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April 2, 4:32:03 p.m., Uzumaki's residence

For the longest time now, I wondered how Naruto got so strong! It irritates me to no end on how he gets strong! As an Uchiha, I believe recording everything that the blonde dobe does can give me some idea on how he gets so strong. I'm currently looking through his windows, idiot… leaving the curtains open…

1. Dobe is eating ramen, miso ramen. Time: 4:33:34 p.m.

2. Dobe finished eating and went to put his bowl on the stacks on bowls. Time: 4:45:08 p.m.

3. Dobe goes out of his house. Time: 4:45:24 p.m.

4. Dobe greets Sakura-Shit! She spotted me!

Damn that annoying excuse for a kunoichi! She ruined my chance to record his movement! Remind me to accidently kill her and throw her body in the forest will you?!

Five hours later

Actually, I'm kind of glad that pinked haired annoyance disturbed me. I gathered Naruto's movements with my Sharingan; we were close to see who was the winner until Kakashi decided it was enough!

Damn him, I have a feeling he's going to read one of his perverted books again.

Signed from Sasuke: Your Loyal Stalker.