on going for the win. Of course, as any other game, there could only be one winner…



" When is it that you're traveling?" the black haired female asked as she laid on Goku's chest naked, the sheets from the bed covering her body as well as the man laying below her. Goku caressed her back gently

" I don't know. We have to wait until this whole thing is over. I can't wait to go to other countries…" he said joyfully. Chichi smiled

" What for?" she asked. Goku slid strands of her hair behind her ear as he talked

" Eat new sorts of foods. There should be tons of 'em out there!" he said enthusiastically. Chichi fell backwards (anime style)

" Goku, you really shouldn't worry that much about food" she suggested. Goku furrowed his brows confused

" Why not?" he asked. Chichi sighed

" Because, there are some other things you can worry about first" she stated clearly putting herself as the first one. Goku nodded

" Ohhhh…that's right! I need to practice the accords on my guitar, and drink plenty of water to be 'hydrated' for the performance and-" he was going to go on when he saw Chichi fall backwards again

" Was it something I said?" he asked. Chichi crawled back to his chest, her face now nothing more than just an angry scowl

" Goku, you can be so insensitive sometimes" she frowned. Goku furrowed his brows confused

" No I'm not. Why?" he asked. Chichi frowned even harder. She breathed in, ready to scream and bitch out at him right now. Oooh, he was going to get a piece of her mind all right…


" It was so much fun! Krillin are you even listening to me?" the blonde girl asked as she strolled down the California streets with Krillin by her side. Kirllin looked at her baffled

" Huh?" he asked, an upset frame appearing on 18's face immediately. He chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his head " Oh! Yeah" he chuckled again " Sure!" he talked, letting clear that he didn't know what she was talking about at all. She sighed

" Is something bothering you? You've been like this the whole day" she pointed out. Krillin furrowed his brows

" Like…Like what, 18?" he asked. 18 sighed

" Dazed off! Looks like your head is in space today. What's wrong?" she asked. Krillin sighed

" Nothing. Just, a lot of stuff in my mind I guess" he almost mumbled. 18 nodded, urging him to go on. Krillin shook his head

" It's stuff you really wouldn't care to hear about, 18. Stuff that's not even my business" he chuckled again. 18 raised a brow

" Can you explain yourself better?" she asked. Krillin scratched his head again

" Oh well. You see. I think there's something going on with Bulma and Vegeta" he informed. 18's eyes shot wide open

" Oh…" she said as a first reaction " Really? And I thought he wouldn't be able to find someone-"

" That's not the point, 18" he informed. 18 looked at him

" Oh…ok. So? Go on…" she pushed again. Krillin sighed

" The thing is that I'm kind of concerned for her. Don't get me wrong when I say that I love her, but it's just that Goku and I both feel like we're her parents, ya' know? And it's only natural to say it. We feel it's our duty to protect her from all evil and all. She's been with us ever since she was six years old. We took care of her, we grew up with her. And 'till this day she has never depended on anyone…unless its us" he stated clearly. 18 nodded, urging him to go on. He cleared his throat

" And now this guy comes, I mean, no offense, but he's not the type of guy you look at and say he's good. Then you meet him and you just confirm your supposition. The guy is no good at all, but there he is. Stealing her heart away so he can break it. He's going to harm her. And I just don't want that to happen. She's been through a lot and the last thing she needs is a man like him with her-"

" Krillin, wait. You're totally missing the real point here. You don't know what she feels for him, you don't know what he feels for her. If you come in between she'll suffer not only for him, but for him because of you. And it'll hurt her even more…" she pointed out. Krillin sighed

" I know the guy enough to say that he is no good at all-"

" To you. He is no good to you. What if he's good to her? Ever thought of that?" she asked. Krillin nodded

" Not really. But what if he does? I just don't want to stand there, looking at her crying over a man like him, knowing to myself that I knew how things would turn out to be" he informed. 18 slid a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear

" You have to let her suffer. She's not six years old anymore. You have to let her let go. If she doesn't she'll never know what anything is about! It's only fair to let her discover things on her own. Besides, I think she is a really mature girl. She knows what she's doing" the blonde girl assured. Krillin tsked

" I know…" he smiled gloomily " Weird how it actually feels like I'm a father watching his own daughter grow up before his very eyes" he chuckled, 18 chuckling along with him.

" I hope you're not like that with our kids" she said. Krillin looked at her

" Our kids?" he asked just to make sure he'd heard her right. 18 looked at him and flashed him a smile

" Just…um, ya' know. In case we ever have any…" she left it to the imagination, the couple walking inside one of the most expensive Gucci stores down the LA streets…



"…you are so weak. You can't last a second away from me" Bulma giggled as Vegeta kissed her neck almost incoherently before the throbbing muscles of his body requested him to lay down and rest. After one of the longest and most powerful session between the two, their bodies were way exhausted, making them unable to move elsewhere but besides each others, close their eyes and sleep. Lunch, therefore, was forgotten…

The couple panted on each others faces, Vegeta's eyes closing slowly as he was about to pass out on top of her…the same with Bulma

" I guess I win…" Bulma pointed out, clearing out the sweat on Vegeta's jawbone with her tender fingers. Vegeta swallowed

" I'll let you have that one. I needed this after all.." he confessed, his breathing still as uneven as hers was. Bulma squirmed underneath him, making him pull himself out of her and lay right besides her, his chest facing the roof. Bulma turned to his direction, laying mid part of her body against his and placing her head on his chest, her beautiful, soft blue hair caressing his bare skin. Vegeta sighed loud

" What did you do to me?" he whispered closing his eyes, ready to fall asleep. Bulma yawned, closing her eyes as well

" I don't….know…"



" Here's what we're going to do. You're gonna go to your dressing rooms two hours post performance. They gave us four rooms and they gave us the large living room. You're going to use the living room at least forty five minutes before the performance so you guys can talk, whatever, break the nerves down. So you have to be ready by then" the manager explained as the band sat all together on the stage, listening the orders being directed to them.

Madison wrote the directions down carefully since Dave wasn't going to be able to be down there with them due to all the things he had to check before the band performed. He had to make sure that everything was working properly as he requested. And just in case someone forgot what they were supposed to do, Genoa could have the directions on hand and dictate them…

Dave cleared his throat as he continued

" Krillin and Goku, you're going to come out from the right corner of the platform. Krillin, the battery will be in the center of the stage, and Goku your guitar will be on the right front. Vegeta, you come out from the left corner your guitar will be on the left front. Bulma you can come out from either side. The microphone will be set in the front middle with your guitar, so either way would be fine" he added everyone nodding to his explanation. He continued

" Now, Vegeta and Goku you have to test out the guitars. Your playing is one of the most important roles on the song, you can not let the sound be unequal. The guitars will be placed on the stage with the same accords you leave them tomorrow morning. But even so, just check them out, ok? Same goes with you, Bulma" he explained, the threesome nodding. He breathed profoundly

" Ok. No need to be nervous…it's the first thing I'm going to tell you. Relax. Do your job and you'll be out of here in not time, with a place on the hall of fame" he assured smiling. The band smiled between one another. He clapped his hands once, dragging their attention once again

" Well, what are we waiting for? Let's practice what I just explained to you guys!" he requested, making them stand up and jog inside the backstage ready to come out whenever the signal went off…


" I'm so nervous. And excited. And happy!" Bulma exclaimed as the guys prepared themselves for the practice performance. Goku smiled at her

" Don't worry Bulma. We'll do fine. You've been doing this your whole life. What are the odds of you getting it wrong this time?" he said positively, embracing an arm around her. Vegeta eyed him cautiously. Krillin smiled at her

" Yeah, B. Of all the things we've been through, I've never seen you perform so concentrated and so excited as you're doing here. We've all been working hard. And now, tomorrow is the day that it is going to pay off. So don't sweat it. I think we're all going to do fine!" he chuckled happily. Bulma smiled at her two friends

" Thanks guys! Let's rock!" she screamed as they all positioned themselves to go in. Dave started the countdown

" We're on in fifteen, fourteen, thirteen…" the guy kept going on. Bulma turned to Vegeta as he kept looking before him concentrated, breathing profoundly, waiting for the countdown to be over already. She placed her hand on his shoulder gently

" You ok?" she asked softly. Vegeta turned his head midways to meet with her graceful face

" I'm fine. You?" he asked back. Bulma smiled at him and nodded

" Good. Let's go" he stated as they both heard Dave finish the countdown in zero. The guys went out as directed, Anderson and Genoa their only audience for the day…

Bulma grabbed the mike

" Once, Twice, kiss my a$$.." she went off with the signal, the sound going off even more perfect than the last practice. Soon, it was her time to sing, and in her most powerful, beautiful voice, she went off singing

" Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby
Right now I feel invisible to you, like I'm not real
Didn't you feel me lock my arms around you
Why'd you turn away?
Here's what I have to say

I was left to cry there,
waiting outside there grinning with a lost stare
That's when I decided

Why should I care?
Cuz you weren't there when I was scared

I was so alone
You, you need to listen I'm starting to trip,
I'm losing my grip and I'm in this thing alone

Am I just some chick you placed besides you

To take somebody's place?

When you turn around can you recognize my face

You used to love me you used to hug me

But that wasn't the case

Everything wasn't ok

I was left to cry there waiting outside there

Grinning with a lost stare

That's when I decided

Why should I care?
Cuz you weren't there when I was scared

I was so alone
You, you need to listen I'm starting to trip,
I'm losing my grip and I'm in this thing alone

…Cryin' out loud

I'm crying out loud

Cryin' out loud

I'm crying out loud, loud

Open your eyes

Open them wide

Why should I care?

'Cause you weren't there

When I was scared

I was so alone

Why should I care?

'Cause you weren't there

When I was scared

I was so alone

Why should I care?

If you don't care

Then I don't care

But I'm going anyway…(x2)…" the sound cut off after four seconds, as Dave had requested, and finally they were done….and the whole performance was just too amazing! David stood up from his seat, his grin from ear to ear as he clapped his hands.

" Band, that was beautiful. Nice job. We're ready for tomorrow…" he smirked, knowing that this band was not only the best one he had handled so far in all the history he had with music, but they were going to be the best one in the nation as well…


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