April 15, 12:00:03 a.m., In the hotel

So, I bought Naruto ramen and made sure to wrap it. But to let you know, it was hectic to do this simple thing. I had to wrap it in a pink ribbon; do you know how scarce that is here in Suna? Here, I wrote it down…

1. I went to the flea market and saw all sorts of ribbons except pink, 7:03:23 a.m.

2. I had to go to a girl's store (luckily I copied Naruto's jutsu, don't you dare ask) and saw no pink ribbon there, 7:10:53 a.m.

3. I went to a women's store and saw ribbons, but none of them were pink, 7:17:19 a.m.

4. I had to shake Gaara off my tail for he's been following me as if I'm doing something suspicious (Okay, I am), 7:23:46 a.m.

5. I saw Kankuro wearing a pink ribbon around his cat ear which I don't want to know why, 8:30:33 a.m.

6. I finally got the ribbon, and now I have to shake Gaara away from me again, 8:32:08 a.m.

7. Got home, then got hungry and starts to eat, 8:53:57 a.m.

For the rest of my time, I wait for Naruto to come back. Damn, that redhead sure loves to try to mess things up for me. Luckily I outsmarted him and got away.

Signed from Sasuke: Your cleverer than the Kazekage ninja (can't say stalker then it won't make sense, hn)